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Cmdr. Karrod Niac - Of All The Ways To Go...

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Everyone involved has added their own little spark of insanity to this scene, but this Exit: Stage Right by @Karrod Niac is truly amazing.

We must now include wiki definitions for the words he invented


((Sickbay Complex, Ward C, Deck 10, USS Ronin))

k’Oar-€l: This one has requested to speak with the vessel master. The Niac.

Rox:  Ta da!

Karrod quirked an eyebrow and pointed to himself with a thumb.  

Niac:  That's me, Ensign.  ::Karrod glanced around:: Are we still having translator problems?  

Carpenter: RESPONSE

k’Oar-€l: ::slightly confused:: but Cub/Not Cub can not be the Niac. The Niac is Trill. The Niac is a swimmer. The Niac is worm shaped.

Karrod got a strangely sinking feeling.  

Niac: Haven't met a Joined Trill before, have you Ensign?  

Beck: Technically you're correct - Niac is who you're asking for, and they are… uh… a swimmer, as you put it… but Niac is a symbiont. Trill are the humanoid hosts.

Carpenter: RESPONSE

Karrod had little experience trying to read the expressions on Antedian features but he found it odd how universal confusion looked.  

k’Oar-€l: Ahh, this one was not aware The Niac was combined. Nor seemingly were Pod Elders. This may be complicating message.

Karrod shrugged and felt his eyebrow continue its journey towards his hairline.  

Niac:  Complicated...how?

Carpenter: RESPONSE

Rox:  ::looking at K’Oar:: How so?

k’Oar-€l: This one has a message from the Antedian Science Aquarium Pod Elders for only The Niac. This one carries the message unknown to this one imprinted in this one’s brain. Messaging is able to be releasing through bioelectrical impulses through the milky waters that The Niac was supposed to be swimmings in.  This one is not sure if transmission still possible with The Niac ingested by the Cub/Not Cub.  

Karrod pressed his fingers to the bridge of his nose and thought back to several early Academy classes taken by himself and two other hosts.  He tried to remember all he could about patience when dealing with alien cultures and came up with very little that would help him in this increasingly odd situation.  

Niac: Ok, first thing, we really need to discuss the word ingested...

Carpenter: RESPONSE

Rox:  Come again?

Beck: Huh…

k’Oar-€l: This one’s best idea-ing would be to have the Cub/Not Cub Niac fully immersed naked in waters similar to Trilly Cave of Mak’ala. This one will then stick this one’s head into the bathing waters and release the bioelectrical impulse. Hopefulligly The Niac will receiving the message… and Cub/Not Cub will not be electrocutified..

Beck: I uh… don't know the exact qualities required to match the Cave of Mak'ala, but I would imagine we could find a way to simulate the environment. If that's what you're interested in doing, sir. We've got large enough bathing tanks I think it could work. ::rubbing his chin:: Too bad we don't have Cetacean Ops, that'd make it a lot easier…

For a brief moment that was all too clear in his minds eye Karrod saw himself being eulogized by a mournful crowd as the Starfleet flag was draped over the torpedo casing that would be his final command.  When the subject of his death by electrofishmail was discussed the mourners descended into hysterics, laughing until they simply couldn't breathe.  He snapped out of the dreadful premonition with a start.  

Niac:  Uh, Ensign, yeah...I think perhaps we'll need to table that idea for now.  I'm sure I could put in a call to the Symbiosis Commission back on Trill, they're certain to have some information about how to handle one of these...uh...situations.  I assume your people have done this before, right?  

Carpenter: RESPONSE

Rox:  I’m just going to put it out there that I am ::pausing, smiling::  out of my depth here.  

Karrod tried not to snort a laugh and barely suppressed it in time.  

Niac:  Oh I'm sure the message back to Trill won't take more than a week or three to get a response.  You can be sure that as soon as I hear back you're my first stop, Ensign!

Karrod considered the door behind him and decided it was time to make a tactical withdrawal.  

k’Oar-€l/Beck/Carpenter: RESPONSE

Rox: I’ll could stay here in case we need to transport either of them back to sickbay.

Niac:  Thank you Nurse Rox but I don't think that'll be necessary right now.  Oh what's that?  ::Karrod booped audibly and pantomimed patting his comm badge:: Yep that's the bridge, gotta run.  Busy ship, always things to do.  Best of luck Ensign Carl!

With that Karrod turned on a heel and headed out of sickbay at what he felt was an entirely measured and not needlessly hasty speed.  He'd need to send that message off to Trill but he imagined that there were at least five or six terribly important matters that he'd have to address before he could get to that.  What those important matters were or how long they'd take to resolve simply hadn't revealed itself yet. As he strode towards the turbolift, he was certain whatever they were, it beat getting himself and Niac fishlectrocuted.  

[Tags/End for Niac!]

Commander Karrod Niac
Commanding Officer
USS Ronin - NCC-34523

Edited by Quentin Beck
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