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(Lt. JG Kaito Moore as PNPC) Ensign Wescott - Lighthouse Has Fallen

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I am posting this here, in Appreciations because there is no forum where one can post sims that they did not appreciate... And let me tell you, I did not appreciate opening up my 118 inbox, reading this sim, and then struggling to hold in tears over this incredibly visceral sim from @MTMuir -- all while I'm trying to maintain composure at my work desk! Thanks a lot, buddy, now I need to take a few minutes to be okay!! 😅

Original Sim Here: https://groups.google.com/g/sb118-amity/c/mUcqJZqLDgQ/m/oqystBSPAAAJ


( Dorsal Comms and Sensor Array Control Room, Amity Outpost )

/ Recording Started /


Wescott held the PADD in front of him, the front-facing camera getting a good view of him.


Wescott: Hey, little brother! Happy Frontier Day! I hope this message gets to you in time! I’m sorry I couldn’t be there with Mom and Dad, but I hear the fireworks and fleet display are going to be amazing.


He panned the camera around, showing his workspace—the upper comms and sensor control room. It panned past a few other officers and crew.


Wescott: But your big brother is here doing important work in the Delta Quadrant! Welcome to my office.


Another voice spoke up.


Lavigne: Our office.


The camera turned to show a brown-haired human woman, an ensign.


Wescott: That’s Bryana, my co-worker, and as she said, it is our office. ::Panning the camera towards a Vulcan:: And this handsome fellow is Sakkir. Say hi, Sakkir.


Sakkir: You know you should be working, Mr. Wescott, instead of doing these shenanigans.


Wescott: This isn’t shenanigans; it is a video for my younger brother. He’s like fourteen, man. Come on... Just a hello.


Sakkir: No... ::Turning towards the camera:: I will do this. ::Raises hand and Vulcan salutes:: Live long and prosper, younger and wiser brother of Mr. Wescott.


Lavigne: ::Laughing:: Ha! He’s got you there!


Wescott: Shut up! ::Turns camera back at him:: There are a few others too, but it is mostly us three. We keep the comms going and the sensors humming.


Sakkir: The hum is not the sensors; it is the EPS flow to the sensors.


Wescott: Whatever! Same thing.


Sakkir: It is not. If I were sending a message to my brother, I would be accurate.


Lavigne: Gavin! Be accurate!


Wescott: ::Sighs:: So these are my colleagues, and this is where I work. And look at this view!


He panned the camera around to show off the sensor and high-powered long-range comms array, along with the beautiful view. The small control area at the top of the station, accessed by a few Jefferies tubes, provided the perfect view of the station and the nebula through the large windows.


Wescott: Is that not the coolest ever! ::Panning the camera:: You can see the station, all the ships, and the nebula. This is what Starfleet is about.


Lavigne: Well, that and spending all day fine-tuning the sensors for the eggheads.


Wescott: It’s not that ba—


He was cut off by Sakkir.


Sakkir: I am reading a power spike in the EPS conduits.


Lavigne: That shouldn’t be right. Do we have anything on the agenda from the science department?


Sakkir: No, we do not. Also, two—correction, four—spikes.


The camera moved, being set down on a console, providing a good view of the ceiling.


Wescott: We shouldn’t be getting any spikes. Look at this—EPS power flow hasn’t increased.


Lavigne: Yet I am still reading a spike.


He picked up his mini PADD.


Wescott: Could be a faulty sensor. I’ll go check it out. ::Facing the camera towards him:: Looks like you are going to work with me, buddy.


He pulled back his uniform jacket just enough to access the internal pocket and slotted the PADD inside, the camera sticking out. Wescott headed for a nearby hatch leading towards the comms, opening it before pulling his tricorder.


Wescott: Keep me updated.


Lavigne: Got you covered.


Wescott climbed out into a series of covered catwalks, scanning with his tricorder. Above and below him were the various sensor arrays and comms, but what dominated the cavernous space was the main Long Range Comms array. This piece of enormous engineering magic, brought to life through Project Pathfinder, allowed Amity to maintain a connection back to Starfleet Command.


Wescott: This is weird. I am detecting the power sources, but they are separate from the EPS relay. I am attempting to get closer.


Lavigne: =/\= Power spike is increasing... =/\=


He looked at his tricorder for a moment, going pale.


