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[2005: JUN-JUL] Honour Bound

Daydan Taboo

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((Bajor - Dahkur Province – Town Square))

Looking down the line at his resistance cell Lah’rel felt a great sense

of pride and honour as he looked at his friends with a slight smile on

his face.. Tobin the scout, Meaco and Dunna the assault team, Anara

the medic and himself, the teams technician come sharp shooter..

They were about to be hailed as hero’s by their kinsfolk for their valour

during the occupation.. The Dahkur Province had been hit hard by the

invading Cardassians who were rounding up thousands of civilians

destined for the famous Galitep Labour camp… It became one of the

horrors of the occupation where Gul Darhe’el, the butcher of Galitep

murdered thousands and tried to kill the survivors during its liberation

by the Shakaar resistance cell of which Lah’rel's team were members…

For a moment everything was full of chatter the large crowed of well

wishers and locals cheered loudly as the Kai candidate for the Dahkur

province arrived to hand over the key to the city and to award them their

ribbons.. Lah’rel stood up tall and straight, he was not a particularly

large man but he was firm and strong and looked good in his Bajoran

Malitia uniform with his ear piece gently rocking as he looked around..

It was strange that he found himself here, Keely Lah’rel, the son of a

farmer who left home to be an apprentice carpenter, three years later

with his training over he wanted to return home and build houses and

furniture in the traditional styles of his people.. His step-father had

been behind him all the way and encouraged him to work hard for his

dream.. Instead the Cardassians came, they murdered, raped and

tortured his people, they destroyed the land turning it almost into ash ,

it took years of hard work with the ecological reclamators to make the

land fertile again, now Dahkur is the wealthiest agricultural region on


When the welcoming horns sounded Lah’rel and the others came

to attention, the crowds cheered loudly as the Kai warmly waved

to everyone and stopped from time to time to mingle with the on

lookers, Lah’rel could feel his stature rise with the sheer pride

and honour of the day. Finally the Kai stood before him and

looked up into his face, Lah’rel still looked straight ahead waiting

for the woman to speak first…

“Lieutenant, my I.”

Lah’rel looked down towards the woman who reached up her hand

part way to his ear, when he nodded to her she smiled and reached

out for him taking his ear between her fore finger and thumb, Lah’rel

gazed into the woman’s dark eyes, it was like looking up into a black

night sky but with a million stars sparkling deep with in.. She was a

middle aged woman with plump lips and an oval face but her hair and

eyes were raven black and her figure was strong, she looked like she

too had spent her life on the farms, life was tough there but good…

While the Kai held Lah’rels ear the crowd was silent, only the soft

echo of the horns could be heard bouncing off the buildings in the

town square..

“Where is you Pah my child, do you not honour the prophets for your

good fortune..”

Lah’rel shook his head and looked away from the woman lowering

his eyes.

“I have lost my faith in the prophets, since the occupation, perhaps

some day it will return.”

There were murmurs in the crowd as Lah’rel spoke those words,

the Kai smiled back at him and took his hand in hers, she stroked

it softly with a touch as smooth as silk, with the hands like a woman

half her age..

“Do not blame the evils that others do on the prophets, that is not

their fault, remember they did guide you to save many people, people

you love and people who love you…”

Lah’rel nodded politely and looked at his friends apologetically,

most Bajoran’s were extremely religious but they were very

understanding of those who had, “lost their way.” so to speak..

The Kai held his hands oddly, when he looked down at her she

had a big smile on her face, she kissed Lah’rel’s hand and turned

to the crowd and then back to him..

“This Bajoran is gifted my friends.” The Kai announced at the top

of her voice.. “His pah is in these strong soft hands of his, we have

a great artist with us.” Lah’rel looked at her, why did she say that,

could she really feel something in his hands.. “I’m just a carpenter.”

The Kai nodded and smiled at him as she walked down the line to

check the Pah of his team…

Suddenly Lah’rel jumped, it felt like a small charge of electricity

Just shot up his arm.. He closed his eyes for a moment..

