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((ooc: This isn’t quite a JP, but I did add a few lines that Tom filled in for Nilsen.))

(( for story dev, location left out purposely ))

Toxin admired his quarters they were both foreign and familiar to him at the same time, a feeling he couldn’t explain. It had been some time since he and Lhandon shared quarters and he missed his old room mate. As he stepped out he straightened his new tunic, pulling at the helm to remove the wrinkles, why this seemed so important wasn’t immediately evident.

Reporting for duty wasn’t a new task, but Toxin had taken his responsibilities since coming on board extremely serious, for he was an officer in charge, he couldn’t let a casual nature disrupt a smooth operating machine.

Arlill: ::entering the turbolift:: Bridge.

The turbolift doors gently closed and before long the weight of movement felt through his body. As the lift came to a stop and the doors whirred opened, the light of the bridge cast an blue tint across his already blue complexion. As he made his way over to his station.

Crewman: Captain on the bridge.

Arlill: As you were.

#flash# The time had passed quickly, he’d been captain of the USS Gnome for over 5 years and he wouldn’t trade it up for anything, well almost anything. He missed having his friend at the helm and in charge of Operations, but something felt off, he had this feeling of loss thinking of his friend Lhandon. He had a ping of despair.

#flash# A shuttle in distress, the pilot not listening to his captain.

Arlill: Lhandon, listen, shut down your engines, we can grab you with the tractors.

Nilsen: No, I’ve got this.

#flash# Two officers standing in front of a crashed shuttle, the only others in sight were medical officers taking covered stretchers off a damaged shuttle and moving them to the shuttle bay floor. Toxin looked towards these white silent beings and back towards Lhandon. He would look down towards a tablet, the orders hard to make out, but he knew his duty. Reaching forward he would remove the officers (beat) his friend’s rank pips and relieve him of duty, something deep inside him he never wanted to do, but the choices no longer existed.

#flash# Toxin stands outside of a family crew quarters on deck 9 of the USS Gnome. A smile finds it’s way to his lips, he hasn’t been here in a while, his duties never giving him the time to stop and see friends. He presses a button on the door control, waits for a few moments which seem to take forever, the door opens and his smiling friend greets him.

Arlill: Hey Lhando, it’s good to see you, I’m glad you decided to join us.

Jeremy: Hey Tox, is that you? ::coming out of the kitchen:: ::to Lhandon:: Hey, I think the roast is almost done.

Nilsen: Gimmie a min. There’s drinks on the table, help your self bro.

Arlill: Thanks, I will. ::coming into the room::

Toxin followed Lhandon back to the kitchen.

Nilsen: Come here big guy ::hugs:: how you been keeping? I never see ya anymore.

Arlill: I’ve been doing well, how’s the SB118 restaurant doing?

Nilsen: SB118 restaurant? it’s more then just a restaurant mate ::teasing::

Arlill: I know, I know, the arcade.

Nilsen: Couldn’t be going better, you gotta stopby at some point bro.

Arlill: Hey it’s hard to get away, you know the life of a Capt…

The ship jolted hard enough to port that the three of them slam into the wall.

Arlill: =/\= Arlill to bridge =/\= ::no response:: =/\= Arlill to bridge =/\= ::no response::

Another jolt, Toxin hits his head, just before his vision fades he sees a Jeremy, his eyes wide open just staring in his direction, a Nilsen screaming at him to respond.

#flash# Toxin visits his friend, Lhandon, on Gault at least once a year since the accident that destroyed the Gnome. It’s unclear to Toxin what happened, in this moment. He stands outside a small house, the shutters unpainted and some missing, the walkway with grass winning the battle over concrete. A deep sigh and a knock on the door.

A dishevelled Nilsen answers, they hug.

#flash# Anyone watching the young captain who now sat onboard the Type-21 shuttle might ask a penny for his thoughts for his contemplation was vivid across his face. But only Toxin felt like something was missing, some presence he once appreciated. It had been a while since Toxin had visited his old friend, flashbacks of Lhandon and Toxin screaming at each other in a shuttle bay sent dread down his spine and reminded him of the darkest of times, at least that’s the feeling Toxin had.

As the shuttle came into atmosphere and shook slightly, Tox knew it wouldn’t be long before they were landed and he’d have to continue his annual tradition. He looked down to take in his uniform, it was new to him, oO I wish Lhandon was there when I earned this. I’ll just have to tell him when I see him.Oo

Stepping off the shuttle a transport was waiting to quickly whisk the tall blue admiral away to his destination.

#flash# The Nilsen Farm, a once grand sight now stood buildings no longer in use, their caretakers long gone, only a few souls remained. Toxin making his way out to one of the yards he finds Lhandon in the field.

Arlill: Hey broroomy, it’s been awhile. I’ve missed you.

Nilsen: ::no response::

Arlill: It hasn’t been the same in Starfleet since you left.

A single tear roles down his cobalt complexion.

Arlill: It hasn’t been the same (beat) since you left.

Toxin, looking out across the fields, the warmth of the afternoon sun on his skin. He glances down as the tear drops from his cheek, a single grave stone epitaph reads, “I’ve got this”.

(( Crew Quarters, Deck 7, USS ‘Oumuamua ))

Waking with a fright Toxin sat up quickly, his roommate, only feet away would look over to find a sweating friend breathing quickly, their eyes would meet and almost immediately Toxin would begin to cry. Unable to explain his sudden onslaught of emotions, he let it happen, something in him had this all kept up and it needed to be let out.

[ End Short Scene for Toxin ]

LTJG Toxin Arlill

Helm, Operations, & Communications Officer

USS 'Oumuamua NCC-81226


Writer ID.: O239910TA4

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