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(( Paoike Colony - Crever IV))
Beside the small pool, Ba'el lay where she had fallen. The simple, locally made, compound that coated the darts, was intended to only induce some mild disorientation and discomfort in local fauna. The darts, based on size, and dosage, were sufficient to encourage animals to avoid the colony without causing them any permanent harm.
But Ba'el wasn't one of the local fauna. And her Klingon physiology reacted a bit differently to the compounds introduction to her system. It was nothing that would endanger her life, and she would recover in time. But for now, Ba'el was drawn into a very  vivid dream. And every so often, her prone form twitched. 
The first thing she noticed was that she was very warm. A soft crackling sound and the scent of burning wood forced Ba'el to open her eyes.  She found herself sitting on the ground in front of a small fire. She looked down at herself and was surprised to discover herself dressed as an initiate of the Followers of Kahless. Ba'el lifted her eyes to examine her surroundings. Though it was dark, she began to pick out enough details to know where she was.
oO I know this place! These are the caves just north of the monastery on Boreth! Oo
The last thing she recalled, was being part of an away team on Drever IV. So how did she come to be here?  Her thoughts were interrupted by a gruff voice. "So, you are awake at last."  Ba'el looked up to see a figure swathed in a heavy cloak walk from the darkness and into the chamber. She watched them approach until the figure stopped.The figure pulled back the deep hood of their cloak revealing themselves to be a Klingon male, who was a great deal older than her. At once, she knew who he was.
Ba'el: Brother W'mar? What is going on?
W'mar: Be silent!
The older Klingon settled to the ground, taking a seat across the fire from Ba'el.  She remembered brother W'mar from her time at the monastery.  He had been one of her tutors during her studies.  W'mar was a harsh teacher who had expected his students to do more than simply memorize the words and repeat them when required. His students were required to apply critical thinking to what they read and how the writings applied to the universe as it is now, and not when when they were written.  He conducted debates that were almost interrogations until he was satisfied that his students had a clearer understanding of the writings of Kahless.  He glared at Ba'el for a moment before speaking again.
W'mer: Ba'el, daughter of Laneth, of the house of Konjah.  We need to talk.


Ensign Ba'el
USS Constitution-B

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