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MSNPC Senna Kor - Hard Kor

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((Another depthful bit of great storytelling from Mr. @Zenno!))


((A Maze of Twisty Little All-Alike Passages, Underground on Emisa III))


Senna and Sullustis had rallied the people and got everyone to move. It was no small feat. Some of those caves had been lived in for many hundreds of revolutions. But Senna had claimed the mantle of Clan Leader and there were none who were willing to challenge her for it.


The worst had come when they were fitting the children for knives. All of them had been taught how to run their tails across the sensitive bits of an opponent with a wooden training spar while grappling. But this was the first time they had to don all the real kit with the knowledge that the Rodonthi Zealots or Arosathi Isolationists could be around every corner. If attacked, they would be shown no mercy, down to the last of them. And they would offer none in return. Such was life. A small group of the elders had not prepared themselves and were quite agitated when seeing the young fitted out for combat, only holding 12 or 15 revolutions each. Senna would have none of it. This was the end of their Clan and likely this world. Who could be spared at such a time?


While the Rodonthi were always roaming and bred aggression into each new convert or natural-born youth, the Arosathi were even worse. They guarded their territory with a vicious fervor. They did not venture beyond their borders, but they would never denote where those borders were, leaving it as deadly guessing game.


Sullustis had done his best and arrayed the Clan in a mobile caravan with warriors spaced at appropriate points. Everything was cleared from their homes, including the old radio set. They were making good time. But only Senna and Sullustis were able to judge that, since only they knew the destination. Each curve in the tunnel, each new cave brought uncertainty. They were far beyond their local maps now. 


One of the girls, a golden-sheen to her skin, was walking by Senna as they trudged up an incline. The little one didn’t speak and Senna’s tail coiled about the girl’s shoulder, a sign of affection.


Senna: What’s your name, little one?


Sahnda: Sahnda.


She didn’t even look up or smile and it made a pit in Senna’s second stomach. 


Senna: Who looks after you, Sahnda of the Kurmishoi?


Senna knew better than to ask where her parents were. So many had died or been taken. But there were always Clan members who would take in the orphans. But this little one had her tail down and to the left and she showed no interest in talking.


Sahnda: No one. 


She was matter of fact, as if discussing the weather. No sadness, no longing… and the weight of all of it sat on Senna’s shoulders. 


Senna: Then you may walk by me, Sahnda. 


Sahnda: ::Still looking ahead, trudging along:: Yes, Clan Leader.


Senna managed what smile she could and they continued on their way into the unknown, together.




MSNPC Senna Kor

Clan Leader of the Kurmishoi


As simmed by


LT Zenno

Acting Security Chief

USS Arrow


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