Wescott: =/\= It’s off the charts, scanning... I think it’s a bo— =/\=


A violent explosion went off below him, the camera getting a good look at the orange bloom, and then another and another. A series of explosions were working their way up the large comms array.


Sakkir: =/\= Get out of there, Mr. Wescott. =/\=


He started running; another larger explosion knocked him down, slamming him into the catwalk. Hull breach alarms blared, and he could see a chunk of the sensor tower missing. The force fields came to just.


Lavigne: =/\= Hurry! The comms array is overloading. Hurry up! It’s going to explode. =/\=


Wescott: =/\= I’m not going to make it. I’m not going to make it. =/\=


Sakkir: =/\= You are going to make it. There is a hatch twenty meters from you. It is reinforced. Go there. =/\=


He made a mad dash for it; he could hear the EPS relays overloading.


Wescott: =/\= Okay! =/\=


Running as fast as he could, he dived for the hatch, hitting the command to open it. At that moment, gravity failed, first reversing, throwing him to the ceiling of the luckily caged catwalk, and then slamming him back into the ground before giving out.


Lavigne: =/\= Hurry! Get in there! Go— =/\=


The door barely closed in time as the long-range comms array went critical, overloading and blowing itself apart. The explosion rocked the station, sending Wescott flying in the small access way and straight into the wall, leaving him spinning in zero gravity.


He didn’t know how long he was out, but when he came to, he immediately tapped his comm.


Wescott: =/\= Ugh. Oh crap! Anyone hear me?! =/\=


Nothing, no signal. Comms were down, or maybe interference. Gravity was down too, but everything outside the small port was spinning. Wescott made his way to the viewport, looking outside.


The camera recorded it all. The long-range comms were gone, completely destroyed in the overload, but more concerning was the upper sensor tower itself. It was blown apart, with multiple hull breaches. Wescott looked around the best he could. He was spinning. The whole tower was spinning, and just as it dawned on him, he got a view of it. The explosion had sheared off the sensor tower, and it was currently tumbling away from the station. Amity herself was burning, badly damaged; external plasma fires and damage on the upper hull were evident.


Wescott: =/\= Oh god. Anyone out there. =/\=


Still nothing. He moved the best he could to look towards the comms control room. He strained the best he could and finally got a view, but his heart sank. The viewports that faced the comms sensor arrays were blown in, along with visible breaches in the hull. He didn’t see any force fields active.


Wescott: Oh god... Oh god.


Panic started to set in; his friends were no doubt dead, and no one was answering the comm.


Wescott: I’m going to die here... I'm going to die here...


He hit his comm again.


Wescott: =/\= This is Ensign Gavin Wescott. I am alive. Does anyone read me? I am trapped inside the remains of the sensor tower. I think I’m the only one alive. Please send help. =/\=


He tapped his badge three times, activating its emergency beacon, and then sat back. He pulled out his PADD. It was still recording, but there was a low battery warning. Gavin cursed himself for not charging it the night before.


Emergency Beacon: =/\= This is Ensign Gavin Wescott. I am alive. Does anyone read me? I am trapped inside the remains of the sensor tower. I think I’m the only one alive. Please send help. =/\=


Wescott: If anyone gets this, please... pass this on to my family... Mom... Dad... Owen... I love you... I miss you...


He teared up as he looked at the camera; His tears became sobs.


Emergency Beacon: =/\= This is Ensign Gavin Wescott. I am alive. Does anyone read me? I am trapped inside the remains of the sensor tower. I think I’m the only one alive. Please send help. =/\=


The remaining power gave out in the small access way, bathing him in darkness except for the light of his PADD.


Wescott: I’m… ::Sobbing:: I’m sorry if I don’t come home… I’m sorry I couldn’t be there with you... I love you. I love you all.


Emergency Beacon: =/\= This is Ensign Gavin Wescott. I am alive. Does anyone read me? I am trapped inside the remains of the sensor tower. I think I’m the only one alive. Please send help. =/\=

Wescott: Goodbye.

Finally, the PADD failed, powering down and leaving Gavin in near darkness. Only the purple glow of the nebula and plasma fires outside provided him a dim light.


Emergency Beacon: =/\= This is Ensign Gavin Wescott. I am alive. Does anyone read me? I am trapped inside the remains of the sensor tower. I think I’m the only one alive. Please send help. =/\=


/ End Recording /


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