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MSNPC Alpha - Your life is not in danger, for the moment

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@Sirok coming in and saving my NPC. I really love his MSNPC, the robotic and sinister Alpha. From a returning 'new' player who's showing that he's not forgotten how to write a great sim! 


((Consortium R.A.M. in insertion to deck 9 of NCC-34523, USS Ronin))

The plan had gone well, better than well. When they were in position, Alpha received a response signal from several mk5 spiders and one mk3. All synchronized by that star and its solar storm. It did not generate a normal EMP, any ship is prepared to receive all kinds of electromagnetic impulses generated by a multitude of events occurring in space. But this star was rare and special, worthy of being studied by those who were now their target.

Knowing when the event was going to occur, the protection protocol was performed for all systems, including himself. It was quite frustrating for it to depend on the organics for that whole procedure, on the other hand being frustrated was something it unfortunately knew well, not like other feelings.

It was in a totally dark room, but none of them needed the refraction of light on an object to see it, they had other types of sensors. In perfect order around them were many mk5 spiders and under them several mk3 in their moorings with their appendices retracted, to make the most of the space. They were older but had a very specific mission that they could perform quickly. In front of it and behind its tactical models, all waiting for the R.A.M. (Requisition Assault Module) to do its job. It was a perfect time for such a tool, the insertion of the RoLFs into a ship with no shields or impulse, albeit momentarily, and with possible errors in the transport systems due to the radiation in the area.

The R.A.M. made a rapid forward movement, as there were no organics inside only inertial dampers were used to safeguard the systems, not for comfort. So, the RoLF's that were already powered up were getting warnings from their systems about the massive acceleration that was occurring. At his feet, it felt the vibration in the panels that the penetration system had been turned on and would be breaking through the Ronin's duranium hull. Finally, the thump, which made the metal of the R.A.M.'s hull creak against that of the Ronin itself.

The hatches opened, and a flickering light greeted them as the Ronin's redundant systems adapted to the intrusion and the failures caused in the EPS network. The spiders began to light up, from those closest to the door to the interior of the R.A.M. As they powered up their anchors were removed, and they began to deploy to their assigned location. Creating the deployment on a relatively old model was straightforward for Alpha, as it was easier to find the particular specifications of the NCC-34523.

All the synthetics quickly exited the R.A.M. so that it could withdraw if necessary and reattach to the waiting CSS Percutor, in case the plan had to be readapted. That the R.A.M. was a separate module prevented the Percutor, despite its name, from receiving structural damage from impacts, as well as avoiding a boarding in response from some tremendously resilient target.

As Alpha emerged from the tip of the spear-shaped ship, he received without any interference the situation of what was happening on deck 9 and the rest of the Starfleet ship. Its brethren were taking up positions and securing the various auxiliary ships so that they could not be used against them. The objective was to recover them complete, but Alpha gave priority to the integrity of the units. The spiders would take care of the crewmen in the area, in most cases ending their lives. The organic forms seemed so inefficient to it, and they were to serve some of them. It was frustrated again.

It received the report from the old mk3s, they were starting to section off the coolant ducts from the warp drive. Something traditional in the Consortium's plans but tremendously useful, the ducts were releasing the deadly coolant to the organics which at the very least would keep them away from the warp drive and on the other hand prevented them from using it.

It watched as its Brothers and Sisters moved and attacked their objectives, the rapid movement they made and the slapping of the armor plates eliciting a sound that among some humanoids had been described as laughter. kNOoUV9ZJP, who was about to finish off one of those crewmen. A Bajoran woman, it had her file recorded from the meeting with Wrath, junior lieutenant grade Vailani Zoraya.

Alpha: No. :: It said in a neutral, calm voice, but enough to stop its brother.:: The retention plan is activated. Use restraint systems, take the survivors to the forward hatch for the time being. Take control of that door.

The slender figure stared at the Bajoran for a moment. Causing her face to reflect in the smooth black surface of his non-face. As Alpha lamented that the Consortium forced them to speak using voice synthesizers when they were at close distances, instead of faster, more elegant systems. But this way they would find out when they were talking to each other.

Vailani: response

Alpha held his position, totally still, as if he had shut down. Like a black monolith in the middle of the huge room that was the hangar.

Alpha: your life is not in danger, for the moment, Lieutenant Vailani. Cooperate and it will continue to be so, if it is not so, and it bothers us you will have to be terminated. If all goes as it should, I will have you repaired.

The RoLF's voice came from a synthesizer inside what was his head. Whoever it was had created it to sound menacing, even though it had spoken neutrally, as if it were describing what it saw.

Vailani: response
Alpha: seal her wounds with plasma and leave her with Lieutenant Vailani.. ::It said to  kNOoUV9ZJP and pointed his arm ending in a sharp stump at Lieutenant Quinn.:: Now, the lives of both are under your responsibility, Lieutenant. As I said. :: The organics needed to be reminded of things. :: If everything goes as it should, you will be repaired.
Keeping targets alive and threatening to terminate them. It was creating a problem for the members of Starfleet. At the moment they were beginning to accumulate members of the Ronin themselves, and according to reports they would soon have the remains of the crew of the Neuvosk freighter at their disposal.

Vailani: response

Alpha: As a sign of your cooperation, please answer this question: Is Commander Toryn Raga in command of NCC-34523 on this mission?

The RoLF brought its non-face close to Vailani's face, analyzing every feature of the Bajoran. If the answer was as it believed, Wrath was going to have a good time and that would mean less risk to its units.

Vailani: response

RoLF Mk2 modified - Serial number: kNOoUV0UNP
Administrator: Singen Wrath
CSS Percutor


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