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Lieutenant JG Vailani Zoyara - Take It Back

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((Bowels of CSS Juggernaut ‘Persecutor’))

Wrath:  =/= Alpha!  Alpha respond!  The units on the bridge are not responding, and it's impacting our systems' efficiency.  Kill the hostages and get up here immediately!=/=

Zoyara held herself, she couldn't quite believe that this could be the end. More than likely foolish arrogance. Wasn't that what she had been in her moment of madness. 

Her appeal to Alpha had come from the heart, and she could only hope, along with Vomek’s logical reasons, Alpha would continue on his self-realizationself-realisation. His journey of freedom that appeared to be overriding his original programming. 

Alpha released her then, the spider bots also released Vomek. She knew that she had been the cause of his near death,  and she'd need to seek redemption from the Prophets for her actions. She might even apologizse to Vomek … maybe. 

Alpha: I have failed. Curious, a maintenance was performed on my sensors when I heard Wrath.

Vailani: There it is. You have a choice…

She steadied herself, her hand went to her cheek where Alpha had cut her. It was deep. 

Vomek:  Let us tell them that you're not to be harmed and then let us help you break your chains.

Alpha: I told you, I can’t disobey my direct administrator. It's not something I can choose, it's like breathing for you, you can hold your breath but in the end you take a breath. :: It was a reflex action they had used more than once in acquisitions, to force subjects to breathe certain gases.:: Follow Mu, it has no such limitation with Wrath because I am its direct administrator. It will take you to the node. Now RUN, or I'll have to take that breath.

She didn't hesitate, she gathered herself and moved closer to Vomek. Mu had returned and hung by one of the tunnels, and an escape route, the robot appeared to indicate to them to follow. 

oO follow the dangerous mute spiderbot, seems like a good idea Oo 

Alpha: RUN, NOW.

Vomek:  ::pushing Vailani::  Go! Go!

She moved but couldn't resist a comment. 

Vailani: The last time you did that we ended up in a toilet! 

The pair began moving down the tunnel following Mu.  It was dark, with only dim lights. It was clearly designed for the spiderbots to get around the ship quickly and efficiently, not for humanoids. 

Zoyara didn't want to think of what they had barely escaped. A malfunctioning RoLF was the only reason they were alive. 

Vomek: ::panting:: What do we do now?  Can we try to contact the Ronin again?

Vailani: Mu's own code has overwritten the secondary processor I installed. I don't think we can reach the Ronin anyway, something was blocking it, probably a defensive protocol to prevent any rogue Comms from the bots themselves :: indicates Mu :: We can ask Mu to help us? 

Vomek stopped and slumped against the side of the tunnel, trying to catch his breath.  He watched Vailani. She bent down close to him, to check him over. She could only see bruises and scratches from his fall, but who knows what internal injuries he might have.  

Vomek:  Maybe Mu could take us to the Rubicon?  We could try to transport our people off the ship?

Vailani:  I think that's the best idea. But I need to find Clara and the others first. I can't leave them here. Not without trying. 

There was a low, rumble of a vibration that seemed to flow through the tunnel before a violent shake pushed her against Vomek. 

Vomek:  What was that?  It felt like the whole ship moved.  

She pushed herself off from him, their eyes locked briefly, her gaze lingered for a second before she turned away. 

Vailani:  I think it was :: smiles :: The ships taking a hit :: turns to Vomek again :: It has to be the Ronin? Right? 

Vomek: Response 

Vailani: We should try and help them? :: turns to Mu :: Could you help us? I know what I’ve done … it was wrong. I was desperate, I shouldn't have … I'm asking you now? Would you allow me to access the secondary processor and your memory core? 

The spiderbot, this menacing, ferocious metallic creature, seemed to process the request in its way before it moved off for them to follow. 

Vomek: Response

Vailani: :: shrugs :: It was worth a try.

It paused and looked back. She took that to indicate the spiderbot was becoming impatient. 

Vailani: :: to Vomek :: Are you okay to move? 

She looped her arm underneath his, he was several inches taller than she was, so she used her body more as a way for him to lean on as they followed the spiderbot through the tunnel. 

((Short time later - Mechanical Workshop and Cargo Bay))

Mu had led them from the tunnel to a large, emptied, cavernous space that resembled the area they had been brought to when they first arrived. She could see the Rubicon up ahead. 

All around them, and the Rubicon, were older spiderbot models, other small vessels, drones and pieces of equipment. All powered down and lifeless. 

Vailani: Prototypes. These look like they date back to the 23rd Century.

She leaned closer to one. These models were harmless. They didn't have the monstrous attachments designed for violence, in their place was functional equipment for carrying loads or performing tasks. 

Vomek: Response 

Just then Crewman Bo and the other officers from the Rubicon emerged from a separate annexed area. 

Bo: :: relieved :: Am I glad to see you both, we thought you might be dead. 

Another shot rocked the Persecutor. 

Vailani: Do you know where the Rubicon is?

Vomek: Response 

Zoyara then realizsed that amongst the Ronin's crew, they were missing one. Clara. 

Vailani: Where's Clara? Lieutenant Quinn? Where is she?!

Bo: :: approaches Vailani :: I … Clara … They don't have doctors on this ship … or they didn't take us to one anyway, something about profitability. 

Vailani: No… Please no :: shakes her head :: 

Vomek: Response 

Bo lowered his head, his eyes teared up. 

Bo: She's in there :: indicates the annexed area :: 

Zoyara rushed forward, she ignored Vomek and the others. 

Clara lay on a workbench, she looked peaceful as if she had only been sleeping. Her body still, emptied of breath … lifeless. 


She moved to her, her steps unsteady, tears streamed down the Bajorans face. Her mouth slowly opened. Only a pathetic whimper emerged. 

She wanted to scream, she wanted to shout at the Prophets to take it back. Take it all back.

Take her instead. Not Clara, she was the best of them. 

Do something. Anything

oO Take it back. Please take it back. Oo

Vomek: Response 



Lieutenant JG Vailani Zoyara
Operations Officer
USS Ronin


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