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Commander Rouiancet: Upon Waking

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So I'm sharing this one for a particular reason. @Tony, aka VAiru once again has managed to rip our hearts out and stomp all over them, I'm sure he takes a delight in doing this. Throughout the latter half of this mission, Ensign Nilsen was a part of the away team led by Commander Rouiancet to contact a lost Bajoran people of some 65,000 years old who are now in a non-corporeal form. To help make contact happen, Nilsen allowed them to store his consciousness in a safe space (a mindscape host by Commodore V'Airu) while the Bajorans used his body and voice to communicate, Unfortuanlly they had to cut this short and they tried to return Nilsen to his body but they were too slow. Nilsen collapsed in front of Rouiancet & Brzezinski and returned to the Oumuamua unconscious. Sickbay has been trying to find a way to bring his consciousness back ever since.

It's just one line at the end of this sim but because of it we get the most wonderful insight into the Commander's mindset and who she is as a person. As everyone rushes to Commodore V'Airu as she yells out, they seem to forget about the ensign. Except Rouiancet who makes her way over to Nilsen and quietly whispers "C'mon, Ensign." That one moment is louder than a shout, we really get to feel her worry, her pain and the quiet hoping that she doesn't lose one under her commander. To say this moment made me pause and my eyes water a little would be an understatement.

Regardless of what you think of the wreckless ensign who always seems to make bad choices, in this one moment, you are, along with Rouiancet saying "C'mon, Ensign." and begging all of the gods that he pulls through.

(( Sickbay, Deck 7, USS 'Oumuamua ))
Without warning, Lieutenants Fer'at and Nirid suddenly awoke. Fer'at was up and away before anyone could think to call him back, but Lia called hastily to Nirid.

Rouiancet: Lieutenant! Where are you going? Where have you been?

Nirid: (after blinking) I have been in a … (beat) I have been in a mindscape of sorts with Commodore V’Airu and several telepathic of the crew, communicating with a non-corporeal species who live on Alpha Brenkelvi II. (looking to Nilsen) Ensign Nilsen is also present. He is acting as a translator for the alien species. They appear to trust him (beat) Lieutenant Fer’at and I are under orders from Commodore V’Airu to give orders to Lieutenant Sherlock.

Miash: But dear, we need you here to help the ensign (beat) well we need your brain.
Lia barked a laugh. If that didn't make Lieutenant Nirid want to stick around, nothing would. Lia glanced over at Doctor Toz for a moment to see if she'd want to intervene, only for Toz to -- stumble? Lia wasn't sure what she'd seen, because Toz hadn't been moving. Lieutenant Brzezinski spoke up in the moment Lia was about to ask Toz if she was okay, and then the moment was past.

Brzezinski: Does the Ensign have a somatic link or tether?

Toz: A somatic link seems possible. I don’t see any indication of a metaphysical tether. But either one is *possible*. Any thing is possible at this point.
Rouiancet: (rueful) It is difficult to rule anything out.
It was good news that Lieutenant Nirid had interacted not only with Ensign Nilsen but with Commodore V'Airu and the others who, even now, remained immersed in their shared -- dream? Daydream? Lia wasn't exactly sure how to describe it, but she chose to be assured by Nirid's report that all, for the moment, was well within their minds.

Nirid: It is unclear, but he has not been harmed and he seemed to be willing to return to his body when he has completed his duties in the mindscape.

Brzezinski: Maybe if we could send someone ‘back in’ to extract him?

Miash: I imagine it wouldn’t be ideal to send these two back in, having just come out, right?

Toz: No, we don’t want to send anyone back in. (beat) I’m leaning toward letting things progress naturally. I’m also open to suggestions.
As Miash had looked to Toz, so now did Lia look to Nirid. The lieutenant had been in contact with the commodore's team, including Ensign Nilsen, most recently, and sure she had a much better idea than any of the rest of the gathered team regarding the dreamers' status.
Rouiancet: Lieutenant Nirid, what do you think? Should we attempt to retrieve them?
Left unsaid, of course, was that Nirid would almost definitely be the one to do so, since the commodore seemed to have conscripted every other telepath aboard.

Nirid: I agree with Doctor Toz. My… condition means that putting myself into the scenario would be overly taxing. As it is, I am already beginning to experience some discomfort in my paracoretex.
Miash: If you need a volunteer, I’d be willing to try and reach the young man, if no one else is more ideal.
That certainly surprised Lia, who had never heard of any Ferengi who possessed telepathic abilities. Perhaps Miash was one of the very few? However, Lieutenant Nirid shot down that suggestion before it went any further.

Nirid: Ferengi physiology is incompatible with most telepathic and empathic species. You may find the mindscape to be confusing at best, and distressing at worst. You might not be perceived by the Commodore and the others. (beat) I would advise caution.
Rouiancet: (with a shake of her head) That would likely be a problem for all of us save you, Lieutenant.
In fact, and given that they wanted to bring Ensign Nilsen out of the shared dream, it might be that Miash was the perfect person for the job. The less she was affected, the more resistant her physiology, the more she might be a solid rock in an uncertain sea.
Toz: Nurse, only if you are absolutely sure. (beat) I advise against it.
Rouiancet: (with a shrug) I'm not thrilled, either, but I don't have another idea, either.
She was, further, reluctant to volunteer as Miash had. That took a certain kind of courage, and one that Lia wasn't entirely sure she possessed. She was willing to risk her body, but her mind...? There were simply so many unknowns, and she had never before dealt at length with any form of telepathy or other mental abilities.

Brzezinski / Miash / Toz: Responses
Nirid: I should note that Ensign Nilsen wanted to be there. He seems to have some sort of affinity for the formerly Bajoran entities. They appear to trust him. Although I cannot explain why they chose him and not a telepathic member of the crew.
Formerly Bajoran--?! What on (or off) Earth did that mean? No, Lia decided, those questions would need to wait for later.
Rouiancet: Then perhaps they would also be more willing to relinquish him to another non-telepathic individual. Assuming we could find a way to connect them to the dream, this mindscape.
She looked specifically to Miash, wondering now about the courageous nurse's wherewithal.

Brzezinski / Miash / Toz: Responses
Nirid: How can I help?
Rouiancet: Well, perhaps--
In the space of a few moments, the discussion became, at least for the moment, moot. The commodore awoke with a shout and a scream for help, while both Lieutenant Almor and Horque apparently returned to the land of the conscious as well.
V'Airu: Help! Help me!

Brzezinski / Miash / Toz / Nirid: Responses
Almor / Horque: Responses
However, and even while the group rushed over to the biobeds where the dreamers were gathered, Lia slid past the main group and over to Ensign Nilsen's biobed. He, alone of the dreamers, remained unconscious, his biosigns unchanged.
Lia: (quietly) C'mon, Ensign.
Brzezinski / Miash / Toz / Nirid: Responses
Almor / Horque: Responses
Tags! and TBC!
Commander Lia Rouiancet
Strategic Operations Officer
USS 'Oumuamua
he/him/his (player) & she/her/hers (this character)


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