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Ensign Torvi Ylvor - New Kid on the Mezzanine Part II

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Since transferring to Amity Outpost from the Gorkon, Ensign @Torvi Ylvor has been doing an excellent job establishing Torvi's presence on the Amity team while also exploring the feelings of instability and uncertainty she's experiencing as the newest member of the crew, still finding her footing. This sim, which picks up at the end of a Ribbons Ceremony not long before the start of our next Mission, was a particularly impressive exploration of past trauma, current uncertainties, and hope for the future that was worth appreciating in full. Heres the link: https://groups.google.com/g/sb118-amity/c/8DQnd67nkM0/m/lcSyZtKoBQAJ


((Wil Ukinix’s Apartment 12-56, Palais-Bourbon District, Habitat Ring))

Torvi had been at the periphery of the party since the announcements had died down, enjoying her second glass of Purple Haze and observing the ebbs and flows of conversation. She had slowly wandered around the apartment, more than happy to be in her own bubble for a bit. Truth be told she hadn't exactly been in a social mood, however couldn't put it down to anything in particular. Engaging in some light conversations in passing, and ending up enjoying the view over the balcony. Feeling a little strange to be drinking in uniform, she decided to get over that notion quickly, it wasn't as if she was sneaking off shift to have a snootful, like a previous host would do on occasion.

She wondered if those on the Gorkon were having a similar social event, to debrief on the mission they had just been on. Probably a more formal affair and to precede the briefing for the next mission, not the social mixer this had turned out to be. She admittedly was missing what she considered home at this point, which was an entirely appropriate feeling after being somewhere for a while. oO You never forget your first.. Oo A voice in her mind told her, who's she couldn't determine. Turning toward those inside the apartment, leaning on the rail of the balcony, she saw the others interacting and smiled. Those she had met were definitely characters, less worried about rank and position and more about getting the job done. Or at least that had been her experience, she would be honoured to know them all better. Perhaps going on a mission together would help to make her feel part of the team. 

Torvi admitted they had all been immensely welcoming when she had arrived and continued to do so, however it didn't dispel her feeling of not belonging. 

oO You'll get there kid Oo A voice said, this one she recognised as Cirila's. She looked to the contents of her glass to determine how much she had to drink, perhaps synthehol broke down some of the barriers between the previous hosts and her. As she caught sight of the reflection on the glass, it wasn't hers. Her eyes widened and she nearly dropped the glass, her knees felt weak, the spots on her ears going warm. The reflection was that of Commander Cirila Ylvor formerly of Deep Space 12, the last host of the Ylvor symbiote. Torvi placed the drink on the table outside and decided she needed to leave. 

She would make her apologies and exit, she needed to clear her head. As she was heading to the door, she realised Kaito was headed in her direction, a confident swagger in his step.

Moore: Hey there, Ylvor.

Ylvor: Hey Moore.

She felt shaky in her response, but didn't seem to get noticed. 

Moore: Hope you're having fun, but... ::He lowered his voice slightly.:: I'm hosting a small gathering at my place in about half an hour. Myself, Blackwood, and Vanlith will be there. We've got a cheesy action movie lined up, fresh sushi and other snacks, and our master mixologist will be mixing drinks. Want to come?

Ylvor: Thank you for the offer, but I think the beverage is messing with me, I think I might take a walk around the Peace Park. I'll catch up later, you guys have fun!

She placed a hand on his forearm and gave a small smile, before moving past him and out of the apartment.

((Peace Park - Sub-tropical Biome))

After a slow walk through the Cherry Blossoms, and the Betazed Gardens, Torvi found herself at the shore of the beach. Her boots and uniform jacket sat beside her and her uniform pants were rolled up to around her knees. Her feet rested in the water, as the gentle waves moved back and forth on the shoreline. Torvi was leant back on her arms, watching out over the water, the simulated moonlight flickering on the water as it moved slowly. A mostly still lake, which she supposed it was always like, was what she needed. The cool water around her ankles was soothing. She had contemplated a dip, however her lack of bathing suit or change of clothes complicated matters, she surely didn't want to trapse water and sand through the complex. Sitting still she took in the slightly cooler night air, trying her best not to remind herself that it was an artificial lake. The voice of Cirila returned.

Cirila: oO What's going on here Torvi? Oo

Torvi: oO You tell me, I am new to this remember. Oo

Cirila: oO This never happened to me. Oo

Torvi lay back on the sand, looking up at the 'night' sky above, seeing some of the gaps in the holographic screens, breaking the illusion.   

Torvi: oO Helpful Oo

Cirila: oO What does that mean? Oo 

Torvi: oO Why are you here Cirila? Oo

Cirila: oO I think the symbiosis commission could answer that, but I can't Oo

With her gaze looking right up, Cirila's responses sounded like she was laying in the sand beside her.

Torvi: oO What was in the wine? Oo

Cirila: oO I want to say I'm sorry. Oo

Torvi tilted her head resting in the sand, not knowing what for. Her symbiote moved around in her abdomen. 

Torvi: oO Why? Oo

Cirila: oO Taking your wings Oo

A wave of emotion washed over her, larger and more powerful than the ones lapping at her feet. Guilt and remorse, she felt the emotions on both sides of the conversation. Cirila's quick and unexpected passing flashing before her, the bulkheads of the Type-11 shuttle as clear in her mind's eye as anything. The feeling of relative safety as the shuttle had touched down in the cavernous bay of Deep Space 12's landing area. Looking to those officers that Cirila had commanded, her friends, and the prisoner they had brought back to face trial. All gone within an instant as a bright flash tore through her world, before blackness, before seeing through a new set of eyes. These images that had haunted Torvi as soon as she stepped foot into a training shuttle upon returning to the Academy. 

Tears were streaming down her cheeks, wetting the sand beneath her head. Torvi was absorbed by throes of anguish, more tears flowing. After a few minutes everything subsided, as if the wave had crashed and was now calming down, returning to still water. She took a breath, and with her hand reached out to where she thought Cirila's hand would be, finding only sand. She propped herself up onto her elbows and looked over, seeing the undisturbed sand beside her. 

Ylvor: It's alright, it's not your fault. ::A wave of acceptance flowed over her:: I forgive you Cirila. 


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