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Commodore Oddas Aria: Old Reunions, Old Memories, New Players

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Love this from @Oddas Aria. So wholesome. 😊

((Ijo House, Hathon, Bajor))

oO You fly a starship halfway across the galaxy, manage a city, and can rebuild most things with your bare hands - but you cannot remember there are different timezones. Oo

It was dark on the street, very late at night or very early in the morning depending on your perspective, and she was considered turning away.  The stone steps in front of her leading up half a flight to the front door were not well illuminated at this hour, but she knew them as well as or better than her childhood home. In fact, after a point, she spent more time here than she did the other several blocks over.

From her vantage, she could look up and see the window that was Alea's, who's smiling expectant face she still expected to see peering down at her. 

Aria pulled out a PADD and was about to send a note, letting the Ijos know she had gone to the restaurant in the market which catered to early risers, when there was shuffling inside - just behind the large circular door.  Aria returned the PADD to her jacket pocket, and adjusted her duffel, preparing for what was next.

Ijo (Cada): Aria!

The woman's high, sweet voice pierced the morning before the officer could react, and before she could fully prepare for the embraced that ensued.  She was several centimeters shorter than her husband, but the ferocity of the gesture was unmatched - knocking Aria back several centimeters.  Aria, not one for physical affection, found herself for the second time in two days, by the same family, feeling like she had come home.

Oddas: Cada! I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was so late, I can come back later.

Cada: And I can beat you with a stick.

The woman laughed and took Aria by the hand, dragging her in through the door.  The smell of food, cooking, wafted through.  Aria never cooked, but Cada did - Alea did - and there was nothing that reminded the Bajoran of happiness and being home than being in a kitchen and cooking.  Cada had told Alea to teach Aria to cook when things had looked like they were going to start a family, but, that had been cut short.

oO Or you're just feeling nostalgic. Oo

Aria dragged her bag through the doorway and was heading for the stairs when Cada spoke up again, motioning for the small table in the kitchen reserved for snacks, breakfasts, and gossip.

Cada: Leave that there! Teevin can get it when he wakes up.

Oddas: ::rolling her eyes:: He's retired now, you know.  For that matter, so are you.  

Cada slid a plate of food in front of her - pastry, fruit, and some sausage - with coffee.

Cada: What do you think housewives do when they retire?

The older woman said it with a smirk, Aria for her part shook her head.  Cada was anything but a simple 'housewife', and though Aria could never get quite a straight answer directly from her, the discreet inquiries she had made in the intelligence circles were always met with a bit of professional discretion.

Oddas: ::snorting::  Is this real Columbian coffee? You really shouldn't have gone through the trouble.

Cada, who had been moving about in the kitchen and gathering her own plate, stopped and gave the younger woman a playful look.  

Cada: Trouble? To find your favorite coffee and ship it in? ::chuckle:: Next, ask me about the Vulcan Spring Tea and the spicey plomeek soup.

Aria had been about to cut the sausage in front of her, stopping to look at Cada sternly for as long as she could before shaking her head.

Oddas: Subtle.

Cada: Not give her the day off?

The Ijos had met Stelek, of course they had, on Aria's previous visit home.  Aria had introduced them as a 'friend' as much as because she was afraid to admit anything was happening, as she was to admit anything to Katya.  If Aria was no good at being social, she was horrible at being a parent.

Oddas: Stelek needed another day to finish up some work on the Eagle, she'll come down soon.

It was true.  It was also true that as the Commanding Officer, Aria could have pulled whatever rank she wanted to in order to move the Vulcan up in the rotation, but she was trying to be extra careful.

Cada: Well, we have plenty of room for her, and I know Teevin was looking forward to seeing her.

Aria looked on questioningly.

Cada: I have no idea.

Oddas: Whatever this ::pointing toward the meat:: is, more of it, please.  

She stuffed more into her mouth - Cada smiling all the while and piling more on her plate.

Cada: Poli with Andorian northern spice. It's new. 

From upstairs, there was the muffled sound of a door opening and closing. 

Oddas: ::raising her fork in the general direction::  Katya?

Cada: Teevin - he got in late from the station and, well, we're old. I wouldn't expect Katya up until noon.

Aria took a deep breath, and a break from the plate of food in front of her.  She leaned back and drank half a cup, screwing up the courage to ask what she needed to.

Oddas: How is she?  How's she getting along?

Cada: ::smirking:: Let me fill up your cup.


Commodore Oddas Aria

Commanding Officer

Denali Station


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