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Ensign Eyna - PADD Rediscovered

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((Engineering Lab 1, USS Eagle))


Drex had hoped to handle Gul Smith's PADD analysis himself. Not that he really thought he would find anything useful in it, but he had found it, he'd picked it up and brought it aboard and now, due to the turn of events on the mission, he was forced to ask someone else to help him to deal with it.

During the meeting the name of a certain Kinsley had come up, but Drex had not been able to find her on board, but others had sent him without hesitation to Ensign Eyna, Engineering Lab 1, Deck 14, USS Eagle.


And so he was. As the door opened in front of him with his typical woosh, he took a step inside.


Eyna: I told you it’s not ready. Stop bothering me, I’m not going to do it any faster!


Drex turned around to see who the target was, but could not see anyone but the red hair officer in the room. The door closed behind him as he took another step.


Drex: Were you talking to me? :: He asked, half amused and half perplexed ::


Eyna turned to face the unexpected visitor and waved her left head.


Eyna: No, no, of course no… I thought you were… oh never mind. Who are you and who are you looking for?


Drex approached the work station where the woman was and handed her the security case holding the Cardassian PADD. 

Drex: I’m Drex. And you should be Ensign Eyna, am I correct? Someone told me you can check if there is anything useful for the current mission inside here. I understand you’re busy, but you can check with the XO the priority for this. 


The Denobulan officer accompanied the request with one of his large smiles.


Eyna took the case and slit an eye, not too convinced.


Eyna: The XO you said? 


Drex nodded.


Eyna: What is it?


She opened up the case and looked at the device. A smile spread across her face.


Eyna: It’s the PADD that ruined the XO’s camping, isn’t it? :: She asked, amused.


Drex: Uhm… I guess so… 


News of the camping mishap had spread around the ship.


Eyna: Are you the one who got stunned? :: She placed the case on the workstation, her mind already on the device.


Drex: No, I’m just the one who found the PADD under some rocks. Can you read it?


He took a step closer.


Eyna: Of course I can, what do you think all this wonderful equipment is for? :: Without turning to him, she made a circular gesture with her arm. :: Now, don’t you have a mission to accomplish? 


The science officer nodded, but did not move.


Drex: How long do you think it may take?


Eyna: The more you stay here the more it takes. Go! :: She pointed at the door :: I’ll send the results to the XO when I have something.


Well, at least she was going to do it right away and Vahin and Lieutenant Raimor were surely waiting for him so it was better to move. With a sigh Drex turned towards the door and left.


Once alone, Eyna began to concentrate on the PADD.


Enya: Time to share your secrets, my little PADD :: she murmured with a smile wearing a couple of lab gloves::


She set to work recovering the memory chips. Not wanting to risk getting into some Cardassian trick, he cloned the memories and isolated the analysis system from the rest of the ship's network.


Fortunately Cardassian was a well known language nowadays, so the translation matrix did not take long to return the first results: a proximity alarm software and a map of Bajor, without any mark.


Enya: Oh, you like to play hide and seek, don’t you?


She ran the recovery data procedure. This would definitely take longer, so she stretched her back and started walking towards the nearby replicator.


Enya: Raktajino, warm.


She watched as the tall glass and the brown liquid were created out of nowhere with the typical sound and light effects. She grabbed the cup and she took the first sip of the warm Klingon coffee. As she returned to the working station she noticed some dirt between the grooves of the casing.


Enya: Uhm…  where did he say he found it? I bet he picked it up bare hand :: She placed the still full cup on the table ::


The chances of getting a fingerprint match were practically nil, but since she had nothing else to worry about she decided to give it a try anyway.

By the end of the Rackatjino, she was rewarded with a couple of positive matches.


Eyna: Daniel Jordan Smith :: she read aloud :: born on … unknown… current location unknown… I will say Bajor now, well… :: she kept reading :: wanted for smuggling and kidnapping and animal trafficking… What a nice person… and Drex, Ensign… Science Officer… not so smart I may say…


She saved all the information about Smith and went back to see the status of data recovery. 

Although the devices seemed very old, it did not contain many deleted records. Of course they could have replaced only the memory chips.

The files seemed to be all related, like different versions of the same promotional manifest.


Eyna: Don’t fall victim to cellular ennui and the Soulless Minions of Orthodoxy!


Her forehead furrowed. She reached for the nearest console and typed in the entire phrase. A few results appeared.


Eyna: A biological phenomenon believed to be ultimately responsible for death… Dr. Bathkin.. Dr. Giger… doesn’t seem like they have a lot of fellows…


She gave a look at the other files, finding nothing interesting. She saved the new data with those about Smith and sent a report to Lieutenant Commander Falt.




Ensign Eyna 


simmed by



Ensign Drex
Science Officer
Denali Station


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