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Ensign Nera Ay - A Romulan, a Vulcan, and a Bajoran walking into the doctor's office

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((Sickbay, Deck 7, USS Gorkon))

When one imagines the first few days serving aboard a Federation Starship, there are a number of expected possibilities. Years worth of mission reports and galactic adverts creating a specific impression. Schemas, the psychologists would call it.

Ay expected he’d have time to explore the ship, meet his new colleagues, and familiarise himself with his duties. From there, they’d have simple diplomatic missions, or survey a newly discovered planet, maybe explore the ruins of a lost civilisation.

A temporal event ranked low in his expectations for his first few days.

A temporal event that flung the ship into an alternate timeline where Starfleet was nothing but dust or an unrealised idea, and the Borg squatting over the known universe like a great cyborg deity…..well, that just seemed so ridiculous that it was barely worth considering.

And yet, that was precisely the situation they found themselves in. One ship, against a collective larger than anyone could have ever envisioned.

The crew was nervous, unsure of what their future would entail. It was obvious for anyone to see, and really, who could blame them for it. Academy training can only cover so many possibilities.

Ay could hide away from the world in his quarters, the equivalent of burying your head in the sand to escape an oncoming sandstorm. Or he could do what he trained for, what he was good at. Practice medicine, assist the crew with ailments major and minor, and do his small part to help get everyone back home. And if needed, replicate a belaklavion or guitar and keep morale up. It was this resolve which kept him going.

With that resolve held tight and spread through his body, he stepped through the sliding doors into sickbay, alongside Ensign Solkon, a vulcan who, like himself, had only recently been assigned to the ship's medical staff.

The first thing Ay noticed as the doors opened was the Romulan standing on the other side, evidently in the middle of cataloguing something. No Starfleet uniform, or sign of rank.

oO A Romulan, a Vulcan, and a Bajoran walking into the doctor's office…..there’s a joke in there somewhere Oo

Taeval: Ah, Ensigns Solkon and Nera, I presume? Our new doctors. ::His welcome smile was threadbare, dimmed by circumstance.:: I’m Taeval, I’m a physician’s assistant here.

The smile was appreciated, strained as it was. Little things like that made a difference.

Solkon: Greetings, Taeval. I am certain we shall work well with one another.

Nera: I agree ::offering a wide grin:: Pleased to meet you

Ay was aware of the differences between the Vulcan’s and Romulans; one logical and calm, the other passion and fire. Both studious though, and unnervingly intelligent. He suspected he’d enjoy working with them.

Taeval: Our acting chief is Lieutenant Tali Namura. ::There was a knowing look in his green eyes, as if there was an inside joke the pair would soon be in on.:: She’s in a meeting with the senior staff, but that should finish soon.

Solkon: That is good. I am certain there is much to do, especially given the current situation. I am certain she shall be able to direct us on the best course of action.

Now there was an interesting look. There was something there, more to Lieutenant Namura than what Taeval was saying. A curiosity, which would no doubt be solved when the meeting concluded.

Nera: Well, I for one am more than happy to get started ::glancing around the sickbay, taking stock of the room::

Taeval took a moment to inspect Ay and Solkon in turn; it was a measuring, seeking look. It reminded Ay of being back home, in the Jolan Facility. It was the type of look he’d come to expect from the monks, like they were weighing you.

Taeval: How are you holding up? Our current situation is a lot for anyone to take in.

Solkon, in true vulcan form, did not reply immediately, instead approaching a nearby cabinet and picking up a tricorder. He seemed to be formulating his answer, applying the perfect amount of logic to it.

Solkon: It has been a…difficult adjustment, I will admit that. But we must not let it dictate our actions, nor let it overwhelm us. We must think and act rationally. I trust that the senior staff will see it the same way. Whatever caused this new timeline to form can be undone. All we have to do :: he put the tricorder back in the closet and closed it before turning back to face Taeval :: is to keep the crew well enough to make that happen. Do either of you have any pre-existing experience with the Borg?

Nera: No first hand experience with them, just the same briefings everyone else got at the Academy.

Ay walked to a nearby workstation and leant against it, folding his arms across his chest.

How was he holding up? He was standing, ready to work, which had to count for something. But there were still so many great unknowns about this. Was Bajor standing defiant, or had it been assimilated. Did it even exist?

He took a moment to consider his family, those he thought of as family at least. Prylar Bani, the woman who raised him, the children at the orphanage he’d helped school. His sister Ateh, missing for so many years now. Perhaps in this timeline she wasn’t missing. Perhaps she was out fighting the Borg this very minute. She’d always had the adventurous spirit, Starfleet was her dream. Or perhaps she simply didn’t exist, like so much else.

There were a million unanswerable questions, that each lead to even more. Following any one of those mental pathways for too long would drive anyone insane.

Nera: It’s a lot to take in. No Starfleet or cavalry coming to the rescue, it’s all on us ::smiling again to present an outward appearance of confidence:: All we can do is perform our duties to the best of our abilities, and keep the crew breathing. Even here, I trust the Prophets are watching.

Taeval: Response

Pushing off from the workstation Ay made his way to a biobed, running his hand over the fabric.

Nera: How are we doing for supplies?

Solkon/Taeval: Response

Nodding, listening to what was being said, he continued examining the biobed, extending the sensor array then retracting it. Fully functional, as he expected. Biobeds often had their own little quirks he’d found; some smooth, some a little jittery. The more you familiarised yourself with the quirks, the easier the job became.

Nera: Are there any pressing medical concerns?

Solkon/Taeval: Response


Ensign Nera Ay

Medical Officer

USS Gorkon


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