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((Forward Torpedo Magazine, Deck 12, USS Juneau))


oO In a crisis situation, it’s best not to second-guess every decision, Lieutenant. Remember? Oo


But Drex had a working mind that could not be turned off just because it was a crisis situation, and especially since it was a crisis situation.

He had learned, very long ago, to analyze everything from as many different perspectives as possible. He was used to taking a decision, possibly the right one, after gathering information. But they had no information this time.
All he knew was that a worm was inside him and Alix took him off injecting him with some stimulant. The worm had taken over his ability to distinguish reality and imagination. It had created such a real nightmare that he could still smell the acrid  blood permeating the floor and feel the monster's fangs penetrate the flesh of his wrist.

It was something Drex was not willing to try again, but it was not only that. The worm that was in his body, had rushed for the glowing crate, but here there was no crate. Where would it go?

Into Kendrick? He was their team leader. He was not the Captain or the XO, but he was the closest thing to them and Drex still remembered Commander Adea’s warning


oO if I get killed, it’s very unlikely you’ll pass the test. Oo


This was not a test, of course, so it was even more important to keep the Commander alive.

Into Kingsley? It seemed the marine was quite confident to be able to take care of the creature. Drex did not know Gwen at all, so he could not judge her, but what he knew was that she was working on a very critical task and any distraction could be fatal for all of them.

Into Kingsley’s emergency power generator? It could blow up the entire ship since it was connected to a nuclear torpedo at the moment.

So, Drex was the only expendable victim, but you could bet the entire cargo of a Ferengi smuggling ship that he wouldn't crawl into the frying pan of his own will as long as he could avoid it.

Luckily, Commander Kendrick was convinced of the validity of Drex's doubts.


Kendrick: ::nodding:: Agreed. ::at Kingsley:: How far are we on that EMP pulse, Kingsley?

Kingsley: Another minute, Sir.

Kendrick: Great job.

Kendrick: Ready to activate the EMP?

Kingsley: Aye, Sir.

Kendrick: ::turning to Drex:: Keep a close eye out on our friend over there, Lieutenant. We don’t know how he’ll respond to the EMP.

Drex: Aye sir.


oO Let’s hope he keeps sleeping until we meet with Alix. Oo


Drex kept himself near the floating unconscious Andorian. His breathing was really shallow.

Kingsley: 3 ... 2 ... 1 .... Mark.

There was a light from the torpedo as it charged, a whine as it built up a charge, then blew in a loud crack.  The air shimmered a bright blue as the electrical charge emanated from the center of the torpedo. 


Drex felt the electromagnetic charge released by Kingsley's magic pass through his body and raise the hairs on the back of his neck. An unpleasant sensation along the muscles of the arms and chest down to the legs and feet.

He saw the Andorian's antennae stiffen on the back of his neck and a trickle of blood trickle from his nose.


As the unpleasant sensation faded, the cabin plunged back into darkness again.


Kingsley: Everyone ok?

Drex: I’m fine and our friend is still barely alive.


In the darkness Drex could not see, so he placed a hand on the Andorian’s arm in order not to lose him. He stood ready to inject the compound, waiting for Kendrick’s order to wake him up.


Kendrick: Response


Suddenly he felt a very faint tremor from the body next to him. The wrist started to glow blueish and a pale wormlike creature slipped out of the skin. It was not rushing anywhere. It looked stunned or sick. 

Without thinking twice Drex pressed the hypospray onto the worm's body and released the stimulant.

The worm began to writhe, producing a low scraping noise that was soon followed by a higher volume scraping noise coming from behind the bulkheads, almost certainly from a service pipe.


oO Very smart of you… Oo


Drex: I… I don’t know why I’ve done it :: He murmured fearfully ::


Kingsley / Kendrick : Response


With still twisted movements, the worm headed towards one of the hatches trying to insinuate itself between the wall and the hatch.

Drex’eyes followed its movements at first. He ignored whatever it was saying to him and after a few moments followed the glowing creature.


Drex: He wants to go home. 


Drex was sure of that, although he could not tell why his guts was telling him so. 


Kingsley / Kendrick : Response


Despite the cold, which had become even more biting in the last few minutes, making the air unpleasant to breathe, small drops of sweat began to form on his forehead.


Drex: No! We need to open the hatch, we need to let him go. They’re scared. Just let me open the hatch!


There was fear in his voice, but also a certain aggressiveness. Drex was sure he was right, but he didn't have the means or time to explain the situation logically. Maybe it was the spicy fragrance which hovered more and more insistently in the ship or it was an unwanted memory left inside him by his worm, he was jeopardizing his life on a logicless instinct that told him they had to go back to the crate now.  


Kingsley / Kendrick : Response



((OOC: I wrote as if  the scraping noise heard by Kingsley were the worms rushing from all places towards the crate, as Falt and Sanchez 's sims pointed out. I hope I have understand correctly))
Lieutenant JG Drex
Science Officer
Denali Station


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