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PNPC Acting Ensign k’Oar-€l - Sleeping Booby and the SeaLife of the Party

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Help, I need an adult! An adultier adult! 💀💀 @Ian OConnor has slain me with this. 


((OOC: Absolutely gonna wake up Rox!))

((The 47’s, Deck 4 Catamaran , USS Ronin))


k’Oar-€l felt like a human out of air at these events, however he was obligated to be here as representation of his world. The Antedian Science Aquarium made that perfectly clear through the exchange officer training. Truly though, he didn’t mind as he was very curious about other cultures including their coupling practices.

One of the favorite things he’d discovered during his recent scientific research about the recreation practices of some of the more prominent Federation cultures was something called a margarita. He found the taste of the drink itself awful, but he pleasantly discovered that it was customary put salt around the rim of the glass. He’d tried a number of human drinks since then and began to always request them salted as it made them much more palatable.

He was currently trying a colorful concoction called a “fortification on the shoreline” or something like that. It was decent but he was unsure what to do with the little paper umbrella.

After walking around the outside edge of the lounge and sampling a few more drinks, k’Oar-€l something stunning caught his eyes. The aquamarine color reminded him of some of the tidal pools he’d vacationed at as a fry.

It was then that he realized the color was on a garment that belonged to someone slumped over a table. Next to the figure was a toppled glass with a small stream of liquid running across the table and onto the floor.

k’Oar-€l approached quickly, worried that the person was in distress. He was alarmed to see that it was someone he knew as he’d only still interacted with a limited amount of the crew.

He reached out and tapped her on the shoulder.

k’Oar-€l: Nursing Rocks. May this one be assisting you?

There was no response at first so he brushed back her hair to instinctively check if her gills were still flapping. Remembering she didn’t have any he tapped her again more urgently.

k’Oar-€l: Nursing Rocks. This one is concerning for you? Do you be needing resuscitation?

k’Oar-€l tried hard to remember the human first aid he’d learned in training but it all jumbled in the moment. He began bringing his fishy lips toward her mouth.

Rox sat up abruptly and while not quite popping out the top of her dress, she was probably showing more than she realized.

Rox: Response

k’Oar-€l: ::stammering:: A-a-apologizing. This one thought Nursing Rox might not be breathing. This one was only trying to medical you aid. S-s-sorry, please do not hurting this one.

Rox: Response

As he lowered his head with embarrassment, k’Oar-€l’s eye line dropped.

k’Oar-€l: Ohh, my! :: Awkwardly tries to avert eyes (but that’s difficult with one on each side of head):: Nursing Rocks, This one believes your wardrobe is malfunctioning. Nursing Rox’s mammal feeders are bulging up.

Rox: Response

k’Oar-€l: Then this one believes the customary thing to do is to request that this one air swim with Nursing Rox.

Rox: Response

k’Oar-€l: This one is sorrowed that he has offensive-ized Nursing Rox and must atone immediately. This one is wishing to perform for you the swim of apology and make the things righter. ::he pauses:: Please.

Rox: Response

k’Oar-€l: Then let’s be busting our moves.

k’Oar-€l grabbed Rox by the hand and lead her to the nearest dance floor. The Antedian seemed a bit awkward at first but after a few songs he loosened up and was doing “the worm” in the middle of a circle that was cheering him on.




((OOC: I can so picture k’Oar-€l in a little plastic construction helmet when they start playing YMCA…And while the worm works for above, I’ve got to believe his favorite moves would be the snorkel or the sprinkler.))



Acting Ensign k’Oar-€l

Exchange Program Science Officer

USS Ronin NCC-34523




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