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Lt.Cmd Falt, Cmd. DeVeau, Lt.Cmd Kettick, Ensign Harford - Let's start with the right foot

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I had to merge a couple of sim to get the whole scene , but trust me if I say that I'm glad to be on a runabout with Oddas this time!

@Tomas Falt@Alora DeVeau@Kettick@Alix Harford



((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Eagle))

Mapping interference frequencies that prevented long-range communications across the surface of the Ring, and deploying satellites to boost the signal where needed and correct the issue.

Not only a simple mission, but a satisfying one as far as Kettick was concerned, as it aimed to correct a rather persistent source of irritation. Wich may be why most of the senior staff had seized the opportunity to stress their legs between two near-apocalypses.

In other terms , the Remmilian was quietly content as Remmilians tended to be, waiting at the Ops console for Commander DeVeau to finish her mapping and send the deployment coordinates his way.
And of course waiting for the other shoe to drop. Well, the next shoe, at any rate. Whoever kept dropping them was likely a centipede.
And said centipede started walking its icy, freshly shoe-less feet along Kettick's dorsal ganglia when he heard the XO chuckle and pronounce the dread words:
Falt: Well, this is a chance of pace from recent missions, isn’t it.

And the Science officer double down.
And then Commander DeVeau spoke the unspoken. Alix was shocked.

DeVeau: What?  You mean quiet?

If Remmilians sighed, Kettick would have. Someone had to say it, apparently.

(Alix)oO Shouldn't two officers of such high rank know better than to invite chaos like that?Oo

Kettick: I now harbour doubts that it will last.

Harford: Well, Sirs, seeing as you've just invited chaos, I'll take my leave to ready the clinic. Lieutenant Strathmore, would you care to assist me?

Any: Response.
Falt chuckled again, apparently finding Harford and Ketticks superstitious discomfort amusing. As Harford and Strathmore stepped into the turbolift they heard the Commander's next comment.
Falt: I’m not going to say anything to jinx us, I assure you.

DeVeau: :: Chuckling softly :: I hope not!

The Engineer remained quiet, a subtle tension in his mandibles the only indication as to what he thought of the Commander's hopes.

The turbolift's door closed and Harford let out a small sigh.

Harford: Well now we're certainly jinxed.

Harford: Computer. Deck five.


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