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Lt Zenno - Risky Dreams

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Zenno, you mad genius. Inspired by a variety of hated words. Don't ever do that again. 

((OOC Zenno is thinking about his Academy classmate Saava, a Vulcan Nurse. She is assigned to a ship far away from the Alpha Isles. They played Parisses Squares together competitively in the Academy and had some adventures on some recent shore leaves. Timewise, this would be taking place after the Emisa III mission but before returning to DS33.))

((Holodeck, Deck 4, USS Arrow))

Zenno felt such relief after that last mission. Some of the away team had gotten captured and that was not going to look good on the reports. He expected that he would bear some of the burden for that. Perhaps inadequate training, or too few drills in Emergency First Contact procedures. So, he came to the Holodeck to relax a bit. Just a time to peacefully sit on a beach like they had back home in the slanted crepuscular light at the end of the day and consider what is to come while watching a herd of Zwahwas, common ungulates on Bolarus IX, moving down the water’s edge.

He had replicated a snack of persimmon crisps, a choice that even Saava would not find objectionable. She had been pestering him in her unique Vulcan way about his diet lately and he’d been trying to stay out of trouble. She had gotten records of his replicator orders and had sent an urgent message, unbidden, to Doctor Ohnari, with suggestions about a food plan. When the Doctor showed him the message, he had almost died of embarrassment. He wasn’t sure if she was still spying on his meal choices, but she probably did have a point.

The Doctor had said something that bothered him. Talia was convinced that Saava had a romantic interest in him, based solely on an email about his diet. He wasn’t sure how telepathic Haliians were, or if that even worked over a distance, or if she was just making a guess. But the thought troubled him. His friendship with Saava was perfect as it was. He had never inquired as to her situation in that regard, but he knew that Vulcans had arranged marriages. So, it wasn’t something that he had ever considered. He had just thought her family had some proper match arranged for her and that was that. Saava’s family had some kind of high status, but she was always reluctant to speak about it and he didn’t pry.

Contemplating a relationship with her made his head hurt. Their personalities were an example of perfect syzygy. In his private life, Zenno was relaxed and easy going. To people who didn’t know him well, they might have thought him quite lugubrious. But it was just that the stresses of his work made him prefer an easy, somewhat indolent time when he was on his own. Saava was high structure and liked to have her way. Everyone else considered her bossy, but Zenno rather liked it. She knew what her preferences were. But Zenno wasn’t sure if he was included in that list. Trying to find out might ruin everything.

But his ruminations were interrupted by a dryness in his mouth. These persimmon chips needed something else. They needed a dip.

Zenno: Computer, replicate a side order of Kurugu nut dip.

Surely, Saava would approve.

The requested dip appeared and Zenno idly dragged one of the chips through the requested condiment and it made an unpleasant squelching noise. Steeling himself, he popped the chip into his mouth and nearly choked. The dip hadn’t improved anything, and it stuck in his throat. He had hoped it might make the chips a little moist, but no. He put the dip aside and just ordered some Altair water. It would have to do

He still wasn’t sure what he was going to do regarding Saava. There was a risk that the Doctor was entirely mistaken. Saava was a nurse and very much cared about fitness and health. It was only natural that she would express concern. The Doctor’s scruples could be relied upon to keep out of it, unless Saava made another preposterous request. Zenno was sure that she wouldn’t go that route again. Accordingly, Talia would be unlikely to press the issue with him. But that still left him with a quandary. What to do?

In the time since Commander Serinus had left, Zenno felt entirely behind at work all the time. He expected to be fired every time he was called to a meeting with the command staff. If that happened, the one consolation he had given himself is that he and Saava could go into business together and open a Sehlat Ranch. They could have a little bungalow and be free of the worries of Starfleet. In his mind, this had always been a business proposition. It was silly, but he liked to imagine it. Now, this thought has taken on a new dimension. What if it was… more? It did unleash a cascade of emotions in him and he knew he would be very content with such an arrangement. But would she? Whatever her family did, he was sure they would not agree to a match with a second son from an unremarkable family of no status. Would that be an impossible obstacle? He realized how precious little he knew about how any of this worked in her culture.

Without thinking, he picked up the PADD next to him and began crafting a message. He wasn’t even sure what he wanted to say but the words tumbled out of him.

TO: Ensign Saava, USS White Pine

FROM: Lt Zenno, USS Arrow

Honored Friend,

I hope that everything on the White Pine is going well, and you are having every success. We’ve talked about your struggles with your Chief Doctor, and I know that you can solve them to your mutual benefit. Please let me know how it’s going.

Many apologies for missing our scheduled calls for the past few weeks. We had a very challenging mission here and much of it I can’t talk about. But I can share that at one point I had to fake distress with some food to create a distraction at my Captain’s request. Knowing how you have an interest in my diet, I thought you’d find that… how do you like to put it… “mildly interesting.”

While the mission was a success, there were a few rough spots. And when things were at their bleakest, thinking of our next adventure together was a source of strength for me. I’m not sure we can top the trip we took to see the Parrises Classic on Theta Reticuli IX, but I look forward to trying.

In fact, if we can align our schedules, what if we took a trip to Vulcan? You’ve always spoken of the Parrises Leagues there and we never had a chance to see a match. I would very much want to see where you are from. Plus, we can try all the local delicacies that you agree are suitable for me. I know you like to oversee that sort of thing.

We have a shore leave coming up, so we can talk on a call, then, if you are available.

Your Best Bolian Friend,


PS – No shore leave. Someone stole something. At first it was Lemon Squares then something even bigger. Will be out of touch for a while. But I’m still thinking of you!

LT Zenno

Security Chief

USS Khitomer


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