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@Alora DeVeau wrote a wonderful sim giving Arthur some much needed advice.



((Botany Lab, Level 14, Soldotna, Denali Station))


The conversation with Commodore Oddas had rattled Arthur, enough that he sought out ways to quickly prove himself to his commanding officer.  She could understand his desire.  Although the Academy was an excellent program and did its utmost to prepare each and every officer for what lay out in the great galaxy beyond, the galaxy always proved that it could throw even weirded and crazier things at a person.  Like all the other officers who had served some time, she had learned that the hard way.  When Arthur mentioned going on a patrol with the Marines, she couldn’t help but ask.  


DeVeau: Oh really?  And what about after that?


Strathmore: After that, maybe I won’t break down in front of the Commodore on our next mission. Of course, it’s just a strategy. I won’t know if it works until I try.


She could understand his desire, his need to prove himself, his need to find a way to control his fight or flight response.  


DeVeau: Well, there are several.  I know Gwen Kingsley is a member of the Lightning Aldabrans.  


Taking up his PADD, and nodding, Alora could only surmise that he was looking up the Battalion even as he spoke.  


Strathmore: ::Reading:: The Lightning Aldabrans. ::Looking to the Commander:: Have you ever been on a mission with them?


DeVeau: No, I haven’t, though I know Gwen Kingsley serves with them. 


She only knew Kingsley by reputation, and that she and Forsyth were in a relationship, if the rumours were to be believed- that wasn’t relevant to Strathmore, nor was it her place to convey such rumours, especially since it was merely hearsay and she didn’t know if it was truly fact or not.  


Strathmore: And that’s who I should get in contact with?


DeVeau: Actually, I think you need to stop. 


Strathmore: Response


Alora leaned forward and rested both elbows upon her knees, levelling her gaze at the counsellor.  She knew what he was trying to do, but perhaps he was forcing too much too soon. 


DeVeau: I think you should take a moment and breathe.  And I think you should not be in such a hurry.  


Strathmore: Response


Straightening up again, Alora once more crossed her legs, the elevated foot bobbing up and down.  She was no counsellor, and she wasn’t certain she was the best person to help Arthur, but she had promised to give her point of view. 


DeVeau: You’re entering the realm of overcompensating, and you’re going to burn yourself out if you’re not careful.  I think your desire to improve is commendable, but breaking yourself isn’t the way to do it.  


Strathmore: Response


DeVeau: You’re a counsellor.  Not an Engineer.  Not a Marine.  But that doesn’t mean you aren’t vital to missions. You’re there to provide not only emotional support, but a different outlook on a situation. You can help us glean insight into the predecessors of Denali, maybe what they were like based upon your observations.  Your role is far different from the other duty posts, but it is no less important.  If you think getting a bit more training in self defence will help, by all means, do it, but don’t forget who you are and the extremely important role you play in the process. 


Strathmore: Response


Commander Alora DeVeau
Chief Science Officer &
Second Officer
Denali Station 
Matriarch of the 15th House




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