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Starfleet Mission Updates: Stardate 240106

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From the Alpha Isles to the far reaches of the Delta Quadrant, here are the latest updates from the ships of the StarBase 118 fleet.

Reassigned to USS Khitomer, Shayne pursues USS Arrow
ALPHA ISLES — Upon assuming command of the USS Khitomer, Captain Randal Shayne’s first mission is to pursue and recapture the stolen USS Arrow.

Ops crew receive distress call from Federation member applicant’s colony
MIRI IV-A — An aggressive plant is wreaking havoc on the ecosystem of a relatively young colony on the moon of Miri IV.

Awards and mixed emotions as USS Artemis wraps up shoreleave
DEEP SPACE NINE – Shore leave ends with awards and anticipation for the Artemis’ crew

USS Constitution-B Crew makes progress with strange plant illness at Drever II
PAOIKE COLONY — Rainstorm approaching Paoike Village took a dangerous turn, unleashing tennis ball-sized hail that wreaked havoc on the settlement and the Constitution crew.

New Talax sees new peace as Betazoid colony in the Delta Quadrant gets significant boosts
DELTA QUADRANT — As the Talaxians and the Nedic Dreznin negotiate for a peaceful future and Talaxians find a second home on Idrustix, Amity Outpost’s Ambassador Vataix and First Officer Commander Ukinix are spared reassignment by President Narala.

Gorkon investigates decorated Commodore Daffyd Johnson linked to technology theft
MARS, SOL — In a startling revelation, Starfleet Commodore Daffyd Johnson has been linked to a high-profile technological theft. The USS Gorkon leads the investigation.

Denali crew resolve two issues simultaneously
DENALI STATION — Double jeopardy for the Denali crew as incidents on the ring and aboard the USS Juneau split the crew and put them all at risk.

Astraeus crew takes well-deserved break before Frontier Day
EN ROUTE TO SOL — The USS Astraeus, recalled to Sol for Frontier Day celebrations, took time for rest and relaxation during the journey.

USS Ronin collides with criminal Consortium, causes chaos
ALPHA ISLES — While responding to a distress call from a freighter deep within the Alpha Isles, the USS Ronin was attacked and boarded by a criminal organization known only as the Consortium.

For more news and updates, visit StarBase 118.

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