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Arturo Maxwell at Tactical Painting a Unfriendly Picture for our Unwelcome Guests

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This was a definite share. Not only did @Arturo Maxwell paint a picture, he did it with Picasso like precision! My character began to build a scene and what he did with it was a beautiful glorious thing.



As the OEB turned nose-on to the other vessel, Max shunted a small portion of power from other areas of the shield coverage to the bow. It was a little trick he'd picked up aboard the Narendra, essentially initiating a false power surge through the required shield emitters.

At almost the same instant as Max aqcuired his weapons lock, the OEB's external lights flared on in a blinding glare that illuminated the tiny vessel facing them. A comparitavely enormous ship slowly turning to face, followed by a target warning and the glare of those lights in rapid succession had Max imagining the air on the other ships bridge becoming rather unpleasant very quickly.


Full SIM: https://groups.google.com/g/sb118-butler/c/vb5sHL50VkE

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