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The Good, the Bad, and the Funky Parts 1, 2, and 3

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@VLen Kel knocked it out of the park with all of this


((Aerodrome, Landing City, Grus Beta 3))

Neut was rather enjoying her day out in the Aerodrome.  The Starfleet officers were hardly the threat Toz'ot* seemed to think.  If anything they were more silly than threatening.  Rox, the nurse she had run into, seemed kind and not entirely different from here.  Just a person in the galaxy doing a job.  As the announcement of the attack on the colony bellowed through the air, Neut realized her time with Rox was coming to a close.  It was a shame too, the food the Starfleet had was pretty good.  As the crowd began to ungulate with distress Neut slowly backed away from Rox to disappear into the crowd.  Sudden firing of a plasma rifle turned Neut's casual stroll away into a quick sprint.  Firefights were usually avoided and she wandered what Toz'ot was playing at.  Surely she didn't think that armed conflict with Starfleet was a good idea.  Even a child knew that was foolish.  Coming round one of the aerodrome hangers, she came face to face with Toz'ot and her pet Klingon.  

Neut: Hello, Toz'ot.  The Starfleet are down there, but there's no worry.  They're just silly.  

Emzai: Good girl. Now go to my office :: stops her :: Stay away from a'nirih* Kipal. He's sick.

She kicked the dust.  She knew it was a bad idea to disobey Toz'ot.  

Neut: ::quietly::  Whose fault is that? :: louder::  Be nice to the dark haired nurse. She has sandwiches.

There was no response, as if Toz'ot had not even heard her.  She and the Klingon were looking down at the medical camp.  Neut turned around and headed off toward the Administration building.  Perhaps Kipal had a new story for her.    

Emzai: :: to Drisila :: You can go in.
((Aerodrome, Temporary Medical Outpost, Landing City, Grus Beta 3))

In the chaos of what had been the Starfleet Medical Outpost Rox had been shot at and could now not find Neut, which was extremely disconcerting for her.  Her relaxing day had taken a bad turn and all she needed now was some overprotective ensign and she'd have the trifecta.  

Rox: I can't find Neut.

Carpenter: What about the-

Beck: Who's Neut?

Rox: She's a kid, she was with me before all this started.

Carpenter: Okay. Okay. I'll handle this.

Beck: Hey - don't do anything stupid, all right? I've got enough patients here, I don't need you giving me one more.

Rox continued to scan the crowds.  There were plenty of little people but none of them were Neut.

Rox: Where did she go?

Commander Carpenter strode forward into the crowd.  She felt a hand on her elbow and felt Ensign Beck gently pushing her back.  Under other circumstances Rox would have objected strenuously, but she knew it would be unwise to add to the conflagration.  She stepped back with Beck and the Commander gave a loud whistle.  The crowd slowed down and looked at her.  
Carpenter: I know, I KNOW things are crazy right now. And we know you've had problems with the Federation in the past. But you have to believe me, our ship and crew Here. To. Help! Even now, our XO is bringing our ship over Kite Springs to help deal with the fire. That alert was just someone trying to confuse you! To scare you!

The Stranger smiled slightly.  His weapon now hidden under his long coat he blended into the crowd as best he could.  He hadn't expected the reaction he'd gotten when he fired at the camp.  A little rifle fire between farmers on GB3 was often a neighborly way to say hello, even to show interest.  Clearly the crowd of city folk did not view it that way.  Perhaps the mysterious fire had spooked them.

Rox and beck were back near one of the many supply containers Starfleet hand brought down.  He released his hold on her arm and Rox rolled her eyes with some annoyance and he seemed to move himself between her and harm.  She'd been in space far longer than him. She'd tangled with pirates, been on a starship as it plunged toward a planet, she did not need protecting.  Luckily for him Beck moved forward.  

Beck: These hands are bound by an oath to do no harm. To do everything in their power and ability to provide care to those in need. And while I might be a Starfleet officer, I'm a Doctor first. ::lowering his hands and pulling off his combadge to hold it up:: Whatever this symbol might have represented for you in the past, for me it's a symbol of hope. I know not everyone trusts Starfleet or the Federation, and rightly so. They've made mistakes, but they're only–

oO Oh Gawd. Oo  

Rox suppressed a giggle.  Had Dr. Beck memorized this speech from somewhere or was he making this up on the spot.

Beck: They're fallible. Even when they're not supposed to be. And sometimes they have to be forced, kicking and screaming, to admit when they've done wrong. I promise you, on my oath and on these hands, I will do everything I can to make up for whatever failure may have happened before, but I need the chance to do it.

Nope, he'd made it up on the spot.  Rox tried to be supportive.

Rox: ::nodding her head toward Beck::  What he said.  

Carpenter: These are good people. Good officers. We would never do anything to...

Angry Tellarite: They said the same, Goldie!

oO So much for speeches. Oo

Beck: ::under his breath:: Oh, crap.

Beck whirled around and was suddenly pushing her back into their small hiding spot.  She did not care for it.  But a moment later it did not matter as the both tumbled to the dust as the grown trembled.  

Carpenter: DOWN DOWN DOWN!

