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(( The forests around Paoike Colony, Drever IV ))

It was silent here and peaceful. Mostly. In the ten years of the colony being in this place it had not happened often that nature and the colony invaded each other. But at times of course some wild creature got confused about the borders. Naturally. Animals did not know about this kind of stuff. So it happened here and there that one found its way into the fields, or even houses.

The forest did not know how it had happened but one day someone came and put things up. Things that kept the animals out of the colony. Mostly. These things had ropes and nets, metal cages, others were tubes that shot out pointy things that made the animals sleep. People words like perimeters and defence hung in the air of the forest. And the forest had seen it work many times. None of the creatures were harmed, only stopped. The forest liked that.

The people knew how to avoid these things. Even the little furless two leggers. If they came deeper into the forest they knew how to step around, or not go where the things were. The one that put the things out was really good at that, that one also was good with the animals. Knew how to carry them, how to get closer or when to leave them. He used a lot of person words even though he was alone, maybe he talked with the forest. Just that the forest did not speak people words.

When a new person came into the forest the forest did not recognize them. If the forest had been able to say people words, maybe it could have warned them. They were walking the wrong way right towards one of the tube things. Maybe the thing thought the person was an animal trying to get into the people place.

And then the person went down onto the ground. The forest did not speak people words so it could not warn them.

((OOC: Just for clarification, Ba'el ran into a defence perimeter meant to keep wild animals in the forest because she did not know where those 'traps' are and was alone without her team so nobody could carry her back out. ))

The forests around Paoike Colony, Drever IV

simmed by

Commodore Jalana Rajel
Commanding Officer
USS Constitution B
Image Team Co-Facilitator

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