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Captain Addison MacKenzie - Trauma

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55 minutes ago, Gila Sadar said:

Despite having the wiki to prove it, to newer Simmers such as me, it can be quite difficult to imagine just how long a history the fleet has, not to mention some of the wonderful writers that I now tell stories with on the USS Artemis. Similarly - like many Ensigns and Lieutenants on the installations we know and love from the Trek stories - the concept of a time where our Captains weren't the awe-inspiring and strong-willed people they are today is equally alien. @Addison MacKenzie's latest Sim definitely encapsulates that feeling of a storied background, both of an experienced writer who's dedicated YEARS of his life to writing amazing stories on various vessels, AND of a Captain who's seen so much, and is now trying her best to steer her crew through the many horrors their writers can come up with.

An excellent Sim - as always - Captain, and thank you for the close-to-1-year of service you and your staff has shepherded me through 🫡 Couldn't have wished for a better starting vessel!

Jeeze you torture someone in a cave one time and you never hear the end of it ;)   Great sim @Addison MacKenzie - reminds me of simpler days gone by.  

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And i want to remind @Addison MacKenziethat she didn't allow alieth to erase the romulan-provided scars, since she is this stubborn! Illogical (miss you boss!)

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