Rox was trying to get her bearings when Beck suddenly pushed her down and threw a coat over him.  She was not sure why, but she was now on the ground with Beck and his coat.  There was an alarming amount of noise coming from beyond the coat and she could not be sure what it was.  Rox again felt herself pushed until she was flat on her stomach in the dirt.

oO O.K. Now he owes me dinner.  Oo

Beck was suddenly back on his feet Rox pulled he head up out of the dust.  

Beck: Stay down.

Rox: ::annoyed::  Yes sir.  ::cough, cough::

She continued to slowly pull herself to her feet, brushing the dust from her clothing.  There seemed to be some haze in the air and something seemed to be wrong with the Commander.

Beck: Oh, hell.

Carpenter: No. nononononononononono.

Rox pulled herself to her feet and moved to grab some kind of medkit.  Her recent time on the ground with the doctor had left her in a bit of a state.  Kristy seemed to be in a state as well.  

Carpenter: C'mon then, you Breen sicko. C'MON!

Rox cold see no Breen anywhere.  There was a Tellarite, several humans and an Andorian in a long coat.  

Beck: Any chance you got another hypo on you? Or maybe a hit of stimulant?

Rox pulled a hypo out, and waited a moment.  The ABCs of rescue started with D.  Don't run into Danger Dimwit.  She waited a moment to ensure that she wasn't about to end up like the Commander.  That would not do.  

The farmers on GB3 were very familiar with the dangers of the Ore the city dwellers mined.  The yellow uniformed Starfleet woman had taken a full dose of the gas.  He moved forward to try to assist.  She was easy on the eyes and seeing her distress almost made him forget the suffering Starfleet had inflicted on his family.

Stranger: ::walking toward Kristy::  Easy lady. You're alright.  

As he moved toward her his plasma rifle slipped out of his coat.  She threw her arms over the barrel of the weapon and began yanking it so hard that he fell to his knees.

Stranger:  Easy doll face, easy.

Rox slid in next to Kristy and touched the hypo to Kristy's neck.  She wished she'd seen the gun before she started her run, but it was too late for that now.  She watched as the commander seemed to regain herself, but it was only temporary.  

Carpenter: I don't...

Rox: Easy Commander.  

The  woman erupted to her feet sending both Rox and the armed Andorian backwards into the dirt.  Rox could see he'd hit his head on one of the many rocks in the area.  After several seconds of turning around in the crowd, Carpenter finally seemed to come to her senses. 

Rox looked tentatively at Commander Carpenter standing above her.  

Rox: ::tentatively::  You with us here in the prime universe Commander?

Carpenter: Yeah, yeah, I'm back. For now, at least, thanks to y'all. What the bells happened?


Carpenter: He sedated now?


Carpenter: Can he talk?

Rox saw the Andorian lying flat on the ground.  

Rox:  ::smiling at back::  Nice job.  So under your coat there ::smiling coyly::  We had a moment right?  I felt like it was a moment.


The doctor did not seem entertained, and the Commander was paying no attention at all.  Rox made a slow creep back to the rest of the medical team who were trying to put the area back together and treat anyone who had been jostled in the fray.  

Carpenter: This is startin' to look more and more like a plan. And I don't like much bein' on the other side of it.

The Stranger: ::groggy::  That was completely unnecessary.  

Trying to get back on his feet Kos heard a word he'd prefer not to have heard.

Woman: :: panicked :: Administrator!

Emzai: It's okay. You're safe now. I'm here.

Woman: :: weeps :: Thank you, thank you so much.

It was that maladroit idiot Emzai.  What was she sullying herself down here for?  He looked to see if he could spy his plasma rifle anywhere  

Emzai: It's okay, I'm here now.

Carpenter: Where's Drisila?

Emzai: She's right here. What a mess you've got yourself in.

The Starfleet officers turned to the now silent crowd.

Any: Response

Emzai: :: indicates the crowd and then the enforcers :: I suggest you unhand our people :: to the crowd :: Starfleet have come here, under the guise of peace. Desperate, on our knees, and they came like they did before, and they brought with them phasers and a battleship. They can't heal our world, or our people. Instead they fire weapons from the skies, they destroyed several of our homes! They brought the fire so they could reclaim our world in their war! They done it before :: to a man:: Jesa, they left your planet to the Cardassians and then to the Dominion. What became of it?

Jesa: Starfleet … they have an outpost there …

Emzai:  They turned his home to the enemy and then into an outpost for themselves.

Kos had seen enough.  

Kos:  That's enough Emzai you ridiculous klahz**.  ::surveying the crowd::  Every one of you knows Emzai would sell you out for a song.  

Emzai/Beck/Carpenter/Any: Response  

Kos:  ::batting his eyes at Carpenter::  Don't flatter yourself darlin'.  You're a tall drink of water, but I don't like Starfleet any better than saggy butt here ::pause::  In this case I'll take the devil with the better assets.

Kos gave an affectionate smile at the green eyed woman.  

Emzai/Beck/Carpenter/Any: Response  

Kos:  ::Narrowing his eyes::  Keep this in mind Drisila.  You can't wake the bear and not expect to tango.  

Kos narrowed his eyes.  That was right, right?  Wake the bear, tango, yeah he was sure that was right.  

Emzai/Beck/Carpenter/Any: Response


klahz** - Andorian animal famed for being lazy and clumsy


Crewman Rox
USS Ronin NCC-34523
Former farmer/miner  
He/Him (character and player)


GB3 Colony


Former farmer/miner  
He/Him (character and player)


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