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Lieutenant Talia Ohnari ~ Unboxing Starfleet officers (Parts 1 & 2)

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I posted a narrative paragraph from this sim by @Talia Ohnari in our quotes thread, and when I felt the urge to also post the very next narrative paragraph, I figured the whole sim should probably be highlighted. Enjoy!


((OOC ~ All thoughts and insults are strictly IC)) 

((Unknown Cavern, Emisa III))

Haliian acting Chief Medical Officer was over it. All of it. Listening to the dower, semi-doomsday vitriol spewing from the stoic, small statured leader called Senna. It reminded Talia strongly of the ancient Terran litiarty donkey named Eeyore her father was so fond of voicing during her bedtime ritual. It might be the lighting, or the reminets of the drug coursing through her system, but if she squinted, she could almost see it. Minus the color pallete. Still It wasn't helping. She was drugged, stripped, and shoved in a cramped, swinging cage, being monologued at. 

She was certain she was projecting, and if Nolen had the ability to pick up her thoughts telepathically, he learned a variety of new Haliian phrases one should not look up on a work console. Her glare softened when she finally realized the exposition had stopped, for now.  

Hobart: ::sternly:: I didn't hear an answer to my proposal.

She also didn't hear a single breath. She was actually a little impressed with the lung capacity of their diminished captor. 

Senna: I will speak with the War Captain and you will have an answer. ::turns:: Sullustis! Attend.

Watching as the two slipped out of sight, she turned her attention to her fellow swingers. Non-consenting swinging, the absolute worst kind. 

Hobart: ::whispered:: My cage is too sturdy. Can't break out. Ensign?

Zerva: ::whispers back:: I must admit for a people with limited technology, these cages are rather sturdy. However given time, I believe a small portion of one the corners here might be able to be broken off and fashioned into what humans in prisons call a shank. I have little desire to want to hurt these people, but they are desperate and ready to give up their lives and perhaps ours too. Even if I can break it off, it would barely be enough for me to get my fingers through at the most and it would take time to do so. Time we don’t have.

At that moment, Talia pictured them fashioning prison shanks from their cages. It shifted into a desired image to bash that little woman over the head, tie her up, and heal all of her minions and set them up with various first aid options that despite their proverbial spitting in the face of help, would see them through till they could call attention to their existence. Doctors had weird fantasy daydreams. 

Ohnari: ::quietly:: Time, that is certainly something we do not have. What are the chances they plan to bring us to death along with them...? 

Hobart: ::whispered:: If they decide to kill us, I doubt they'd bother letting us out first.

Zerva: ::whispered:: I believe if they wanted us dead already, we would be. The fact we are not, must count for something. 

They were both correct, the bitterness in her tone was directly in relation to her being forbidden from helping. 

Ohnari: ::quietly:: Unless they plan to be more dramatic about our execution than the stripping, drugging, and cage-swings already are. 

Hobart: ::whispered:: If they do let us out, and we can make a break for it, what happens when we get to the surface, Talia I don't care about how hurt or sick we’ll be. That can be healed when we get back. Can we survive the run to the shuttle?

That deflated her anger just a smidge. 

Zerva: ::whispered:: And would it affect each of us the same way? We are all not all of us human.

Ohnari: ::quietly:: We would have about seven minutes before complete organ failure, and that does not account for the almost instantaneous chemical burning of our soft tissues. So, no. It is not a remote possibility. 

Their hushed conversation was ended by the return of Senna and Sullustis.

Senna: There is a decision.

With her mood already subzero, Talia assumed this decision involved more sermons, possibly until the next rotation. 

Hobart: And?

Senna: At first, we considered the pink one’s threat to kill us all. It would be a blessing.

Talia's head fell forward, smashing her face awkwardly between the bars. It was the only thing that kept her from absolutely losing her mind. Covering her face with her hands on the outside of the bars, she prayed to any God listening for patience. 

Zerva: But? 

Ohnari: ::grumbling to herself:: Offers still good...

Senna: But then we also must appreciate our own words. We are already doomed here. If you can be elsewhere and live, then it should be so. You are all to be set free immediately.

And with that, all the rage and annoyance emptied out of the Haliian, along with the rest of her thoughts. Beyond a resounding "Huh???" 

Hobart: That’s it? After all this?

Ezra: What is the catch?

Talia slowly sat up, giving the woman a pointed look. 

Ohnari: You've given up. 

Senna: You’ve seen the Death Towers. You’ve seen the state of the people. If you are kind, if you have mercy, then have some for us. If you can get the Moon People to talk to us, to hear our pleas, then do so. If you wish to speak with us, you know where we are. We have a working wireless and we can communicate if you wish it. But we will not go with you to the Moon. 

