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The Lost Era - 2298 - 2360


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Recently, I ran across the Star Trek: The Lost Era series of books, and I've been pretty happy with them so far. There are six books in the series, of which I've been able to read four, and I find them to be well written and fit very well into the Star Trek universe. I haven't read the first two in the series, but I've read the last three and am finishing the final book in the series (that I know of). Following is a basic time line of the books (written in this order). If there is not a specific ship, I have listed some of the major characters that play a part in the story.

2298: The Sundered - USS Excelsior - Captain Hikaru Sulu

2311: Serpents Among the Ruins - USS Enterprise-B - Captain John Harriman

2328-2346: The Art of the Impossible - Klingons vs Cardassians - Curzon Dax, Lt Elias Vaughn, Lt. Ian Troi (Deanna Troi's father), Commander Garret (soon to be Captain of Enterprise-C), Worf's grandfather Worf (defendent of Kirk and McCoy in STVI)

2336: Well of Souls - USS Enterprise-C - Captain Rachel Garrett

2355-2357: Deny Thy Father - Starfleet Academy - Cadet/Ensign William T. Riker, Kyle Riker

2360: Catalyst of Sorrows - Starfleet Command/Neutral Zone/Romulan Empire - Admiral Nyota Uhura, Lt. Benjamin Sisko, Lt. Tuvok, Dr. Zelar, Dr. Beverley Crusher

I highly recommend at least a gander at these books because they are written well, and it gives a little look-see into the seventy some years between TOS and TNG.

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