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PNCP Petty Officer Stella Sparks ~ Seasons greetings from Engineering!

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((USS Khitomer - Deck 12; Main Engineering))

Crewman Sparks was getting the rhythm of this grumpy Chief. It seemed Chief Dewitt had a relationship of some sort, and if he gave the man an "A-okay", so would she. Unless he called her a boy again. 

oO Hello? Pigtails? Oh jeez...Hopin' that don't come across as offensive...him bein' a...and all...Oo 

Dewitt: Well, I'm glad you're getting along. Let's focus on the task again. Mr Brom, would you monitor the EPS manifolds 1 to 32? If I am not mistaken, these are responsible for essential systems? ::looking to Stella::

Stella preened and grinned, pulling her attention back to the readings and what is before her. 

Dewitt: You heard Miss Sparks. ::pause:: I am at 111%, increasing to 115.

Stella locked her knees, considering they were wobbling with every warning whine that came from the console she was currently pushing well beyond the acceptable levels...

Dewitt: I'm at 115%. Good job, fellas.

They convened around the central command table in engineering.

Dewitt: The bridge is rerouting power to the deflector…

Sparks: ::her hands slapped over her eyes:: I just can't look....

Brom: Here goes nothing...

Stella traitorously peaked between her fingers. She maybe didn't want to see...but she had to.   

Dewitt: ::nodding:: Yeah - it's a lot. Mr Brom, bring up backup power distribution and reroute some of that power through that. We don't want any EPS relay to blow up.

Brom: On it!

Dewitt: Miss Sparks - what's the maximum power the deflector can handle? And I am talking about the engineer's value - not the one we tell the Captain.

Sparks: ::squeaking:: You want me to make somthin' up...? Or be givin' you the truth you ain't ready to hear...? 

Brom: She'll burn out in minutes!
Sparks: ::shouting:: What he said!!! 

Dewitt: We're very close to that - I need suggestions!

The Khitomer began to rumble and shudder all around her. She was terrified, and elated. If she survived this, she was never gonna look at a buckin' bull the same ever again. The poor overtaxed ship began groaning.
Sparks: You just hold on there Darlin'....we're gonna make it....You'll see....

Brom: Time!?

Sparks: Not enough!! 
It was the truth. It might not help, but granny didn't raise no liar. 
Dewitt: Response? 

Brom: She'll hold...

Sparks: Uh...y'all? I'm detecting a real big plasma castoff build up..if we ain't careful, the slightest spark is gonna send us swimmin' with the stars....!!! 

Brom: Blow it out the nacelles!

Sparks: The what now?? You tellin' tales at a time like this?? 
Dewitt: Response? 

Brom: No, the nacelles! Vent the plasma from the nacelles... Oh never mind!

He wasn't kidding. He wasn't tellin' no tall tales neither. The recoil hit fast and heavy, as one would guess. Flashes of angry sparks flared up in the chief's face, making him look like some hell-dwelling bearded God, laughing in the face of logic. 

Sparks: Mister Brom!! Yer face is a'flamin!!! 
Dewitt: Response? 

Brom: Are you kidding? I'm having the time of my life!
Running as fast as her welly boots let her, she made it to the one remaining extinguisher, it seemed they'd need a re-up sooner rather than smoldering', sliding in front of the man in a form that would make the most seasoned baseball player proud, she released the safety on the nozzle and let the foam fly. 

Sparks: ::eyes wide, suppressing a laugh:: Uh...I uh...got it, Sirs....
Dewitt/Brom: Response?
It was too much, the adrenaline rush, the fire, the pushing the ship until it exploded in protest, Stella found herself doubled over, hands on her knees supportin' her as she bellowed with laughter. 
Sparks: ::through tears of laughter:: I'm so sorry sir...he just ::snicker:: he looks like a real mad Santa!! 
And there went the last of her sanity, the laughter took over. 
Dewitt/Brom: Response?
PNPC Petty Officer Stella Sparks
USS Khitomer

As simmed by

Lieutenant Talia Ohnari, MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Khitomer

We have an NPC who has quite a bit of energy and personality who never fails to make me 🤣

And the interplay between Sparks and Brom is just A+

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Who wants some cake? Stella is  given out slices of cake in Engineering. I’d say Sparks and Brom both earned it.

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