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NPC Tu'Var - abominations

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Hilarious stuff from @Korras.

For some context - wonderbots are small, furry robots, similar to furbies. 😂

((Starbase 118 Ops – Commercial sector - Qo’nos district))

Another day, another day of preaching against the weakness of the Empire as it was, and against that false emperor on Qo'noS. They had dared to even name him Kahless. He was a clone, and nothing more. to Tu’var, it signified the depth to which the empire had fallen. They should be conquering this station, and not just place a city here.


As he walked over to his regular spot, the monk of the Cult of Kahless was already loudly speaking his lines.


Tu’var: The time for weakness is over! Take up your arms against the enemies of the empire!


He had been arrested before for suggesting his flock attack the federation. So now, he was careful not to name them specifically, and instead refer to ‘enemies’. He knew his words resonated with the younger generation, who were tired of the weak state of the empire. Klingons were warriors, they should be fighting, and not resting on their laurels. There were plenty of targets, the region inhabited by the old Romulan empire was ripe for picking, for example.


The sounds of mayhem started reaching him. He frowned. It was a mix of yells, children’s laughter, and electronic sounds. And then he saw it. Tribbles!


Tu’var: ABOMINATION! ::pointing at a bright neon colored wonderbot:: THAT THING IS AN ABOMINATION TO EVERYTHING WE STAND FOR! KILL IT!


He saw several Klingons take up blades, and start attacking the things. To him, all was as it should be: Klingons, fighting their enemies.


Tu’var: The Dahar Master Koloth himself has decreed these creatures to be an abomination to be exterminated! And yet, here they are. Take up your arms, brothers and sisters, and let us do as he told. Mechanical or not, they are all abominations!


There were a lot of the things, though. Dozens, probably hundreds, were on the loose. Clearly, not everyone was doing their part. He was about to yell more encouragement, but as he stuck his D’k Tahg into one of the electronic abominations, the sunlight went extremely bright for a moment, before plunging the whole sector into darkness. It only took Tu’var a moment to realize what was happening, as the lights in the city turned on. It was eerily silent for a moment, before he yelled.


Tu’Var: The abominations are the heralds of darkness! Fight them, fight them all, before they truly usher in chenmoHMogh, the day of doom! As has been foretold, The enemy would appear, and bring with him great darkness. It is up to us to defeat them, or all will be lost!


It helped. More and more Klingons took up their weapons. The streets turned into a battlefield, as the rage took over more and more of his kin. He just hoped they would be fast enough, killing their enemy, before worse would happen. Even if this was ‘Just’ a space station, the portents were true.



Monk of the cult of Kahless



Ensign Korras
Ops Officer
Starbase 118 Ops





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