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Ensign Seth Xilan - Skol! - I guess?

Doz Finch

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A great sim from Seth who just recently joined us. In this sim, Seth beams down to Andoria and meets up with another of our Trill officers, @Torvi Ylvor, and over drinks they get to know one another.

Ensign Seth Xilan - Skol! - I guess? (google.com)



((Transporter Room, USS Gorkon))


Once on the pad, Seth nodded to the transporter chief and acknowledged them,


Xilan: One to beam down to the surface, please Sir.


The command was done and the energy swirl around him dematerialised himself before he reappeared on the planet below in a breeze. His feet surrounded by solid ground once again. He looked around to gauge his surroundings and then headed towards the buildings he could see in the distance, it looked like a town. The perfect place to mingle.


He knew from research that many of the cities in this world were underground due to the cold temperatures on land and so these buildings likely included some kind of elevator or similar design to get him down to the main populous of Andoria.


He headed off with gusto towards the buildings and sure enough, found that there was a manually operated elevator to take him below to the city below.


Once arriving, he was blown away by the sights, the city looked incredible and nothing like he had imagined from the surface. Neon lights showed the signs of different vendors, bars and businesses and he headed thus towards the sign that indicated a bar. He could use a drink and what better way to meet new people than a bar?


He entered the door of a bar called “Andoria’s Ale House” and looked around the room. Of course there were many Andorians but also many others, including, he noticed, a Trill girl. He approached her with a smile.


Xilan: Hey there! Didn’t expect to see another Trill around here, nice to meet you. I’m Seth…I just got here…”


He smiled wide, trying to give a good impression to his newfound potential friend.


Ylvor: Hi Seth, there are a few of us around, but yes, on Andoria we stick out. I'm Torvi. 


He took the hand she had offered and shook it enthusiastically.


Xilan: So what’s good here? Is it synthahol or the real deal?


Ylvor: Oh it's the real thing, one of the last traditional breweries on Andoria. 


Having only tried real alcohol once, Seth was excited for the opportunity. The only time he had been “drunk” was at his brother’s birthday party last year and it had not ended well. Seth woke up naked and tied to a tree….


Ylvor: I'm getting this one, they have been making it for over 500 years!


Seth leaned over to look at the item she was pointing at and smiled.


Xilan: Oh it does look colourful for sure! I’m thinking of this one…it says it’s called the “Heraldic Absolution”, that does sound like a very fancy name for a drink, don’t you think?


He smiled and waited until the drinks were ready, grabbing his and filling Torvi to the seats she had pointed out, taking a seat and getting comfortable. 


Ylvor: Skol 


Xilan: Skol indeed!


He said, with confidence, clinking their glasses in a cheers celebration before taking a sip of it. The drink was strong, very alcoholic with flavours of juniper and….something he couldn’t put his finger on.


Ylvor: Tell me about yourself Seth. 


oO Oh here we go! Oo


Xilan: Ooh, now you got me…well, I’m freshly out of the Academy, I just arrived today actually, got myself all checked in with the top brass and got to my room, which is very nice by the way. I’m from Titan, at least that’s where my family are. Farmers by trade, on a colony…

He sipped his drink again, hoping he wasn’t boring the nice lady.


Xilan: I was taken to Trill only recently for my joining, I still don’t know why I was chosen, I mean…I know so many initiates work hard to try and be chosen, but my acceptance seemed so random and so soon…


Ylvor: Response


Xilan: Heh, yeah…my Symbiont has only two prior hosts and one of those died young, so I guess we’re BOTH pretty young, me AND Xilan…


Ylvor: Response


Xilan shrugged. He’d never really thought about his Symbiont like that before but he was keen to investigate his own self more in future.


Xilan: So yeah, studied Psychology, Botany, Medical Herbs etc…then got really into cooking, before graduating and being assigned here. You are looking at the new Counsellor for the USS Gorkon.


He beamed proudly at that, before looking around so he wasn’t being too loud or offensive.


Xilan: So what about you? Tell me more!


Ylvor: Response




Ensign Seth Xilan
USS Gorkon


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