So...they hadn't given up, they had in a terribly roundabout and wholly dramatic fashion, accepted their initial offer of aid. 

Hobart: We’re not allowed to advocate for you. Our laws prevent interference in your culture. If you and the Moon People are one and the same, we can’t dictate the course of your civilization. We can't make them stop. But I would give you my suit. Take it, go with them to the surface, meet our Captain. Speak to the Moon People yourself. My hands will be tied in a way that yours won’t. ::pause:: This is a chance to save your people, and I can't do it for you.

Damn Prime directive. Always getting in the way. 

Ezra: The Lieutenant is correct. Our Prime Directive forbids us to interfere in a prewarp society. However if you did take the suit as the Lieutenant stated, you could speak on behalf of your people.

They couldn't necessarily advocate, but they could inform. All they would be doing would be passing on the information. And, bringing into the light the plight of the caverns and her people. 

Ohnari: ::nodding:: We can escort you, inform our people of your peoples location, and you, yourself can relay your plight. 

Senna: We cannot leave the people. It’s a burden we bear. If you wish, and if it can be arranged, feel free to bring the Clan Leader of the Moon People down here. Let them witness what they have wrought and despair. I promise no harm to any who travel under your word. And if you forget that we even exist, then we are no worse off than if you never had come here in the first place. We will not even be angry. ::tail snaps:: Sahlonna, free them. 

That, felt more like a trap. Besides, if they ever escaped this cave, Talia was never stepping foot underground again. Even a basement in a dwelling would be pushing it. 

Senna: Your armor is being brought here. But your weapons are being placed further down the cave towards the entrance. We have a guide for you. ::snaps, and a scout comes from the shadows:: This one will lead you to your weapons and then out of the cave. ::beat:: I hope you are true. But if you are false, it is no bother. That is all I have to say.

Ezra: For what it’s worth, thank you for returning our things, and letting us live. 

Talia bit her tongue so hard she tasted copper. She glanced over at Ensign Zerva thoughtfully. When had she become so jaded? Was it before, or after the unconsenting swinging? 


Lieutenant Talia Ohnari, MD
Acting Chief Medical Officer 
USS Arrow


((Tunnels to the Death Tower))

After being freed from their cages, and the required amount of groan-inducing stretching, they had most of their belongings returned. Even though Talia swore she could still smell the beet roots clinging to her skin. Although that may have been just in her head. They each had been given a modicum of privacy, and she was the last to change, so she approached the team as Nolen was given Ensign Zerva instructions. 

Hobart: When we get to the mouth, I’ll grab the box and we’ll double-time back to the shuttle. You cover the tunnel entrance until we’re clear, then join us as quick as you can.

Ezra: ::nodding:: Understood Lieutenant. I promise you, this time I won’t fail us. :: gripping his phaser now in his right hand tight.::

This was it, they were soon going to be leaving. While the two discussed, Talia's attention was on the injured Emisians huddled around the nearest fire. 

Ohnari: And we're just to...leave them? To their deaths...? Even if they do seem to welcome it...

Hobart: If they don’t want to save themselves, we can’t do anything about it. Captain knows as well as I do that our hands are tied. 

Although she knew he was right, it still fractured a tiny piece of her heart that couldn't be repaired. 

Zerva: I know we tried and they made their choice and I’m aware of the Prime Directive, but didn’t we violate that when they captured us and took our things? These people will surely die. I don’t know how comfortable I feel about that. How many cultures have been lost because of it. ::sigh:: We know of their oral history. At least that’s something right? We could make a record of it. That way they can be remembered.

Ohnari: Our reports will reflect their history, as well as our experiences while being...hosted...

From behind them, the sound of the scattering of rocks was nearing cacophonous with the formation of the cave itself.  

Hobart: ::hissing:: Cover!

Quickly, they took cover. If somehow they had changed their minds and decided to cage them again, Talia was not going to go down without a fight. She may be unarmed, and as a physician, she was strictly anti-violence, but after being stripped, shot with a dart, and cramped in a swinging cage? She wasn't against throwing a few elbows. 

Zerva: Do you see them?

Honestly, she barely saw the back of Ensign Zerva's EV suit a few meters in front of her. They were reaching the cave mouth, therefore the bioluminescent fungi were sparse. 

Ohnari: ::hissing:: I will not be getting back in a cage. 

Gripping the handles of her much lighter emergency kit, she waited for whatever next horror show they were about to be starring in. Perhaps they caught on to why her kit was lighter. After it was returned to her, she emptied out every item that didn't directly violate the prime directive, and a few hushed instructions. The dermal regenerator and microsutures were still tucked safely in the kit. A few bandages, hastily fashioned splints and antibiotics were not present. She'd never be able to sleep had she not. 

