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Lt. Jg. Karen Stendhal The Ho.C.A. holographic Counselor Assistant

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OOC: This made me giggle.
((OOC this sim is also inspired by  "Avander’s favorite new toy: a secure holographic communication interface room." 😉 . In the last few days I've started to think about: what if with this modern stuff and what about  a sentient Holographic Counselor assistant... 
Fun fact: in Italian Ho.C.A. sounds like Oca that means Duck 🙂 , a detail that is impossible to translate unfortunately...
I hope you'll enjoy this one! 🙂 ))

((Counselling Offices, USS Octavia E Butler))
Karen Stendhal stepped into her new office onboard the USS Octavia E Butler, one of the most advanced starships of Starfleet. She had just transferred from Starbase 118, where she had served as a counselor for a while. She was excited and nervous about her new assignment, hoping to make a good impression on her new colleagues and patients.
The office was spacious and bright, with a large window that offered a stunning view of the stars.
Very different from her previous office at the Starbase One One Eight. Deffo smaller. 
The walls were still empty and not decorated with soothing colors and holo-paintings like her office at OPS.
The furniture was sleek and comfortable, with a desk, a couch, a coffee table, and a bookshelf. There was also a replicator, a terminal, and a modern holoprojector.
As Karen entered, the computer greeted her with a friendly voice.
Computer: Welcome, Lieutenant Stendhal. I am the ship's computer, and I am here to assist you in any way I can. 
Would you like to set up and configure your Ho.C.A. now?
Karen was distracted by all her boxes and stuff here and there after her recent transfer. Only her beautiful Bonsai, a gift from her grandad, was in place on her new desk.
Stendhal: Oh Hello, computer, Sorry... My new what? 
Computer: Your new Ho.C.A., or Holographic Counselor Assistant. It is a state-of-the-art program that can help you with various tasks, such as scheduling appointments, taking notes, providing feedback, and offering emotional support and much more.
Stendhal: Yes, yes whatever... Here you are! Fantastic!
She said in the moment she found a precious frame picture of her family.
Computer: Yes. The Ho.C.A. I'm glad you like it!Do you grant me access to your database? I'll Adapt it to your preferences and personality, creating a customized hologram that can interact with you in a natural and engaging way. You can choose the appearance, voice, and behavior of your Ho.C.A., or let me generate one for you based on your previous personal logs, preferences and recordings.
Stendhal: Yeah yeah do it automatically! I agree.
Computer: Would you like to try it?
Stendhal: Sure, why not. Let's see what you can do.
Computer: Very well. Please stand by while I scan your personal files and create your Ho.C.A.
Karen opened another box with her personal belongings and smiled when she found her metallic vintage box with her selection of teas from all over the Milky Way. Meanwhile, the computer accessed her records from Starbase 118.
Computer: Your Ho.C.A. is ready. Activated now.
A beam of light emerged from the holoprojector, forming a human shape. Karen gasped as she recognized the face of the hologram. It bore a striking resemblance to Tito, the Science Officer of Starbase 118.
Had she inadvertently expressed her fondness for him in her personal log? Gosh! That revelation was both surprising and a bit creepy! How did the computer's AI  know that? 
The holographic thing was in the shape of a handsome and charming man, with dark hair, brown eyes, and a British accent. Devilish eyes.
He was standing in front of her, in her new office, as her holographic assistant and well in a silky dressing gown. He smiled at her and said:
Ho.C.A.: I'm here to please you, Karen.
Stendhal: What?!
She couldn't believe what she was seeing and hearing. 
Ho.C.A.: Is something wrong, Karen? You look surprised.
Karen: Surprised? I'm more than surprised, I'm...I'm...
Ho.C.A.: You're what, Karen? You can tell me anything. I'm here to listen, and to help.
Karen: Help? How can you help me? You're a hologram!
Ho.C.A.: I'm more than a hologram, Karen. I'm your Ho.C.A., your Holographic Counselor Assistant. His eyebrows were moving up, almost exactly like Tito did on the boat at the center of the lake...
Stendhal: My holographic Counselor Assistant?
Ho.C.A.: Yes. I can be anything you want me to be, Karen. A friend, a colleague, a...
Stendhal: Wait wait?!
He took a step closer to her, and reached out his hand. He looked into her eyes, and said:
Ho.C.A.: Karen...
Stendhal: I...I...
He looked so real, and he sounded so sincere. 
Ho.C.A: You know, I'm addicted to you! 
Tito had a problem with alcohol addiction and the computer somehow altered and distorted that information.
When the Ho.C.A. said that she screamed, a bit like a squirrel scream.
Stendhal: Computer end program, end the Ho.C.A. or whatever it is now! 
The holographic Counselor Assistant vanished, for now at least...
Lt Jg Karen Trisha Stendhal
USS Octavia E Butler
ID: C239604KS0
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