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Ensign Drex - Time to call home

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A lovely sim from Denali's resident Denobulan - @Drex0379

((Bajor Capital, Some Hotel, Drex’s room))

Drex sat on the bench in the small balcony of the room he had rented in the capital.

It had been a chaotic few days and this was the first time he had been able to relax alone.

It was a sunny late afternoon. Some birds were flying high in the sky, heading for their nest in the nearby woods. The square was crowded, people chatting around a bar table and a few children running around, chasing each other in a happy game.

The shadows grew longer, evening was now falling. The place became deserted, and where cheerful shouts had been heard a few minutes earlier, there was now only silence. Only a couple sat on the border of the central fountain. They held each other's hands, their heads touching as they spoke softly to each other. Now and then a smile lit up one or the other or both their faces.

The light of the dying sun dyed the air an orange-pink. The colors suddenly became more vivid in the Denobulan's eyes.

Drex wondered the content of the talking of the two, but he was too distant to hear or to interpret the movement of their lips. How old could they be? How old was he the last time he held a hand that same way? It was a long time ago.

Her name was Trella. She was the half-sister of the cousin of the nephew of his math teacher.

Drex smiled at the memories. He could not say that she was beautiful, but she had a strong personality, and she had the happiest laugh he had ever heard.

Ayra had mocked him for weeks, only stopping when she herself had fallen in love with the man who was later to become his first husband. And in a few weeks, she was going to get married again. 

oO You should call her. You know she is waiting for your call Oo

Drex: I definitely should. :: he answered himself ::

The square was deserted and the night was taking over the day. Drex stood up and went inside. He stopped by the desk and took a look at the video terminal. oO The more you wait the worst it get Oo

With a deep breath he slided the chair backward and let himself drop on it. 

Drex: I can’t imagine how it can worse… :: he mumbled tapping on the device and started the call :: 

The face of a black hair Denobulan woman appeared on the screen. A thin bracelet with colored thread inserts on her left wrist caught Drex’s attention. He smiled for a second. She was still wearing it. It was a little damaged by age and the lighter colors had gone grey, but it definitely was the present he made her for her tenth birthday.

Her greeting was not warm at all, so the delight lasted only the blink of an eye.

Ayra: It was about time, Drex! :: she scolded him immediately :: were you waiting to receive your nephew’s first picture?  

Drex: Are you pregnant?!? :: he asked a little bit too loud with incredulity :: 

The woman narrowed her eyes and lifted her right hand waving it in front of the screen. Drex could have sworn he heard the unspoken insult loud and clear.

Ayra: No, but as far as you know, I could and you haven’t called in weeks! 

oO Is that another insult, isn’t? Oo That was true, and five or six good reasons came to his mind.

Drex: You could call… 

It was an useless try he knew and she interrupted him in mid-sentence

Ayra: Don’t you dare, Drex! You’re the one who left.

And that was definitely true. 

Drex: Are we going to discuss the whole call? :: he gave her a slight smile :: You know better than to accuse me.

Ayra took a deep breath and nodded

Ayra: Yes, better than you, that’s for sure. :: She tucked a lock of her long black hair behind her left ear. :: Where are you now?

Her voice took on a sweeter tone and so did her gaze. No matter what, they were siblings and twins and they were very fond of each other. No matter what Drex had done or what Ayra had said, they could not be apart from each other for more than a certain amount of time.

Drex: Bajor. oO We are on shore leave. Oo

Ayra: Oh… I understood from mom you were assigned to a starbase, did not think it was Deep Space 9.

Drex: I’m not assigned here :: He denied with a movement of his head :: And Denali Station is not a Starbase. It’s a settlement on an artificial world. Well it’s more like tons of worlds put together :: he used his hands to better describe the idea :: it’s a huge ring rotating around a star. But it was abandoned long ago and we have to explore it all now.

Ayra: Sounds interesting :: she smiled :: I see it from your face you like it.

Drex nodded.

Drex: Yes, I do :: he returned the smile :: you know I do not like ships that much. I’ve been lucky with my first assignment. And the XO and the first science officer were both trainer officers at my finals.

Ayra: Which of the two is the one who failed you?  :: she chuckled:: 

Drex: Aehm... the XO, but he did not fail me… I was not in his team actually.

Ayra: Yeah yeah, as long as you believe it… :: she grinned::  So, when are you coming home?

Drex: I don’t know. And before you ask, I probably won't make it to your next wedding.

Ayra: DREX!!!! 


Ensign Drex
Science Officer
Denali Station


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