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Lt Talia Ohnari ~ Went spelunking & came back with some flesh eating bacteria 0/10.

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((Chief Medical Officer's Office, USS Arrow))

Acting Chief Medical Officer Talia Ohnari was sitting at her desk face down. She had returned about an hour ago from the sonic shower, and besides an aggravating itch on her outer thigh, was no worse for wear after being temporarily kidnapped. Although now the thigh was burning. Rubbing her uniform clad leg against the coolness of the metal desk seemed to sooth it. So, there she sat, when the woosh of the door alerted her to another presence.

She should raise her head and be professional. But the chilled, but calm set of emotions told her it was Chief Ra. 

Ra: Lieutenant...are you alright?

For a moment, Talia attempted to see it from the Chief's perspective, eyeing your boss, face flat on the desk. Doesn't exactly scream stability. 

Ohnari: ::muffled:: Yep. I'm fine. 

That was certainly reassuring enough. 

Ra: Are you...sure?

Not even a little bit. 

Ohnari: ::muffled:: Yes I am sure.

Ra: I can't help but notice that you seem to be in some sort of distress.

Ohnari: ::muffled:: Nonsense, I am simply applying pressure to my sinuses and temples at the same time. ::both thumbs raised:: Efficiency.

Or, her face was still burning from the abject embarrassment of her last encounter with Nolen. In fact, she felt the burn of all over. Had she accidentally activated the heat lamp when she came in? A pang of melancholy hit her. She'd installed, poorly, the lamps in question to make Seesh more comfortable. She missed him. He was a good friend. Right now she felt like she could use a friend. 

Ra: Indeed. I'll have to try that sometime.

Ohanri: ::still muffled:: It's gonna be the latest in occupational therapy. I'll publish, and cite you. 

Talia felt the desk move, it seemed the Chief had joined her, she should sit up and ask about the woman's day, or at least get an update on any happenings while she was gone. However, she did not do that. She didn't even move. 

Ra: I will leave that to you I think. 

Right now, she could hear her mother's voice all the way from the family compound, scolding her for being incredibly rude. Wincing at her unintentional actions, she lifted her face and let out a pitiful sigh. 

Ra: So what happened?

What had happened was a lot of unexplored emotion came spewing out of her mouth in front of the one person who really didn't need to hear it. 

Ohnari: ::grumbling:: Turns out I don't make a great captive, I get all grouchy and....semi-violent. ::shrugging:: Who knew?

Ra: Response?

Finally, Talia sat up and leaned back in the chair, apparently she had been face first on that desk a smidge too long, the blood rushing back into its natural positioning was making her slightly woozy.

Ohnari: Touche. ::huffing:: And then freaking Nole-Uh...Lieutenant Hobart, gets all authoritative and commands to free us and let him stay as a hostage. ::growling slightly:: I mean yeah he was the team lead and all but seriously?? ::crossing her arms over her chest:: So I got all..."No you can't!" ::slamming her hand on the surface of the desk in agitation:: And then HE is all "No discussion" and then I was all "If you hurt him I will end you" during a ::slightly shouting:: First Contact situation???

Ra: Response?

Ohnari: Well...it's complicated. We're just friends. I think. But we have this weird, kind of flirting-but-not-really-serious prank thing, and now....well it was just way easier when I didn't think about it, and he didn't think about it, and we didn't hug for too long again and....

Looking up, Talia realized she was rambling. More than rambling, she was straight up word vomiting all over the poor innocent Chief Ra, who regularly looked like she only spoke with people because hand gestures took too long.

Ohnari: And...I've just completely info dumped on you...I am so incredibly sorry.

Ra: Response?

The flaming sensation seemed to increase. In fact, the cool of the table was no longer cool, in fact, her leg felt as if it was on fire. Pulling back from the desk, she slowly stood. In doing so, the arm of the chair brushed against her thigh. An agonizing groan erupted from her mouth.

Now, having just completely humiliated herself in front of her staff, she was making things three times as awkward as she automatically began pulling down her pants, and it was taking far more effort to get her fingers to respond to her commands than necessary.

Ohnari: ::slightly slurred:: Somethings off..::stumbling forward, still fiddling with her pants:: Burns...

Ra: Response?

In a moment, she had managed to lower her pants, but in doing so, tangled her legs and awkwardly flopped to the floor. Glancing at where the burn had been building, was a gash. Except it hadn't been there earlier, and around the edges it was darkening, with angry red threads spidering up her veins.

What she hadn't realized, and really how would she, is that the tip of the dart used to sedate them had broken off. What had been a simple pin prick of a wound, was now a hotbed of bacterial mayhem. In their haste to return to the Arrow, as well as the astonishing realization there were survivors below the dead planet's surface, Talia had opted for a sonic shower instead of the standard decontamination shower. The pressure seemed to have sealed the entry point, and further lodged the foreign dart tip further in. Busy in her wallowing, she'd mistaken her feverish symptoms for humiliation.

Ohnari: ::blinking slowly, she slurred out:: I have a hole in my thigh.....

It was then she promptly passed out, on the floor of her office, pants twisted around her legs, and in front of the Chief paramedic.

This would be a hell of a report later. 

I always appreciate it when we respect the fact that life doesn't have a reset button after the mission.

So here is @Talia Ohnari dealing with the after effects of getting hit by a sleeping dart in a wonderfully comedic way. But she's also struggling quite seriously with how some portions of the mission went for her. Loved all of this. Also looking forward to seeing how our somewhat taciturn paramedic responds! :)

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