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Ensign Daniel McGillian - Security Officer's Log

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(( Denali Station, Soldotna, 21st Floor, Mac's Quarters ))

McGillian: Security Officer's Log, Stardate 240104.06, I have begun my duties at Denali Station and have already come across some things that I am concerned about.

Mac paced across the floor in his new room. It was spacious, much more spacious than what he'd had on board the Forrester, the Alamo, or the Academy. He found it both refreshing and a bit anxiety inducing, he'd have to get some extra furniture or something to make the space not quite as open.

McGillian: There are numerous personnel due for security clearance verification, security seems mostly preoccupied with the protection of the administration center, and the Commodore does not have an armed escort when leaving the administration center. Computer Pause.

Mac brought his hands up to his face as he stopped pacing. He rubbed his hands up and down his face and then took a deep breath.

McGillian: Computer, resume log. ::continues pacing with hands behind back:: I've submitted the list of personnel requiring security clearance reverification to Lt. Cmdr. Falt, I should be able to begin interviews tomorrow morning. 

Mac paused for a moment, he knew to some extent his recommendations would likely cause some disgruntled attitudes, but he had watched his father endure similar and worse things when upholding security regulations.

McGillian: ::clears throat:: In addition, I've delved into the security records and discovered that the Commodore does not maintain a security escort when leaving the administrative area of Denali Station. Given the recent events that occured before my arrival, and the general threats possible when moving outside of the secured administrative area, I have made Lt. Cmdr. Falt aware of my intent to bring my recommendation directly to the CO for her safety.

Mac stopped pacing and placed his hands on the back of one of the tall chairs sat at the kitchen bar and slightly leaned down. His quarters came with a full sized kitchen. Not that he knew much about cooking to fully make use of it. 

McGillian: I hope that the Commodore will take the gravity of this seriously. Finally I have submitted recommendations to Lt. Cmdr. Falt to establish a Federation Security Outpost within the city. Given the large population, that seems to be growing daily, there needs to be an established lawful Federation presence within the city that can handle matters on the civilian side. End Log.

Mac took a deep breath and turned around from the chair to face the main living room.

McGillian: ::places hand on chin:: Definitely need more furniture.

Ensign Daniel McGillian Jr.
Security Officer
Denali Station

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