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Lieutenant JG T'Ama - Don't You Dare

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Here we have @TAma tying everything together for comedic gold. I love how @Quentin Beck and @Xiron helped bring this together. 


(( Latinum & Lace, Ferenginar ))

Beck: I could kiss you.

He paused and she stared at him, eyes slightly wider in a Vulcan microexpression of… shock? Alarm? She swallowed tightly and the moment broke when he then stuck a finger in Is'Kah's face.

Beck: That was rhetorical, not a statement of intention. Just to be clear.

She took the moment to look away from him, scanning the club as some very of what sounded like Rhinestone Cowboy started playing.

Xiron: A safe house makes the most sense if we can’t get back to Ronin.

Is’Kah: I feel like there is another option, but I can’t think of it.

A waiter appeared at their booth with Ghee’s order, but it wasn’t the normally scantily clad human boy but instead a fat Ferengi who was decidedly unsexy. The concealed phaser did nothing for him either.

Waiter: Mind if I join you?::he sneered.::

Beck: If I say yes, does that mean you'll walk away and leave us alone?

Is’Kah: You don’t look Starfleet. ::she hiccupped::

He pushed his way into the booth and suddenly there was not enough space for them all. T’Ama protested her space being intruded upon.

T’Ama: Hey!

Waiter: Your friend is coming with me.

Xiron: You just ruined date night.

Is’Kah: ::She put her hands on the table while standing. Her voice was tinted with anger.:: Excuse me. What in the goran are you doing?

T’Ama remained silent, calculating the best way she could maneuver to drop him with a nerve pinch when Beck raised one of his hands from underneath the blanket.

Beck: Okay, okay, just– leave the ladies alone and I'll come with you.

He looked around the table at them with a pleading look which she interpreted as a request to not do anything.

Xiron:: Antennae followed the phaser in the Ferengi’s hand:: Your organization better not use the Andorian Merchant Marine because you have just become a blood enemy of my clan.

Is'Kah: He isn’t going… ::She noted Beck’s facial expression before sighing.:: Fine. Ladies, we’ll let Beck suffer the consequences of his flirtations. He probably has some princess he stiffed, and her father wants him for child support.

She glanced at Is’kah and back to Beck, right eyebrow raised.

T'Ama: ::skeptically:: Is that.. true?

Is’Kah was always saying weird crap like that and T’Ama was never sure which was an exaggeration or not. Possibly all of it. The Ferengi twitched and brought her focus back to the very real situation happening.

Beck: Whoa, whoa, you can get your finger off the trigger - I can tell it's itchy, but I'll come without a fuss. Just… like I said. Leave them alone.

Scowling, the waiter let his gaze flick to the women at the table before he flicked the nozzle of the phaser to indicate Quentin should step out.

Waiter: Make it snappy. You're worth a lot of latinum and I'm not getting any younger.

Quentin's hand slipped back beneath the blanket and he stood, leaning over the table as he scooted past Ghee. His gaze flicked briefly to meet T'Ama's, eyes sparkling, as the blanket swept over the plate on the table, and where there had been two hypos previously, now there was only one. She noted it, but remained silent and watchful, not wanting to draw attention.

Waiter: Hurry up! I've got to take you in before Bec departs for the race!

Beck: Did you say… Bec?

Is’Kah: Isn’t he in our brig?

T’Ama blinked, confused. She wasn’t entirely sure what the difference was between Beck and Bec - the names sounded nearly the same.

Waiter: Quit wasting time!

Beck: This is terrible!

Waiter: . . . huh?

Beck: They can't get my nose right!

She glanced at the screens. They did have multiple variations of the drawing with different noses. The mustache was spot on in all of them, though.

Xiron:: She smiled just a bit despite the situation:: Don’t worry Quentin we all do things in our youth we regret.

She almost missed it, glancing back just in time to see Quentin’s arm shoot out and him hypo the Ferengi in the neck and disarming him with the other hand. Is’Kah immediately wrenched it from him.

T’Ama: ::both eyebrows raised in surprise:: Impressive.

She gave Quentin the slightest of Vulcan smiles as she got up from the booth.

Is’Kah: ::Her voice was filled with venom, kicking him hard enough to leave a bruised rib.:: No one points a phaser at my Sh’za..

One of the exterior windows came crashing in, a small Ferengi commando rolling to a halt just inside. Is’Kah turned and fired the phaser towards him, barely missing and making a one meter hole in the wall. That thing had very much not been on stun.

Beck: . . . okay, that can't be good.

Quentin seemed to be focused on the ads and not even paying attention to the chocolate drunk half-Vulcan vaporizing holes in the building, and her Adorian bride was busy looting the Ferengi.

T’Ama: ::glaring at Is’Kah:: Put that thing down before you kill someone.

Three Starfleet officers walked into the club, a humanoid in yellow, a Vulcan that was being followed by a pug, and what looked like an Andorian with dark hair and Trill spots in blue. She wondered how that worked.

Xiron: Looks like the cavalry has arrived.

