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Dr. Vahin - Calling Home (More like Heartbreak at Home 😭)

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This was a heartwarming read this morning that really helped me see into the heartbreak that my fellow Doctor has been carrying around quietly. 💔 

@Araxxu Vahin

(Vahin’s Quarters, Floor 26, Anchorage Tower, Denali Station)


Vahin couldn’t help but smile as the face of his twin sister appeared on the viewscreen in his apartment. When possible the two of them rarely went more than a few days without speaking to each other. During their childhood he and Arixu had been very close, and had spent most of their time together, and it wasn’t until their teenage years that two started to drift apart. Arixu was everything Vahin wasn’t. She was taller, stronger, better looking and had always been so sure of herself, so confident and outgoing. Unlike him she had little trouble making friends as they aged. Where Vahin spent much of his free time alone his sister always had a large group of admirers around her. But throughout the years she had also been his protector, whenever he needed help he always knew he could turn to Arixu.


Arixu: Hey brother, how are you holding up?


Arixu was going through the same thing as he was but yet she was the one worrying about his feelings.


Vahin: I’m fine Ari. I mean it hasn’t been easy but I’m trying my best to stay positive.


Arixu: I know you are Arax. It’s just you’re the most like dad and…


He didn’t mean to snap at his sister’s comment but being reminded of how emotional he could be only increased how emotional he was being.


Vahin: The most sensitive you mean.


Arixu: Yes sensitive, but also caring and brave Arax. Don’t forget that.


Vahin: ::sigh:: I don’t feel very brave.


Arixu: Says the Bolian who’s living on an unexplored ring world in the Aavaro Wilds. And you’re the only member of the family who didn’t join the family business. You don’t think the rest of us every thought of leaving, of doing someone more than working in an undersea mining facility?


Vahin: Well…


Arixu: You were just the only one brave enough to leave.


Vahin: And now I’m so far away when mother is sick.


Arixu: Araxxu, you’re a great doctor but you can’t perform miracles. Even if you were here mother would still be sick.


Vahin ran a hand over his bald blue head as the thought about Arixu’s words. She wasn’t wrong, Vahin could do just as much here on Denali as he could back home. In fact, his role as a doctor in Star Fleet had opened doors for him that he might not have had access to in another world.


Araxxu: How is mother doing today?


He knew that the silicon-based virus that was killing his mother would move slowly. She would begin to feel worse and worse as time progressed until finally she would become too weak to do much of anything. He shivered at the thought of those final days.


Arixu: She seems fine today. Working just as hard as ever. Drevu suggested she place herself in a transporter buffer and she spent an hour telling him what a stupid idea that is. She made some good points, who knows how long she’d have to be in there and she’d rather not come out to find we’re all old or dead.


Vahin chuckled even if the thought depressed him. It was just like his older brother to suggest using the buffer, he was nothing if not practical and often overlooked the emotional costs of things.


Araxxu: And what about you Arixu? How are you holding up?


Arixu smiled at the question and took a moment before answering. To Vahin, his sister seemed no different than the last time they spoke, perhaps she seemed a bit more tired but that could be said for everyone in the family these days. But he knew she was just very good at guarding her emotions.


Arixu: I’m doing okay Arax. There’s lots about the company I don’t know..I..I just thought I’d have more time to learn from mom. I can’t see a world without her in it. It’s so…


For the first time in a long while Vahin saw the brave mask that his sister wore start to slip. She stopped speaking and took a few deep breaths.


Araxxu: Whatever happens we’ll get through this as a family.


Arixu nodded and gave Vahin her best hopeful smile.


Arixu: We will. Now, tell me something about Denali.


Araxxu: Well we did just have our awards ceremony…


And so, sister and brother spent the next hour in pleasant conversation secure in the knowledge that whatever the future held they would face it together.






Lt Jg Araxxu Vahin   


Denali Station   



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