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Commodore Taybrim - The Commodore Arrives

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This is, without a doubt, my favourite intro to an awards ever. 


Thank you @Sal Taybrim. 🤣


((Beaches of Ifar – Bardeez))

Sal Taybrim was never fashionably late.  It was well known that he was always early to crew functions.  And almost always the first one there.

And yet, at this lovely beach party, as the bands played, one ginger Commodore was notably absent.



Maybe he wasn’t coming.  Who knows when it came to a Commodore, always getting pulled away for various meetings and diplomatic tasks and galaxy-crushing briefings.

Hopefully nothing galaxy crushing anytime soon, but with like in Starfleet who knew.

Still, it was quite unlike Taybrim to simply not appear or give word.  

Unless you were a friend of Sal’s.  A close friend, and the man who loved to talk to everybody guarded his personal life carefully – so not many in attendance, but some.  Some would know that Sal Taybrim loved a bit of drama, and all things considered there seemed to be a set up for some well-intentioned drama.

The last jovial song ended and with a dramatic crescendo of music, the band drew attention to the stage, where a duo of Bardeezan fire dancers dug a ring around the stage, avoiding the entrance and exit stairs, and filled it with a pungently fruity and very strong-smelling type of alcohol.  It was a distilled spirit of a particularly bitter fruit that made it almost completely inedible for its awful taste.  But it had been used as a clean, renewable fuel source for centuries and it gave off a nice fruity scent.

With a flourish the fire dancers drew attention and at the climax of the dance, they dipped downwards to send flames racing into the sand-dug motes, creating a dramatic focus on the stage.

The stage lights flared, the band had disappeared to grab some water and take a break and at some point in the darkness the stage had been cleared to feature a podium.


Oh, there was Commodore Taybrim, magically already behind said podium.  Dressed in a classic Betazoid pant suit, it was in off white with an asymmetric jacket and gold embroidered details at the collar, cuffs and hemlines.

Taybrim: Good evening everyone!  I hope everyone is having a fantastic evening thus far!

His voice projected across the beach, strong but not cutting.  Warm, inviting and commanding attention.

Any: ?

Taybrim: I am glad you could all make it, for this formal awards ceremony.  ::he looked around the idyllic beach:: Or informal awards ceremony? ::He chuckled:: Bit of both I suppose.

Any: ?

Taybrim: I would like to start with some official welcomes.  We had a number of crew join us on this mission and I did not get the chance to touch base with everyone personally, something I hope to correct as we travel back to StarBase 118.  But for now, please let me offer some formal welcomes.

He took a deep breath and smiled at the gathered.

Taybrim: Please welcome onboard Ensign T’Reyna who joined us early in this mission and was a strong contributing member to her team.  I hope you have all gotten a chance to say hello, but I want to offer a formal welcome to the crew.  ::He smiled pleasantly:: Ensign T’Reyna – welcome to the senior staff of StarBase 118 Ops, I’m so glad you are a part of this team.

Sal had the opportunity to meet with T’Reyna before she arrived on the Narendra and knew her experience and poise was an asset to the team.

T’Reyna: ?

Any: ?

Taybrim: Next, assigned mis mission is Ensign Sash Kreshkova, Helm officer, who immediately jumped in with some fantastic shuttle flying with our weapon disarming team.  ::He had a chance to meet Sasch, and found her a committed and determined officer.:: I am so happy that you joined our crew Ensign and want to formally welcome you to StarBase 118.

He offered her a welcoming smile.

Kreshkova: ?

Any: ?

Taybrim: I want to recognize Ensign Eshrevi Sh’shiqil who served on the Narendra this mission. I know Ensign Sh’shiqil is on assignment and could not join us tonight, but she will remain connected to StarBase 118, so I hope to share welcomes and memories with her in the future.

Any: ?

He had hoped to formally welcome Ensign Sh’shiqil, but Starfleet had other plans, immediately putting the disciplined officer onto assignment in her specialty area.  Sal had signed the approval orders, but he felt a pang of longing – he had wanted to meet her and talk to her and welcome her first.  To see if she was excited about being offered such opportunities to work towards her goals or if she felt overwhelmed.

He knew they would cross paths again sometime in the future, so he held that in his mind and his heart and turned towards the very newest member of the crew.

Alcyone Brennan, newly assigned.  Counselor.  That was Sal’s role as an Ensign as well.  So he certainly wanted to ensure he got the chance to connect with Ensign Brennan.

Taybrim: And in a most auspicious bit of timing, we have newly assigned Ensign Alcyone Brennan who joins us in the role of Counselor! ::He grinned, clearly excited about this.:: Ensign Brennan, let me offer a first warm formal welcome to the crew of StarBase 118, and I am thrilled to have you with us.

He didn’t have the chance to meet Ensign Brennan yet, but her academy record said she was committed and focused on her role as counselor and her professors praised her for creative thinking and determined work.  All things that Sal valued in an officer.

Brennan: ?

Any: ?

Taybrim: And to our crew, from the newest amoung you to the most experienced, I am so proud of you and thrilled to be working with one of the best crews in Starfleet.

::he raised his glass::

Taybrim: A toast, to the crew of StarBase 118!

Any: ?


Commodore Sal Taybrim
Commanding Officer

StarBase 118 Ops
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an ESC worthy entrance for sure. Loved it!! 


(Do we get the magic show we deserve this year??)

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5 hours ago, Evan Ross said:

an ESC worthy entrance for sure. Loved it!! 


(Do we get the magic show we deserve this year??)

Petra Mede will be jealous of this entrance 

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15 hours ago, Evan Ross said:

an ESC worthy entrance for sure. Loved it!! 


(Do we get the magic show we deserve this year??)

Now this sounds like a challenge I want to make happen! 😇

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