Is’Kah: I’m not going to hurt anyone who doesn’t deserve it, Sh’za. ::She sighed, letting Xiron take the weapon from her.:: Alright, fine.

T’Ama: You didn’t even check if it was on stun before obliterating a wall.

Xiron: response

Is’Kah: :: She waved at Carpenter while she entered before a loud hiccup escaped her lips. There was a slight slur to her speech:: Lo’ Kristy, how’s tricks?

Sovek/Falor/Kel/ Any: Response

The humanoid woman in yellow pointed severely at Beck.

Carpenter: You. Explain. Now.

T’Ama edged closer to get a look at her pip. Lieutenant Commander. Right.

Beck: Weeeeelllll, Luxa and I were taking a stroll in the market and the dress I was wearing started disintegrating–

Carpenter: No, not you being naked, you donkey. Why are people after you?!

Quentin rubbed the back of his neck.

Beck: I am… not a hundred percent sure, actually. I've maybe got an idea.

Is’Kah: Wait, he’s naked?

Quentin couldn't help but bark out a laugh at the clueless question, his eyes drifting shut as he shook his head slowly. Sighing, he looked at the hypo in his hand and started reprogramming it.

Is'Kah: By Aphrodite’s chest, where’s your date? Didn’t you have on a dress before?

T’Ama: ::exhaling in exasperating:: Is’Kahhhhh…

Xiron: Are we still in danger?

Kel: ::smiling at Xiron::  Probably.

Beck: Almost definitely. ::to Is'Kah:: Luxa fought off a trio of those grubs ::indicating the commando on the floor:: and sent me running this way to find you guys. The dress I was wearing started to tear apart at the seams and disintegrate because it was poorly replicated. Because someone futzed around with my replicator.

He shot her a dirty look. Then he pressed the hypo to her shoulder.

Beck: Your drunk ass should start sobering up now.

T’Ama: ::muttering:: Thank Surak for that.



Kirsty frowned deeply, crossing heavily over to the groaning Ferengi that still laid by the busted window. Reaching into his still intact pocket, she pulled out a few items. One was a bounty chit that was trilling wildly in the presence of Beck. She dropped it to the floor and crunched it under her boot with little ceremony. The second was a PADD. She turned back to them, looking frazzled.

Carpenter: Boy, y'all...really do up a shore leave, huh?

An elderly Ferengi came by with a broom and a bored look showing his lack of surprise at the damaged window. The music restarted and the sounds of Bolian synthpop blared into the room as the club moved on with the evening.

Just another day at Latinum and Lace, apparently.

Xiron: ::Looking slightly embarrassed:: It is Is’Kah and I’s bachelorette party.

Kel:  I had a bachelor party in 2265. Helluva night, shame about that shuttlecraft.  Dr. Beck seems to have embraced the spirit of the evening.

Is’Kah: That’s our Beck. It wouldn’t be a hen party if someone didn’t have to run for their lives.

Beck: ::grimacing:: Doctor Kel. It'd be better to see you under different circumstances, and potentially wearing more clothes.

T’Ama approached the three new officers and flashed a Starfleet comm badge she fished out of the pocket of her leather jacket.

T’Ama: Doctor Kel. ::nodding at Kirsty:: Lieutenant JG T’Ama, USS Constitution-B. Operations. I’m here for the wedding.

She looked Vulcan, and was acting and sounding fairly Vulcan, while not being dressed very Vulcan at all in her plaid pants, boots, and leather jacket and long loose wavy hair.

Carpenter: response

Kel: response

Sovek/Falor: response

Xiron: response

Is’Kah: Oh, Commander, we need to talk about ship security. ::She hooked a thumb to Xiron.:: She was able :: hiccup:: to come on without alerting anyone. We think there are hunters on the ship.

Kel:  At the risk of killing the party we may wish to split up. This many of us together is likely to draw unwanted attention.

Beck: If this is what I think it is, this is some petty-ass reaction to my being here. Hell, I'm not really the one Bec wants… but I'm a good way to get the attention he needs.

He looked from the wedding party to those wearing uniforms and nodded his agreement with Kel.

Beck: If you can get me back to the ship safely, I can get in contact with… ::frowning:: the wanted party.

T’Ama turned back to Commander Carpenter.

T’Ama: Commander. If we cannot beam back to the Ronin I can lead us to a safehouse in the city. Provided we could lose them.

She had no idea what the situation was like outside, but she agreed they were certainly still in danger. She would defer to the Commander on whether they would take her up on it.

Carpenter/Sovek/Falor/Kel/Xiron/Is'Kah: Response

Beck: Whatever you need to get me back. I just need some clothes and a working subspace transmitter.

T’Ama: The safehouse might well have both of those.

Carpenter/Sovek/Falor/Kel/Xiron/Is'Kah/Beck: Response

T’Ama: ::shrugging:: I’ve not actually been to it. It belongs to my family.

Carpenter/Sovek/Falor/Kel/Xiron/Is'Kah/Beck: Response


Lieutenant JG T’Ama

Operations Officer

USS Constitution-B



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