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Lt Vylaa zh'Tisav: Bada Boom. Big Bada Boom

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The Gorkon away teams are currently navigating a secretive station laced with hidden traps here there and everywhere, and in this really fun sim from Vylaa we get to see some of that action in a whole load of cool descriptions and dialogue 👏

Lt Vylaa zh'Tisav: Bada Boom. Big Bada Boom (google.com)

((Maintenance Corridor, Facility 39))

The trio had rounded a slight bend in the corridor into a small chamber.  It was a standard equipment space; a concentration of machinery and access points to make maintenance and repairs easier.  One wall was interrupted by a closed doorway, the connection to a main corridor that paralleled the one they had been using.

zh’Tisav: The processor should be behind one of these main panels.

She was shining her light over the wall panels, examining each label to locate her target.

Bowers: I see. Well let’s get to it. I wish we could find a way to turn on some lights though.

Stoyer: I can try and see if I can get the lights on.

The zhen found the processor, and put her tricorder through it’s paces, carefully searching for any sign of danger, briefly wondering if this mission would affect her ability to travel the tubes on the Gorkon without paranoia.  She already suffered from some claustrophobia in the cramped Jefferies Tubes, she didn’t need more issues.

zh”tisav: Well, I don’t detect anything. ::She looked up.  At some point you just have to proceed and hope for the best.

Bowers: Agreed. Leap of faiths are my forte.

Stoyer: Well, if it feels wrong, step back.

The tall blue woman grasped the edges of the panel, and with a silent prayer to multiple Andorian gods, pulled it from it’s frame.  She stepped to the side, holding the panel up like a shield.

After several moments pause, it seemed clear they were in no immediate danger, at least no more than the average daily danger of being a Gorkon crew.  Vylaa suddenly realized she was holding her breath, and let it out with relief.

zh’Tisav: That’s what I like to see, absolutely nothing happening.  Just your standard, generic subprocessor.

Bowers: Let’s hope.

Stoyer: I want to say they could not be everywhere.  But that could be wishful thinking,

Bowers: We should send a note to the Gorkon about what we had found so far and then I think we should try to get this computer up and running as it should already be. What do you guys think?

Stoyer:  Yeah, I think we should pass on what we learned to the skipper and others.  May help them as they move around the station.

zh’Tisav: Yes, send back what we know.  It probably wouldn’t hurt to link our tricorders back to the ship.

Bowers: Lieutenant ::he aims his question at Cory:: Do you think you could get this up and running?

Stoyer:  I can try.  Curious myself why the lights are off.

zh’Tisav: If you can get the lights up, do it, but it’s low priority, especially in the maintenance spaces.  Low light doesn’t hinder me. ::She holds up her flashlight.::  This was mostly for you guys...

Bowers: I will stand here and look pretty ::he chuckles:: I’m kidding! I will make sure we don’t get ambushed. If you need me, hollar, i’ll be right over there training my gaze right onto the corridor where we came from.

Stoyer:  Ok.

zh’Tisav: It shouldn’t be hard to hear anyone coming.  ::Her antennae twitched.::  Not with all of those ball bearings all over the floor.

Cory went over to a console to work on the lighting problem while Vylaa worked on the subprocessor.  It seemed as if the damage here was less catastrophic.  Yes, the same worms and data bombs had hit it, but had not reached the protected cache.  The zhen could use that, wiping the subprocessor and reloading from the protected memory.

Stoyer:  Well, power is flowing to the compartment.  But no lights.  By design or accident?

zh'Tisav:  At this point, anything is possible.

Bowers: response

Stoyer:  Lieutenant zh'Tisav, the popped circuit is behind that console.  ::Cory pointed to where it was one console over.::  Could be by design or…

The zhen was already scanning the console and the space behind.  It seemed clear.  At least, she detected no explosives or explosive precursors.  

zh'Tisav: Okay, we can get to the breaker through this access pnel.  ::A long blue index finger traced the small panel.:: Nothing looks like a trap, yet.  ::She grasped the sides of the panel.::  Get used to holding your breathes a lot today.

She opened the small compartment.

Bowers: response

They were safe, again; the small space filled with breakers and one plasma conduit remained as it was, and probably had been since the station was built.  Vylaa didn’t know if she could handle this kind of stress.  Andorians had a strong fight or flight response, meaning they had high resistances to the floods of adrenaline that coursed through their blood in dangerous situations, but even they had limits.  It was not unheard of for an Andorian to drop dead from “stress poisoning.”

zh’Tisav: The breakers are definitely open.  ::The small indicators were all red.::  We can try resetting them first.  If they immediatley trip, then it’s a fault in the circuit.  Otherwise…

She clamped her hands to her temples and winced in pain.  Her ears and antennae were being assailed by high frequency sound waves, almost beyond the Andorians hearing range.

Bowers / Stoyer: response

zh’Tisav: You don’t hear that?  Ugh, it’s coming from in there.

Try as she might, she couldn’t spot the cause, yet it was definitely coming from the compartment.  And it was getting louder.

zh’Tisav: I just don’t…

And then she saw it.  The sound was coming from the plasma conduit itself, which was vibrating beyond it’s structural rating.  She searched frantically for whatever was overloading the conduit, but to no avail.  Next she looked for a cutoff valve, but she was looking at a trunk line and the nearest valve wasn’t on this deck.

Probably why the saboteur had chosen this compartment.

What a jerk...

zh’Tisav: Oh, damn!  That things gonna go!  Move!

Bowers / Stoyer: response

The tall Andorian was shoving them toward the hatch to the main corridor.  The machinery space would contain any explosion by design.  Which would be small comfort to the trio if they were caught inside.

The hatch popped when she slammed a palm on the control and waved James through, then shoved Cory out.  Her right foot had just crossed the threshold when the plasma conduit reached its failure point.  The concussive wave lifted the Andorian and flung her into the opposite wall, where she crumpled to the deck.  She groaned as she hit the deck, her antennae wobbling drunkenly.  She lifted her head a few inches, peering back at the doorway, which now framed a bright orange-red flame.

zh’Tisav: Solved the lighting problem…

And she laid her head back on the deck.

Bowers / Stoyer: response
Lt Vylaa zh'Tisav
Chief of Engineering
USS Gorkon


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