((Flashback – Mahme Pass))

He suddenly found himself in the past, he knew the area well,

It was the rebellion at Mahme pass, one of the first ever successful

counter attacks against the Cardassians with only a hand full of men,

the cell was the blight of the cardassian occupation killing many Guls

and wounding and hampering many Cardassian warriors…

There was a crack of phaser fire, rocks burst open fracturing from the

Heat, Lah’rel was already down on the floor crawling through the dry

dusty ground to a new firing position.. He could hear one of the

Cardassians screaming and yelling at his men. Lah’rel took aim

and fired, pausing for a second to watch the shot hit home and

drop the Cardassian to the floor.. Lah’rel rolled over onto his back

and wriggled backwards through the undergrowth to a new position..

It did not take long for the Cardassians to reorganise themselves and

a new leader emerge. Again Lah’rel listened for the voices and their

new commander, he broke cover looking up just enough out of the

undergrowth, the figure doing the shouting was standing a short distance

away pointing and issuing commands looking at the body of the dead

Gul at his feet.. Around him Lah’rel could hear Meaco and Dunna

shouting at each other, Lah’rel smiled himself, they made it sound

like their small team was an army.. Alla had Tobin in her arms patching

up a wound, she looked frightened but she continued to work on the

teams scout even with phaser and blaster fire going off all around them..

Lah’rel took a breath again just breaking cover long enough to take aim

and drop the newly appointed commander. He heard the crack of bone

as super heated burst of energy entered the Cardassians skull, then the

thud and a groan as the body hit the floor. Lah’rel wasted no time crawling

to a new position as rocks and dirt were riddled with energy fire from

various weapons all around the area he just fired from, to late, the sharp

shooter was already gone looking for his next vantage point..

It took a long time for the next leader to step up to the plate, in the mean

time there was lots of sporadic poorly aimed fire amidst Meaco and Dunna’s

very convincing reorganisation and counter attack.. A young looking

Cardassian commander called for a withdraw, Lah’rel again got the leader

in his sights and watched as the Cardassians approached the crest of

the hill to disappear down the other side, Lah’rel lightly squeezed the trigger,

the Cardassian fell to his knees as a chunk of skull chipped away from his

dark head of hair, from his knees the young Cardassian warrior fell forwards

flat on his face motionless, the remaining Cardassians fled as fast as they

could run, no one wanting to take further command of the assault…


Suddenly there was a laud bang, Lah’rel looked forwards to see a very

surprised Kai looking straight back at him.. The Bajoran wrapped his arms

around her pulling her to the floor covering her body with his, the shocked

woman look wide eyed up into Lah’rels face..

Nervously laughing from a prone position Tobin looked up and smiled at

his friends..

“It was just a breaker overloading, look..!” Tobin pointed to the power grid..

A puff of black smoke rose from the breaker box that was used to power

the few electrical devices in the town, there must have been an overload

with all the extra lighting or something.. Lah’rel got up to his feet and lifted

the small woman by the waist back up onto hers and smiled.. The others

stood up also, at first there was a ripple of laughter but then cheers of

approval from the crowd

“My apologies First Minister Kai, a bad habit.”

The Kai smiled stroking Lah’rel’s face with the back of her hand and


“And soon enough that fear will no longer be second nature to you,

we must now embrace peace.. “ Pausing she turned to the small crowd..

“These men and this woman are our hero’s, they bring us great honour

and pride today, they are a symbol of our peoples courage, when you

look upon them walk proud and tall, what they did, they did for each

and everyone of you, honour them proudly, honour them like Bajorans..”

Amid the cheers and the music she turned to Lah’rel smiling.

”I need a good officer at my side young man, would you do me the

honour of serving your Kai?”

Lah’rel smiled snapping to attention.. “Yes first minister, I would be

honoured too.”

She looked back up at him and stepped back talking softly and smiling.

“If only I were ten years younger." She winked at him.

"Good, obedience and discipline, I like that in my men..”

The short dark haired woman turned and walked away, Lah’rel smiled

holding back his blushes, he looked around to see if anyone else over

heard, luckily they had not..

The proud Bajoran closed his eyes in a silent prayer to his fallen

comrades, warm sunlight hit his face and eyes as he looked up.

It was a beautiful day, a clear blue sky with a few wispy clouds

slowly drifting high over head, birds were singing and the trees

creaked gently in the soft breeze. It was a good day to be alive..

- To be continued -

Lt Keely Lah’rel

Ex Assitant Chief Engineer


"It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees."

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