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Ensign-way Entin-quay Eck-bay - Ost-Lay in-way Ommunication-cay


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Doctor @Quentin Beck getting hit with the Universal Translator Malfunction to speak pig Latin. 😂 



((Sickbay Complex, Ward C, Deck 10, USS Ronin))


It was a weird kind of day.


Multiple crewmen had come to Sickbay because they thought maybe whatever was happening with the Universal Translator was something medical. That didn't exactly make sense to him, but Quentin could also understand wanting to assert some sort of control over the situation. Not everyone was so technically oriented.


It had certainly been fun trying to figure out how to tell them they were fine and it was a mechanical error. Thankfully, whatever was causing problems with the UT wasn't playing any kind of havoc with the computer system, so he was able to write it out on a display.


One positive thing, at least - he was knocking out quite a few annual physicals.


He'd just dismissed an actual patient who'd come in with a bruised ankle when he heard the familiar whine of the transporter behind him.


Beck: oO Emergency transport? What's going on? Oo


Turning to look over his shoulder, he blinked when he spotted Rox standing over what appeared to be a fish-man and an officer he hadn't yet met. 


k’Oar-€l/Carpenter: RESPONSE


 Rox:  ::looking at Carpenter:: I've had a time.  I went to a medical emergency, eh?  In the room was all mauzy and fousty (damp and musty).  Then :: nodding at K'Oar-€l:: b'y (boy) here popped out and shitbaked (terrified) me.  He's a sleeveen (rascal, weirdo) eh?


 k’Oar-€l/Carpenter: RESPONSE


Rox:  A time I had eh?  But this is not fit (bad) I think he ::nodding at k’Oar-€l) is Dr. Kel eh?  He's been changed eh?


k’Oar-€l/Carpenter: RESPONSE


Rox: Who knit you? (Where are you from)


k’Oar-€l/Carpenter: RESPONSE


He waited for a moment to listen to their conversation (which wasn't particularly helpful considering the issue with the UT) before pulling the tricorder from his pocket and approaching with his other hand raised in welcome.


Beck: Elcome-way o-tay Ickbay-say. At-whay an-cay I-way o-day or-fay ou-yay? (Welcome to Sickbay. What can I do for you?)


Rox/k’Oar-€l/Carpenter: Response


Beck: Ang-hay on-way. I-way ave-hay a-way ay-way o-tay ommunicate-cay, it-way ust-jay akes-tay onger-lay. (Hang on. I have a way to communicate, it just takes longer.)


He moved to roll a mobile display panel over with an extendable user panel, then typed out a message.


Beck: Sorry for the Pig Latin. What's going on?


Rox/k’Oar-€l/Carpenter: Response




Ensign Quentin Beck

Medical Officer

USS Ronin NCC-34523




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