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Commodore Oddas Aria: Other Types of Therapy

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I really enjoyed the interaction between these two characters.



(( Skunkworks, Administrative Area, Denali Station))


It didn't fit.  


oO Fracking, k'ossting, ....  Oo


In front of her was the Norton's carburetor, in about 15 pieces.  She had asked Crastrid's staff to send her what amounted to a genuine rebuild kit, rare, hard to find, and as it turns out, incomplete.  Some of the synthetic parts hard deteriorated over time and the computer was balking at replicating new ones.  


Oddas: ::muttering, sofly:: Build the most sophisticated Starship in the Fleet, ::this 400-year-old thing eludes you::.


She tossed the wrench - which she had to specially replicate - to the side, letting it clatter loudly to the ground.  There was another Starfleeter doing some work who looked up, but was polite enough to ignore her and go back to his work.


Aria stood, stretching and popping her back.


Stelek: Did the machine do something wrong?


Oddas: Other than existing?


Stelek: ::dryly:: Other than existing.


Aria glared at the Vulcan, who had the audacity to stand and look back impassively.


Oddas: Having fun?


Stelek: I assure you that is not the case. ::beat::  What is the real problem?


Oddas: Maybe I've decided I just don't like this thing anymore.


She gestured toward the motorcycle and instantly regretted it - it had been Irina's, and one of the things her family had insisted Aria keep after she passed.  Aria leaned on the table and thanked the Prophet's Stelek's logic wouldn't force her to come and hug her.


Oddas: I didn't mean it. ::beat:: I snapped at an Ensign, the Counselor.


Stelek: Did they deserve it?


She turned and leaned her back against the table, focusing on the other woman instead of the machine.


Oddas: Could they? If they did, I doubt they should have gotten it from me.


Aria thought she saw Stelek tilt her head slightly, the Vulcan shrug.


Stelek: It's been my experience that the higher up the correction comes from, the less likely it is to need to be repeated.


The Commodore let out a deep sigh and then a low growl. 


Oddas: This is why I hate the social aspects of my job.


Stelek: You hide it remarkably well.


Stelek raised an eyebrow and looked around the room; Aria smirked at the obvious sarcasm.  


After a moment, she realized there were footsteps approaching.


Any: Response




((OOC: Anyone who wants to join in, please feel free. ))


Commodore Oddas Aria

Commanding Officer

Denali Station


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