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Ensign Quentin Beck - Anybody got an antihistamine?


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For the first time ever, @Quentin Beck is someone who can claim they have an allergy to counseling and mean it 😂



((OOC: This sim occurs at the same time as Kel and Dekas' meeting. No tags, though someone is welcome to investigate if they wish!))
((Sickbay Complex, Deck 10, USS Ronin))
Beck: ♫Sometimes, some crimes... go slipping through the cracks... ♫
If he hadn't been working by himself on calibrations in the lab nearest the CMO's office, Quentin wouldn't have even considered singing to himself to help pass the time. His voice wasn't terrible, but he wasn't going to win any awards for it, either. He was a little off-key, maybe a touch tone-deaf, but when he was alone, he didn't care.
Beck: ♫But these two... gumshoes... are picking up the slack... ♫
He felt a funny tickle in his nose. He wiggled it a few times, swiping a finger over his mustache to scratch the underside of his nose, but the tickle remained. Quentin did his best to ignore it.
Beck: ♫ There's no case too big, no case too small... when you need help, just call... ♫
Then he sneezed. An awful sneeze. A violent sneeze, the type of sneeze he hadn't sneezed since he'd been a kid and his parents had dragged him to that awful bird sanctuary. If it had been much more powerful, he might have sneezed his mustache off.
Beck: oO What in blazes...? Oo
He thought he recalled someone had a pet owl, though that wouldn't have triggered his old allergy - it had been, more specifically, birds of the parrot variety that had really set him off. He'd taken meds as treatment for a good long time, but he'd stopped when he had the option to just... not be around those types of birds.
What the heck had set it off now?
Quentin made his way to the portal leading out of the room and peeked outside, though he was just a little too late to see Kel and Dekas step into Kel's office. That proximity was enough to make him sneeze again, though.
He stepped back into the room and went to grab a hypospray. He sneezed again as he picked it up, sneezed again as he configured it to administer an antihistamine, sneezed again as he pressed it to his shoulder...
Then sneezed again, the hypospray popping out of his hand and falling to the floor.
Beck: Ugh.

Ensign Quentin Beck

Medical Officer

USS Ronin NCC-34523




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