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Crewman Annamae Barberra - Teppinyaki

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@Wil Ukinix playing Annamae Barberra truly is a treasure and I'm thrilled she's a visiting character. I wanted to put a quote in the Ronin appreciations quote, because it's entirely possible I've fallen a little bit in love with the existence of this character in general, but then I just kept finding more quotes that were good in this one and decided it was best I just share the whole thing 😂



((Outside The 47’s entrance, Deck 4, USS Ronin))


PA System: // Eeee-very-body, have fun too-night!... //


oO What *is* that? Oo


The thumping bass of the ancient sounding song, plus the joyous chatter from the people inside whatever it was that Annamae was standing outside of, made her furrow her eyebrows.


She was on part of the “Catamaran” which sounded fancy. She wondered for a moment which chardonnay sipping, ship designing ass clown in San Fransisco had decided to be so posh as to even think to include something like that on a Starship.


“Oh, yes, tell Admiral Marvin, I’ve included a catamaran in the latest ship design of this Akira class, in honour of that day in Snobs Harbour when we drank a bottle of Moet Chandon and feasted on utaberries ::snort::,” she could imagine the posh ship designer with an English royal’s accent saying.


Regardless, there was a party going on inside, and while most social gatherings were normally lame to her, there was part of her that had to inspect what was going on.


Still in her blue uniform, the inner curiosity inside Crewman Barberra made her walk inside...



((The 47’s, Deck 4 Catamaran , USS Ronin))


PA System: // Eeee-very-body, Wang-Chung too-night!... //


There was a conga line oO Hmm... Oo. There were drunk people. oO OK, that’s not so lame. Oo The place was a huge lounge, and from what she understood it was three decks high. The whole place had a Japanese feel to it, with low tables and fancy polished wood. There were private rooms off to the side for people to gather if they needed it.


Oh, and then there was a massive pagoda in the centre. oO OK, now I’m interested. Oo


Rox: ::to the woman in front of her::  Hey I'm Rox, come her often?


She snapped her head to see a woman in the conga line getting closer to her.

Barberra: Not in the last several hundred years, or any past lives before that, at least that I can remember. But I have a question for you.


k’Oar-€l/Any: Response


Barberra: Actually two. What is a “wang chung”, and have I stepped through some sort of weird top-secret Starfleet transwrap transporter contraption device and ended up somewhere else in the galaxy.


Rox/k’Oar-€l/Any: Response


Barberra: ::Offering hand:: I’m Crewman Annamae Barberra, Science and tight rope walking Specialist. On temporary transfer to the Ronin.


Rox/k’Oar-€l/Any: Response


Annamae looked to an area on the side where there was a teppanyaki chef in front of a large hot plate, performing juggling tricks with several eggs, much to the delight of the people sitting at the table.


Barberra: Ok third question. Where do they serve the saki? ::Lifting finger:: I only want the good stuff.


Rox/k’Oar-€l/Any: Response









Crewman Second Class Annamae Barberra
Science Specialist
USS Ronin (Temporary Secondment)



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