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Mr Fox - The fox condemns the trap, not himself.

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Loving @Araxxu Vahin’s portrayal of Tridiatt Ken (A.K.A. Mr. Fox.)

((Interrogation Room, Federation Penal Ship Hobart))

For a moment Tridiatt Ken was lost in the past. He saw ships bursting in the skies above Caradassia. He saw the bolts from his phase-disrupter killing his enemies. He saw those he loved die beside him.    

Ton: Of course, we all served.  I did what I had to.

Fox: I remember those days well. Nothing could stand in our way. We almost had you. ::he sighs:: And then we lost it all.

Ton: Lost is probably the key word there.  Times change, and you can remain lost in the past - or help yourself.

Fox: ::he looks down:: Perhaps I’m getting too old for this. ::he looks up and into Ton’s eyes:: From one old solider to another. Sweeten the deal, and perhaps I can help you out.
Ton: Are you aware that some of the cells on this ship have windows?


He sat up straighter as Ton spoke and realised he had let himself drift too far into the past. That damn Trill was right. Those days were over and mattered little to the issue at hand. For good or bad he was Mr. Fox now and he needed to ignore the past and make the present better.


Fox: A view would be nice. What size are they?


Ton: Approximately 50 centimeters by 50 centimeters.


He looked down at the offered PADD and took in the schematics. It was always good to have a better idea of what the cage you lived in was like. He tried his best to memorize the schematics in the short time he was able to look at them. One never knew when that kind of information would come in handy.


Fox: That is quite an upgrade…for a cage. And how does one go about getting a nicer cage?


Ton: I convince the Warden you are not a threat to the order of his ship.


Fox: And I suppose I prove this by giving you names?


Ton: Response


He shook his head and laughed.


Mr Fox: Well it is not the first time I was a traitor. Though turning against the Dominion did have a certain chivalry that this act lacks. Yet, I’m sure my new associates would turn against me if they were in my place.


oO Which they’re not, because they weren’t foolish enough to get captured.Oo


And to be honest he cared very little about those he had hired to smuggle the toxin off of Denali. Dangling them in front of the Federation in order to improve his own situation didn’t bother him much. What did bother him was the target it might paint on his back if his associates knew it was him who had betrayed them.


Mr Fox: ::sigh:: What do you need from me?


Ton: Response


Mr Fox: ::chuckles:: Is that all? You don’t want my first born as well?


Ton: Response






Mr Fox as simmed by


Lt Jg Araxxu Vahin   


Denali Station   


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