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PNPC Crewman Jozial Renirs – Can we talk about me for a change?

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What can I say, except: I love Renirs SO DANG MUCH. @Jovenan truly has made the best PNPC in the fleet. Reading her torment my jellyfish is an absolute delight.


((Rakantha Province, Bajor))


Renirs: Ugh, how do you even use this? I get stuff in, but nothing happens.

Jozial shook the tricorder in her hands, hoping that perhaps the use of force would intimidate the device to operate obediently. Normally, she wouldn’t have cared; broken science equipment didn’t fall under her jurisdiction. However, in this occasion she formed alone a significant portion of the team, and the Chief Science Cheerleader looked like a person who would turn the exercise into a friendly camping trip until they were finished, and Jozial couldn’t take a single campfire song today.

Gnai: Hand it over. Please.

Without hesitation, Jozial gave away her tricorder to the closest nerd. She looked over its, um, shoulder as it tinkered with the settings. If it turned out there was something wrong in there, it must have been there when she got the device. She for certain didn’t change anything important.

While the smelly jelly worked with Jozial’s tricorder, she turned to look at it. It must have had eyes somewhere in there since it was looking at the device, yet Jozial wasn’t quite sure what counted as eyes. Or did it use echolocation?

Renirs: So, who did you have to kill to get sent here with me?

It stopped for a moment.

Gnai: Unclear... This ::it gestures to itself with the hand holding her tricorder:: has only just joined the Artemis.

What’s up with the hand gesture? Is it trying to show off its body? Sure, it had nice round shapes all around it, though there was more to be wished on the legs. Jozial wasn’t sure if it liked the idea of being hit on by a jelly. Besides, she was already seeing someone… erh, kinda, it was complicated, and she really didn’t want to talk about it. Either way, she wasn’t looking for a relationship right now, no matter how cool mecha suit they had.

Renirs: Well, this ::mimics the gesture mockingly:: knows what freaky stuff goes on in the Academy, so don’t try hiding it.

It didn’t respond, but focused on the device instead, measuring something in the river with Jozial’s tricorder. She wasn’t sure if it was doing her work for her, or if it was trying to sabotage her by sending in false measurements in her name. That sneaky little…

It handed the tricorder back to her.

Or maybe it was trying to help. Eh. You never knew with officers.

Gnai: This should work now. You shouldn't hit it in the future. Look, you had turned off the analysis functions. ::showing her the settings to turn it back on again::

Jozial looked around the outer edges of the device returned to her before resuming the scan again. This time the numbers received by the tricorder also turned to other numbers that were continuously stored and compared to other numbers and send to the Miss “Nothing’s better for making friends than my work, so you should be doing that too!”, as to Jozial understanding it should have. Not that she actually understood, cared about, or even read the figures running across the screen.

Renirs: Me? Not possible, I didn’t even touch that. I just made it scan faster.

Gnai: Please don't take this the wrong way... ::pause:: Are you like this on purpose? You seem to take delight in... alternate methods of doing things.

Jozial turned her head in a quick, sharp movement towards the aquatic aficionado. “The wrong way”? How could you even take that in more than one way? It was for some reason being wary and overtly polite asking, when it really meant something else. Typical officer behaviour, being shy to ask for advice and mentoring. Well, to its luck, Jozial was quite eager to talk about her favourite subject, herself, for as long as doing so saved her from having to listen to anyone else’s jabbering.

Renirs: Of course! Being predictable and following the standards is what gets you. I had to learn that in my old home, on M’talas Prime. Horrible place. I and my friends there ran this charity work there during school hours, helping poor local kids avoid arbitrary detention by the corrupt police. If I did things the same way twice, I would have been kidnapped by Ferengi humanoid traffickers. Ever fought against Ferengi humanoid traffickers in your teen years?

Jozial moved her arms wildly as she spoke. The tricorder was moving from side to side, but she didn’t really care about it. She had seen officers just wave one in the air and detect miniscule particle stuff across several rooms in the other direction. Surely it could tell the difference between the sky and the river, even if she didn’t point it down.

Gnai: Response

Renirs: Thought so. Those petty losers didn’t see what stroke them in the ears! You know, maybe I could teach you. Yeah, you and your soft-hand academia colleagues could do with some new ways to think things. Insight and stuff!

Gnai: Response

Jozial stopped waving her hands around and looked down at her tricorder again. Apparently, there was a reason the jelly had been keeping its tricorder roughly towards the water the entire time. Her screen was full of seemingly unrelated figures from around the area. She scrolled the results in different modes, hoping she could still salvage some of her work so that they could go back to the Cardi Station eventually.

She did find something else, though. She looked ahead towards the slowly sloping hill ahead of them and pointed it out to her study partner.

Renirs: Like, if you never raise your eyes from the ground, you’d never notice that there’s an old, hidden entrance to a cave at the bottom of that hill. Wanna go investigate?

Gnai: Response




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