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Ensign Lina Dahlquist - Intermission

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And another great sim, this time from @Lina Dahlquist


((Lina’s Quarters, USS Gorkon))

The two halves of the door closed behind Lina with the usual hissing sound as she arrived in her quarters. She went straight over to her bed, on which she had already neatly folded her uniform ready for her next shift.

She had contacted her superiors as soon as she had left the library and had been ordered to report to the security office. But first she had to change out of her civilian clothes into her uniform.

When she zipped up her fresh uniform jacket shortly afterwards, she noticed that a small signal lit up on her personal computer, indicating that she had received a message.

Astonished, she walked over to her small desk. Who could have contacted her? Perhaps it was a positive message. She could have really used one of those, even if she was now better able to hide her sadness about the situation.

Now that she had completely closed her jacket, she activated her computer and froze. It was a message from her mother, with whom she had only recently re-established contact. However, a glance at the time index told her that the message had arrived shortly before Johnson's time jump.

Lina stared at the message like a mouse at a snake in front of her. She stretched out her index finger to play the message, but hesitated briefly before doing so and withdrew her finger again.

A deep breath followed as she tried to calm her rapidly pounding heart. She had tried not to let this situation get too close to her. She had succeeded with her father. Although she didn't exactly begrudge him being a Borg drone in this timeline either, she didn't care, at least to some extent - which frankly also scared her a little.

But it was different with her mother.

Could she bear to look at a message from her mum who she didn't know how she was doing in this timeline? Whether she was well or whether she was perhaps somewhere as a Borg drone....

oO No! Oo Lina tried not to even allow the idea of it. But it was hopeless. Once you've had a thought like that, you couldn't erase the image from your mind.

She felt tears rolling down her cheeks and clenched her hand into a fist, which she hit lightly on her desk several times. It was a mixture of sadness, despair and incredible anger at Commodore Johnson, who had not only betrayed Starfleet and the Federation, but had also committed an unprecedented crime by changing the timeline the way he had done.

Right now, since she didn't know anything more precise yet, she could still hope. Hoping that the Borg hadn't destroyed everything. Hoping that the Federation and other Starfleet ships still existed and that they were still putting up resistance somewhere. Hoping that her mother was still around in this time-line. And, of course, hoping that they could undo all this - make it right again.

She closed her eyes and saw the picture of her mother by her little childhood bed. She had pulled her blanket up under her chin and her mum was giving her a kiss. The words of her mum echoed in her mind.  "Everything will be all right."  Yes, everything was going to be all right. Now she said these comforting words from her mother to the still unplayed message.

"Everything will be all right, Mum. We'll take care of it."

Without playing the message, Lina ended the session on her computer and made her way to Commander Aegam's office.



Ensign Lina Dahlquist

Sec/Tac Officer

USS Gorkon


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