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Falt & Kendrick : the godfather baby sitter

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I was waiting for @Tomas Falt 's reply to @John Kendrick 's request for Tomas to be his son godfather. From the first time I saw the two simming togheter I enjoy their playing.



indigenous peoples of Earth. I made it myself, and added modern bedding for good measure.




Tomas gave his friend a smile.


Falt: It’s basically a portable crib. Tough enough that Christopher can be safe in it outside whilst we’re putting the finishing your cabin.


Kendrick: Response.


Falt: Yes, we. Consider this me volunteering to help you build it. If you need a hand that is?


Kendrick: Response.


Tomas set the cradleboard down before reaching inside and pulling out two glass bottles.


Falt: ::smiling:: I came across an old Earth traditional called “wetting the babies head,” and I had a couple of bottles of Duvel left from the barbeque last year…


He passed one bottle to Kendrick, and opened the other for himself.

Falt: Apologies, they’re not very cold. ::raising the bottle:: To your family…


Kendrick: Response.




Lieutenant Commander Tomas Falt                            

Executive Officer                            

Denali Station   


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