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Lt. Cmdr. Katsim Peri - "Next Steps"

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Something that I'm trying really hard to work on is writing how my character perceives others, what they do and how they act. Here's @Alora DeVeau just casually giving a masterclass in this.

To give some context, we've gotten the United Dominion of Planets to the table, and the party of Katsim, Nilsen and Yinn have persuaded them to work with us to help the people of Cheydalanga. Nilsen very much has been driving those discussions forward while showing his potneal and Katsim as his superior officer has been his safety net. But now, he's relying on that net. Katsim has noticed that Nilsen is great at ops and assigned him to a task that fits his strength but also she's noticing that he is starting to get worried about his fellow officers on the surface. Amanda (simmer) left just a little action that I'll be picking up on in my next sim, it was simply an acknowledging smile and perhaps that's enough to stop our HCO from grabbing a shuttle and doing something stupid.


(Operations Center - Lower Level, Deck 7, USS Octavia E Butler)


WIth the yellow alert setting everything to a ghastly pale amber, the situation had taken a slightly different turn.  Peri focused on getting as many people off of Cheydalanga had requested asylum and where to put them.  As she found out they were now leaving, they had to secure the ones they had been able to rescue.  Another question, one which had come up earlier, now came to the forefront - where would the refugees go?  New Bajor was an option, but that might not be the best choice depending on the person.  Fraya offered help, and at first Peri wasn’t sure how she could do so, but with their shift in focus, she realised Fraya could be very useful indeed. 


Katsim: Actually, Fraya, would you work with Yinn to collate the information we have on the refugees, what sort of environment they would flourish in, and what planets would be well suited to take them? Perhaps the UDP could help assist in getting them settled.


Nilsen: Sir.


Nilsen inclined his head in affirmation and immediately set about to work on the console.  The information shifted, laying out information pertaining to supplies and tools and everything the medical teams might need and where they were located.  She knew he would get everything coordinated quickly and efficiently.  Meanwhile, Yinn and Fraya set about the next task - where to put the refugees on a more permanent basis.  


Yinn: The ship's computer has a database of Federation worlds, and uninhabited worlds that can support life. We can cross-check that with species on board, but you likely know more about most of the species on board than Starfleet does.


Fraya: Response


Peri nodded.  That was why she had asked Fraya to assist afterward.  Once she realised they needed information about planets in the Gamma Quadrant, that made the Dosi the expert in the room.  She would prove invaluable in finding a suitable place, or suitable places, to take the refugees as a new home.  Hopefully there would be enough planets already inhabited where rebuilding their lives might be a little easier than ones that had yet been colonised. 

Yinn: Well, in the short term, we can create different environments on the ship. Our crew quarters have a wide range of climate controls, and... we have several holodecks that can simulate any environment.


Fraya: Response


Yinn: In that case, let's get to work. [looks around] I assume other people are going to need the briefing room. Why don't we adjourn to the science lab where I usually work. It's ordinarily busy, but I think the entire science staff is elsewhere dealing with the refugee situation, so we should have minimal interruptions.


Fraya: Response


Maybe not the *entire* science staff, but a good chunk of them were.  All those who graduated from the academy had the most basic knowledge of first aid, but some scientists had more than that and could cross over to medical when necessary.  Peri never resented that, for the health and safety of others always trumped scientific experiments.  


Nilsen: Commander, I’ve freed up supplies from cargo bay two. They’re available for the medical staff now and I'll also arrange for additional food and water supplies to be distributed to the refugees when we get back to normal running.


Katsim: Thank you.  

As she knew he would be, Nilsen was quick and on the ball.  He was also extremely organised, and in that, the two were similar.  She liked her room clean, tidy, a place for everything and everything in its place. As an operations officer, Nilsen had to do that with the entire ship.  


Her eyes flicked to the screen as scanner data flowed across it.  There, she saw the OEB, another ship which she knew had to be the UDP ship, and at least, if not more, than a dozen others surrounding them.  Sighing, Peri reached up a hand and rubbed her ridges yet again.  


Nilsen: ::quietly to Katsim:: Sir, what do we do about the SARs team? They’re down there still. ::even quieter:: Tox is also down there. If push comes to shove, I could grab a shuttle, one was the quick type 14’s, pick ‘em up and rendezvous with the OEB


That was a possibility, but Peri didn’t answer at first.  Instead, she slipped to another console and glanced at Fraya and Yinn.  Flicking her tongue silently against the inside of her teeth, she made a quick decision. 


Katsim: Yinn, why do you you and Fraya use a console in here?  I’d like to hear your ideas on where they could go.  


But they weren’t the only people in the room, and Nilsen had asked her a direct question. Before formulating a response, however, she trapped upon the console she had appropriated to get some more information. 


Katsim: I’m going to say No.  Sherlock has sent out a call for them to return to the ship, and that will be under the purview of the FO, CO, and Marine commander. 


Knowing how much he cared about his fellow officers, something they also shared in common, she managed a small smile at him. 


Katsim: We’ll be most helpful here.  


He nodded, evidently willing to accept her judgement on the matter.  Turning back to Yinn and Fraya, she watched them for a minute before inquiring. 


Katsim: Do you have any options off the top of your head? The question was formulated in a way that really Fraya might be the best person to answer, but Yinn was smart, and it was very possible she might have thought of some things, or considered some planets that had come up on scans. Perhaps she’d even thought of one they had come across during their time in the quadrant. 


Fraya/Nilsen/Yinn: Response


Nodding, Peri’s chance to say anything was interrupted by a call. 


Luriaa: =/\=Fraya, it is time to go.=/\=


Which meant they now lost their expert.  The message was short, sweet, to the point, and Peri turned her attention back to the Dosi. 


Katsim: Would you be willing to communicate from your ship, Fraya?  In this, the UDP will be especially helpful.  Perhaps you and Yinn can continue to explore options?


Fraya/Nilsen/Yinn: Response


Peri nodded and then turned back to her own console as she considered what they could do until Fraya was able to communicate some options.  Glancing at the Bolian scientist, she inquired softly - 


Katsim: I know it’s not as much information as we would like, but Yinn, would you please look into information on planets we know about thus far?  Perhaps we could find some options there and Fraya can give her insights? 


Yinn: Response


The Bajcardy’s dark eyes shifted back to Nilson, her expression thoughtful.  They were still in a crisis, even if they had to leave without taking on more people. 


Katsim: I know we have replicators, but considering the number of refugees we have, we’ll need to make sure we have enough resources, not just in terms of food and clothing, but in energy capacity.  Can you calculate how much we’ll require and whether or not we will need to replenish. 


Nilsen: Response






Lt. Cmdr. Katsim Peri
Chief Science Officer
USS Octavia E. Butler


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