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Ensign Daniel McGillian Jr: Old Habits

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((Soldotna, 21st Floor, Mac's Quarters))
Mac sat in one of the few chairs his living room currently held. He had been alternating an ice pack on and off his left forearm for the last thirty minutes. He'd stopped by the Clinic before heading back to his room, and one of the nurses had verified Mac's assumption that he'd overdone it in his workout, but they treated his arm and assured him he should be fine in a day or two.
McGillian: Computer, begin personal log. Personal Log, Daniel McGillian Jr, Stardate 240104.16, I'm not sure where to start really. I thought I had started out on the right foot here, but clearly some old habits die hard.
Mac was referring to his habit of trying to handle stressful situations on his own, and his lifelong struggle with connecting to people.
McGillian: Instead of just easing into my new position, I managed to make myself look like a fool in front of the Commodore. ::sigh:: Atleast Falt thought I showed initiative.
Mac did some of the deep breathing and grounding techniques that Tristana Yodel, the Counselor aboard the Alamo had taught him during their many sessions throughout his teenage rage years as he had come to call them.
McGillian: If im being honest with myself here, I'm disappointed at being grounded instead of on a starship out exploring, and it kind of puts me on edge. Counselor Yodel would say ::imitates Yodel:: Daniel, you are allowing your fears of the unfamiliar to limit your ability to connect with your surroundings and your peers. ::sighs:: Pretty sure she'd be right too. I practically ran out of the awards at the first opportunity.
Mac's thoughts swam. He'd been so focused on safety he'd fallen short on a key factor of security, your crew mates. He'd always wondered if it was his experiences or his Rodulan heritage that seemed to make it harder for him to connect with people. Maybe it was both.
McGillian: Not everything has been bad, I had a good talk with Alex, Commander DeVeau was nice. ::wide eyed:: I should have seen if she needed anything after the awards. I never answered Lt. Xiron's question either.
Mac stood up and started pacing. He felt bad for rushing out at the end of the awards ceremony, and although the Commander was certainly a capable woman, Mac just wanted to help. He had read about her loss when going through reverification paperwork, and postponed Deveau's until after the child birth. No one needed security clearance stress when dealing with everything she had going on. 
McGillian: I will check in with the Commander soon, I wouldn't want to disturb her now. ::loudly sighing:: I suppose I should probably make an appointment with the station's Counselor, maybe. I should check in with the new Chief of Security, Lt. Cmdr. Kendrick, first thing tomorrow. Computer, end log. 
Mac stretched his arm and stopped pacing at the front door. He turned to face his living room, and brought his hand to his chin while his brow furrowed.
McGillian: Definitely need more furniture.
Ensign Daniel McGillian Jr.
Security Officer
Denali Station
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