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[ACT 1] Envoy Keehani Ukinix and Commander Wil Ukinix - Music is Sport (Part 1)

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@Wil Ukinix is at it again with the Ukinix cousins' humourous dynamic. Love seeing these two interact. There was no one point in this sim that doesn't deserve a position on the appreciations thread. 



((Elevator, On way to Level 15, Copernicus Center))


Ukinix: Klingon Acid Punk.


Keehani: Nope.


Ukinix: Andorian Blues.


Keehani: Nuh-uh.


Ukinix: Hmm…


Wil (in his dress uniform for some ungodly reason) put his finger on his lips as he thought.


Keehani simply lifted her chin, looking at the floor number display rising. Wil tried to sense if he could register anything on his Zoidy senses that might give him an idea of what Keehani’s favourite music was.


But why she had made it a guessing game in the first place had annoyed him slightly.  Maybe she knew that, which was the point... in which case-


Ukinix: ::Clicking fingers::I know. You strike me as a German Polka kind of lady.


Keehani: A what?


Ukinix: Oh, yeah. In Lederhosen, slapping legs like they’re going out of fashion, accordion playing in the background…


His second cousin screwed up her nose.


Keehani: Slapping legs? Is this a Klingon ritual?


Ukinix: Maybe that’s where they got it from.


Keehani: Who? The Klingons or the Germans?


Ukinix: Yes.


It was Wil’s turn to look at the numbers above the elevator door, hands clasped in front of himself, while Keehani furrowed her brow at him.  After a moment, she silently scowled at herself.


Keehani: You’re an idiot sometimes, Commander.


Ukinix: :D


Just as Keehani was about to open her mouth and say more, the elevator doors opened. Wil happily walked out of the lift like he was the monopoly man who’d just passed go and collected $200.


Ukinix: Well, I’m sure we could have this conversation about Klingon-German rituals all day, Keehani, but we have an Ambassador to collect.


Keehani: Hmmph. You’ll still have to guess my favourite music.


Ukinix: I think I just did.


Keehani: No you didn’t-


The doors to Rivi’s office opened, and Wil cheerily announced himself.


((Chief of Mission’s Office))


Vanlith: Well I must say I am glad to be back, and this place is even better than I remember. 


Vataix: Response


(OOC: I put those tags in but feel free to have more conversation tags here up to the point that Wil walks in!)


Ukinix: Ambassador Vataix, how are ya- ::turning head to look at Charlena:: Char!


Wil cleared his throat, composed himself, and put his hands behind his back, just as Keehani walked in behind him.


Ukinix: I mean, Lieutenant Vanlith. Welcome back to Amity.


But he couldn’t help a big smile. His former engineering buddy from the Veritas was now back standing in front of him, and he couldn’t be more pleased.


Vanlith: Response


Ukinix: ::Cheerily:: How are you, it’s so good to see you!


Vanlith: Response


Ukinix: Oh yeah, and when was the last time we had a game of pool-


The Chief of Staff, aka Wil’s loveable but sometimes deliberately-annoying-to-him second cousin, was the one to clear her throat this time, to remind him there was business to attend to. She then stepped forward, and politely offered her hand.


Keehani: Lieutenant Vanlith. Welcome back. The last time I saw you we were swapping Uttaberry Crepes for Risian Mai Tais.


Vanlith/Vataix: Response


Keehani politely turned to Rivi, and gave her a nod.


Keehani: Madam Ambassador, as you may be able to tell from Wil’s dress uniform, the president has arrived and will be docking shortly. It’s time for us to the greet her and her staff.


Vataix: Response


Ukinix: Why do I have to wear my dress uniform? The others don’t.


Keehani: Convention. You *are* the Starfleet attaché, yes?


Wil simply responded with a small, annoyed scowl.


Vataix/Vanlith: Response


Ukinix: Alrighty, let’s go then. ::To Char:: Wanna come?


Vanlith: Response


A big smile crossed Keehani’s face, and her eyes got a little wider.


Keehani: It’s not everyday you get to meet the Federation President! ::Big toothy smile::


The Chief of Staff stopped herself, closed her eyes, took a breath, and centred herself to calm her excitement down.


Keehani: ::Gesturing to door:: After you, Ambassador, Lieutenant.


Vanlith/Vataix: Response


Just as Wil was about to walk out, Keehani decided to walk out at the same time, causing the cousins (or “second cousins” if you were from Earth) to bump into each other.


Keehani: Watch it!


Ukinix: Oi!


Vanlith?/Vataix?: Response?




Tags/TBC (in part 2)…



Commander Wil Ukinix
Starfleet attaché and First Officer
Amity Outpost


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