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PNPC Ensign Motha - Nemesis

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(( Motha's Quarters - USS Constitution-B ))

Revenge. No matter how Motha tried to make excuses for it, what he was 
doing was plain old revenge. For the pasts few nights, his nemesis, the 
Caitian who had been his room mate for what felt like eons had been on a 
different shift. That did give the Phylosian some space for quiet.

He didn't actually hate the cat but continually finding items moved 
around the room or the furniture shifted by a few centimeters was irking 
him. That was why he was going to have just the smallest amount of fun.

Though the replicator could theoretically make it, Motha didn't want it 
to be tracked back to him too quickly. Thankfully there was a foreign 
shop on Arentis that had what he wanted. Taking out the little plastic 
bag, Motha's vines snaked in, took the smallest of pinches and sprinkled 
it at the foot of S'Rrrrell's bed.

Catnip. There was no way they Catian would miss that smell. For the next 
twenty minutes, Motha moved about and sprinkled just the smallest 
amount. The cat's evening shirt, around his desk chair, just enough that 
the scent would be on the air but not enough to quite track down.

This would keep his mortal enemy busy for awhile. At least till they had 
their lunch date in two days time. Motha found an interesting holodeck 
program of a fishing village that served what some crew were calling 
delicious seafood.

But for now, the catnip would keep him busy.

Ensign Motha
Engineering Officer
USS Constitution-B
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