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UMO - A day in the life

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This is a really creative and unique sim from our very own FO, @Samira Neathler, which adds a really fun (and proper cute!) "bird's-eye view" of one of our away teams, from the perspective of UMO.

UMO - A day in the life (google.com)


((Unknown Location - Depot 39))

One eye opened, lazily followed by the other. The darkness dissipated and made room for… less darkness. Things were a bit hazy, like it had been for the last couple of days. But that wouldn’t stop her from touring around the station, searching for new adventures and stories. It was her job, wasn’t it?

She twisted her diminutive head to one side and then tried the other side. A little more and there it was, her perfect vision had returned. Another small triumph to continue the rest of her day and what a beautiful day it would be.

Would she venture in the air, would she stretch her legs? Or would she opt to just rolling around in the hallways and passageways? Seeing where she would end up? Her only concern was that she’d had to have enough energy to return to her docking station and reload her energy for the next day.

Her small head turned and looked behind her as something twisted inside her round shaped body. A silver colored wing appeared. She wiggled a bit and with a faint pop, her other wing surfaced. She twisted her small body, and her wings vibrated, lifting her up in the air.

She had a whole station at her disposal to venture out. After leaving her sleeping place, she quickly approached the first junction. So many options opened in front of her: left, right, straight ahead, or if she took that vent on the left side, she could go up and down.

Super thin silver wings fluttered, and she disappeared through one of the tiny holes in the vent. A dimly lit tube accepted her, and she continued her way. One tube in, one tube out, flying from deck to deck, seeing that everything on the station was currently in order. Or that’s what she made herself believe.

She eyed the next vent to disappear into, when her tiny body made a circling motion and her wings vibrated, keeping her steady in one place. The station received new occupants! Three giants stood in the hallway in front of her and one of them was a blue supergiant! Mesmerized, she stared at those two blue twiggy stalks on the head of the giant. Because of those, she named them the twig people. Not that she needed it, but it made the blue giant even more giant and impressive.

From a distance, she eyed their actions. Did they mean a treat to the station? She was confident they wouldn’t spot her, she was way too small for that. Only a handful of people on the Depot knew about her existence. First, she tried to contact the station’s master mind. Her grey eyes rolled away as a faint shiver shocked her tiny body. Since the big event a couple of days ago, she could no longer connect with the master mind. But that didn’t stop her as she tried every day, while doing her routine business. One of these hours, her adventure would allow her to find the station’s boss with the pointy ears.

For now, she observed the tree huge giants playing with a hatch in the wall. Her body shifted from one side of the hallway to the next. This didn’t bode well. Didn’t the giants pick up the signs? Something was changing in the atmosphere. And there it was. She braced herself as the air pressure pushed her a few meters backwards.

The tallest, also known as the twig giant, slammed against the wall behind her after pushing the two other giants out in the corridor. One of them couldn’t make up his mind, as he dropped to the floor, got up, went down again and finally kept on his feet once helped by the blond giant. Those breathing giants were weird.

Though the giants were not her biggest concern. There was a fire on the station! She needed to warn the master mind. Yet her eye twitched as she made another attempt to connect to the safety system, but she failed. The communication grid became unresponsive these last hours. What was she to do? The fire was not allowed to spread! Then she caught the words of the blond giant, something about the automatic fire extinguishing system. The threesome were on it as they moved further through the corridor away from her.

With a relief, she somersaulted in the air. These three giants would succeed, she knew it. With a confident buzz, she turned around, away from the threesome, and disappeared into another vent on her way to her next adventure.

Simmed by:
Executive Officer
USS Gorkon



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