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Lt Cmdr. Avander Promontory: Last Intelligence Officer Logs

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Often when you're on a ship that is gallivanting around the gamma quadrant, it's very easy to forget that the rest of the universe exists. Here @Avander Promontory gives us a sudden reminder that there's more to the trek universe than our ship. I've been inspired by this sim to make one of my own. Some spoilers for Picard series three ahead.


[[OOC: this post obliquely references some events from PIC S3, however, I've tried to avoid any blatant spoilers. Still, if you're fastidious, you may want to skip.]]

((On the bed, Avander’s Personal Quarters, Deck 2, USS Octavia E Butler enroute to DS14 and New Bajor))


Intelligence Officers Log Stardate 240105.


The past several weeks of fairing refugees have been a slog, but it has allowed me to focus on intelligence reports. And there have been a lot. There has been a spike in chatter here in the Gamma Quadrant, but the news from the Federation overshadows all of it. I wish the news from Sector 001 wasn’t so bittersweet. Ultimate victory, but at a cost. I suppose that’s always the way.


I’m just glad the other fleets weren’t involved. Being out here in the Gamma Quadrant preserved our flotilla, but it also meant we weren’t close enough to help.


Avander let out a long sigh and turned his head to the window to stare at the passing stars.


I’m going to have to stop giving Commander Sherlock such a hard time about the problems Federation Security had a few years back given what has been going on with Federation Intelligence.


Avander sat back up on the edge of his bed and shook himself. He needed to focus on the facts in his log.


We have an updated set of protocols and patches that Lt Herrick has already implemented into our transporter system—as a Sagan class vessel there was an additional concern that our systems could have been compromised, but we’ve seen no evidence of that.


This despite reports that our computers’ AI is a little too intuitive for some… I suspect that some of the officers are using the new system to enact pranks. Perhaps it's some JOPA remnants. Good on them, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone, we need more good fun these days.


Avander rose from the bed and closed his uniform flap.


Promontory: End log.


He moved over to Meander’s terrarium and added some pellets. In response to the creature nuzzling his hand, he gave it a few pets.


Promontory: Sorry bud, I can’t stay and play. Important meeting with the CO!


Perhaps he’d take the gormogon out for a holodeck swim, now that the refugees were no longer using the space. He owed the little guy that much, at least. Maybe Peri would join again and bring Echo, the two pets had gotten along famously in the past.


Avander wistfully sighed again. oO If I can make the time. Oo He straightened his pips and walked out the door.


[end scene]

Lt Cmdr Avander Promontory
Director of Intelligence, Gamma Quadrant Flotilla
USS Octavia E Butler


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