Hobart: All clear. ::to Senna:: Change your mind?

At that moment, Talia felt completely envious of Nolen's optimism. She was absolutely astounded at the changing opinions 

Senna: My mind was changed for me. If you’ll have me, I will go with you to talk to the Captain. I know how long it is to your conveyance. I will not need any special garments or armor.

Talia's brows perked in surprise. 

Zerva: Are you sure? 

Hobart: It’s pretty bad out there, but if you think you can handle it… Doc, what do you think?

With her tricorder, she approached the clan leader with the most non-aggressive stance she could manage, previous annoyance abandoned. First, she scanned herself, to prove to both Senna, and her stoic bodyguard, it would cause no harm. 

Ohnari: ::brows still perked:: Your skin may be able to withstand the radiation, but I am afraid I will have to disagree that you will not need any assistance. I will have to insist upon you utilizing a rebreather, ::digging through her kid, she produced an emergency oxygen regulator:: This will allow you to breathe without damage. It wouldn't do to bring you with us only to have you succumb to the environmental contaminants before you are able to relay your story. ::glancing down at the device:: Unless that is what you have brought along? 

Senna: This is the Memory Ark. I mentioned it before. It contains the complete record of this world’s history. ::pauses:: I don’t think you will help us. But I am trying to deliver some hope to the people. And even if you take me from this place and forget about it and the Kurmishoi, at least I will have saved this. 

Zerva: I recall you mentioning the Memory Ark before.

Of course it wasn't something that would help keep her safe. It took extreme effort not to roll her eyes. Summoning every ounce of professionalism, she just nodded. 

Ohnari: Of course. And I assure you, the breathing device shall not interfere with your Ark.. 

Hobart: Well, there’s room in the shuttle, and as long as you promise this… Memory Ark thing isn’t going to explode in transit, it can come, too.

Senna: No… it is just an archive. Memories of the past. It is not a weapon.

Ohnari: Of course. 

Senna: We should go. The Rodonthi and the Arosathi Clans patrol this area. They are far less friendly than the Kurmishoi. If we are lucky, we will not see them.

If what they experienced could be considered "Friendly", Talia had zero desire to hang around and meet the other refugees and compare their versions of hospitality...

Zerva: Would you permit me to examine the Memory Ark Senna?

Ohnari: And if you permit me, I will fit the rebreather now, before we reach the mouth of the caves. ::glancing around:: everyone needs to secure their suits, ::eyeing Nolen's helmet on his belt:: Including you, Lieutenant. 

Earlier, her emotions had bubbled cover the tightly regulated container she kept them in, and she'd shown a bit too much of her feelings in regards to Nolen. In her defense, she was a doctor, and he was a member of her crew. Certainly, she would have been just as passionate towards the safety of Ensign Zerva too, right? She decided it was absolutely the same, and she wouldn't spend another moment considering the alternative. 

Hobart/Senna: Response? 

Zerva: I assure you no harm will come to the device.

Ohnari: ::ghost of a smirk:: And I can assure you no harm will come to you, with the use of this face mask. 

Hobart/Senna/Sullustis: Response?

After a tense moment, Talia was permitted to approach the clan leader, without a spear aimed at her face. She adjusted the oxygen circulating mask on Senna's face. The fit was good, but not great. She hadn't had a child-size with her, an oversight she would be correcting the second she returned to the Arrow. She could feel a deep sense of foreboding radiating off the sentry, his tail swish indicating his displeasure with her closeness to the leader. If she had been a devious, clever, and slightly immoral doctor, she would have knocked the clan leader out. Not in animosity, but just assurance this death-centric matriarch would rip the mask off the moment they stepped into the poisoned atmosphere. But, as Senna extended her strained trust to them, she endeavored she would do the same. 
Ohnari: If you feel any extreme discomfort in your limbs, I want you to tell me immediately. You may have the ability to withstand harsher conditions than myself, but without prior, extensive testing we have absolutely no time for, I still do not feel entirely comfortable with you on the surface without additional protections. ::deep breath:: But I will respect your wishes....until such a time I am unable. 
Hobart/Senna/Sullustis: Response?
It seemed the time had arrived, they were to exit the cave, grab what they'd assumed was the intel core of the Sheliak device, and make it back to the shuttle as swiftly as possible. She wondered just how many check-ins they had missed, the Arrow must be concerned. Hopefully, even with the atmospheric distortions, they could get a message to both the Captain, and the Arrow. Talia stepped back and turned towards Nolen, the absolute presentation of professionalism. 
Ohnari: By your leave, Lieutenant Hobart. 
Hobart/Senna/Sullustis: Response?
Lieutenant Talia Ohnari, MD
Acting Chief Medical Officer 
USS Arrow


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